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Jews and Arabs are cousins?

We all came from Arabs, but there was a big shuffle in the physical appearance of people who were scattered outside of the middle east.

No the cult in control of Palestine today are not the cousins of the Arabs.

No, all bible Jews were Arabs. Those who call themselves Jews today are not Arabs, they are Anglo Saxon, Aryan European Babelites. They are no more the cousins of Arabs than an Eskimo.

These counterfeit Jews might be the cousins of Hitler's servant in this picture, but they ain't cousins to the Arabs.

Now on the right, this Afghan man could be the cousin of the Iraqis .. and all the rest of the Arab Israelites.

In the scriptures all man kind started out from Iraq. Everyone lived in the middle east up until the tower of Babel ( Genesis 11:2). This is when God scattered people OUT of the middle east to the corners of the earth. This event took place BEFORE the first Israelite ever existed. Those scattered into Europe we can call the Euro Babelites. The Europeans ( Aryans ) have NO heritage in the family of the Israelites. If you create a series of 100 pictures of "Jews" and any other German, Pollock or Russian you can not tell them apart, because they are Aryans ... descendants of the Euro Babelites.

IN EUROPE, for about five hundred years previous to the Christian era there are people associated with these European nations. This people is called by the Greeks the Hyperboreans or Celts.

While the Arab Israelites were recording their history in the Torah the EUROPEAN ancestors of Liberman and Pat Robertson were practicing witch craft, human sacrifices and all kind of pagan religions.

Simply go to the links which track the families of the Israelites and by the scriptures, the Israelites were NOTHING BUT a composite of Arabs. The cult of false Jews are not cousins of the Arabs, they are a cult of Anglo Saxon imposters who have deceived the world into believing they are the descendants of the Israelites.

Klink ( in the tv series Hogan's Heroes) was a self professing "Jew" playing the role of a Nazi officer. Of course he could play this role because the "Jews" were no different than any other Germans. They were only Germans who were sucked into a hated cult.

The guy on the bottom right is supposed to be a "Jew" Secretary Cohen in the US government could pass easily as any Nazi soldier. The guy on the bottom left is a native of the middle east. All Israelites came from natives of the middle east. There were no natives of the middle east who were Aryans / Anglo Saxons.

One little girl is a native of the middle east, the other is a European. Two of the adults are from the middle east and the rest are from Europeans.

The Europeans assert they are descendants of the Israelites. Why don't they have the skin color of the native people of the middle east?