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The Israelites lived in Egypt for 500 years. The Israelites married Egyptians when they were in Israel. When they left Egypt we find a record of an Israelite married to an Egyptian.

The cult of false Jews will say they were just shacking up, but adultery was a crime which required death under Judaism. The whole tribe of Joseph began out of the womb of the Egyptian mother Asenath. 

Here we have two Europeans claiming to be descendants of the Israelites and two actual Egyptians. How hard is it to tell Europeans from native people of the middle east?

In another record an Egyptian servant was given as a husband to an Israelite daughter, and of course Solomon married an Egyptian. The brown faces of these Egyptian girls to black faces of Africans walked out of Egyptians at the time the ancestors of these "Jews" were hanging out at Stone Hinge.


In a recent exchange in Yahoo Chat a pretend "Jew" explained that Eskimos are a dark brown because of the harsh environment they live in.
As I look at their location and distance from the Equator and then cross the globe I examine Russians who live in the very same environment and they are Lilly white.
The History Channel has had several films from Russia about Russian prison camps or the Russian rail road built between the 60 and 70 degree parallel line, in exactly the same climate.
Harsh climate does not make Eskimos dark because Russians who live in the same climate (even further north) are Lilly white !
Most of Europe is between 40 and 75 degrees north of the equator. If you look in this same climate range south of the Equator, or if you look at this same climate range east or west of Europe, you will find different skin colors and different physical features.


Evolution does not change physical features in a mere 10,000 years. Look at the pictures on the walls of ancient Babylon then look at the faces of those Arab descendants living there today. Evolution has not changed the appearance of Arabs of the middle east in 4000 years.
There were Arabs and Africans taken to England centuries before Christ. Their descendants do not look like they fell in a bucket of white paint and became Anglo Saxon Europeans.
Arabs and African descendants who have lived in Europe since the Romans invaded before Christ until this very day have not mutated into Europeans, so why does this cult of "Jews" make such an idiotic claim?
Look at the colors of ancient Egyptians and look at the faces of modern Egyptians. 6000 years of "evolution" has not mutated Egyptians into Anglo Saxon Europeans.


The only factor that would change the physical appearance of a people in a mere 10,000 years is cross breeding.
Look at all the people the Israelites fought against : Ammorites, Amorites, Chaldeans, Canaanites, Moabites, Midianites, Jebusites, Hittites, Hivites, Syrians, Philistines, Zideonians ... then look to the scriptures and know the Israelites were NOTHING OTHER than the descendants of those they fought against.
There was never a race of Israelites formed out of the clay. A goy is not what one is, but what one is not. A goy or gentile is simply one who is not a descendant of Israel. For about 8,000 years only goys walked the earth ... Adam, Noah, Shem, Eber, Abraham, Isaac and Jacob himself were Goys (God is a goy).
You can not be anything other than a composite of your ancestors. The Israelites were nothing but a composite of Arabs and they never ceased to marry every Arab around them through out the Torah / old testament.
There were NO fair skin, blond hair or blue eye native people of any kind in the middle east until after the invasion of the Europeans.
The Israelites were nothing other than the descendants of the Arabs they fought against.
Egypt is the southern point of the stock that Israelites came from. Yes Moses married an Ethiopian but not in Ethiopia. He married her in Saudi Arabia on the journey to Canaan. Egypt is the end of Arabia (on ancient maps). Egyptians are the people furthest south that the bible records to have produced the descendants of the Israelites.
Let us look at the faces of modern Egyptians. Note
evolution has not mutated Egyptians into Europeans because the multitude of the Egyptian population still have the colors of those on the walls of the pyramids.

Look at hundreds, look at thousands of pictures of ancient Egyptians in the pyramids and you will not find fair skin, blond hair or blue eye Egyptians (before the invasion of the Europeans). The pyramids were built before the Europeans invaded Egypt and the faces on the pyramids are those before a mix of Europeans began.


Some of the laws of actual Judaism: Kill those who work on the Sabbath, paint your door post with lambs blood, no bastard is allowed in the congregation, kill your adulterous daughters, kill sodomites, kill your drunken sons.. these are actual laws commanded to the Israelites to be kept as an ever lasting covenant through all their generations. These are only a tip of the ice berg. No one on earth has kept the laws of the Israelites for 2300 years.
Here is what makes the Lemmings believe their own BS. Some time through centuries of history, one of their ancestors joined the cult which followed the concocted farce of false Judaism. They did not actually convert to Judaism because you can not convert / follow a religion that you do not follow.
After their phony conversation to a concocted religion of pretend Judaism, this cult of Europeans then called themselves Jew.
Their descendants then thought oh, our grandparents were Jews, therefore we are descendants of the Israelites. This is the whole basis of this European cult claiming to be "Jews"


Mixing with Europeans turned the "Jews" physical features to Europeans?
If they mixed with the Europeans to the extent to make all their descendants "white" Europeans, then the descendants of all those Europeans are as much Israelites as any "Jew". An Israelite is simply a descendant of the man Israel and these "Jews" could be no more descendants of Israel than the millions of offspring's of the Europeans they mixed with in the first place.
2) This cult of pretend Jews claim they kept to themselves and "Jews" only married "Jews".
If they are not liars, then mixing with Europeans would not be the reason you can not tell them from any other Europeans.
3) When 2 races mix, their offspring's do not all turn into Europeans.
Some descendants are a mix of both races, the rest still look at the separate races they came from.
4) Look at the oldest paintings of "Jews" / "Rabbis" in Europe. Note centuries ago, they still looked like Europeans.

They claim they kept to themselves in which case their descendants would still look like the native people of the middle east. When races mix some of them would still look like the stock of Arabs they came from, but they all look like the rest of the Europeans. The oldest paintings of these "Jews" in Europe still looked like the rest of the Europeans. If they did mix with Europeans, then today's Europeans are as much Israelites as any "Jew". The descendants of Arabs and Africans in Europe (from the time of the Romans) still look like Arabs and Africans but the "Jews" look just like the rest of the Europeans. Duh you do not have to be a rocket scientist to expose their web of lies and pure BS.
Oh yeah and not one of them can possibly provide proof that connects them to the Israelites. Revelations 2:9 does tell exactly who they are.


One pretend "Jew" explained "Jews" look like the rest of the Europeans because they were the minority. Arabs, Africans and Orientals who have lived in Europe for centuries were also minorities, but their descendants still look like Arabs, Africans and Orientals.
Greeks, Romans, Brits, French ... Europeans migrated to Africa, Australia ... centuries ago where they were a small minority and yet their descendants are still packed with a multitude of those who still look like Europeans.
Being a minority does not change physical appearance.
ONLY breeding with another race mutates the descendants of any race and those cross bred offspring's will be saturated with both races they came from. They will not all look like Europeans.
The other minorities who have lived in Europe .. Orientals, Africans and Arabs who have lived in Europe as long as these pretend "Jews" still have descendants who look like the native stock of their non-European origin.
Only these "Jews" can not be distinguished from the rest of the Europeans ... simple,
look to the masses of marriage and birth records that show the pretend "Jews" are nothing other than the descendants of Europeans in the first place.


If you look at the media and movie stars of today's Arab nations, you will find the European look has been adopted as a mark of beauty. While the masses of the populations of Arab nations retain the brown / black faces of their ancestors, a disproportional number of those who look like Europeans get celebrity jobs.
These pictures came from an Egyptian web site of movie stars and celebrities. Some of them may not be Egyptians but they are all Arabs. I think most of them are Egyptians.
Here is my charge. Look at the faces of all these modern Egyptians and find the faces of 100 Egyptians on the walls of the Pyramids (created before the invasion of the Europeans). Show me the ancient Egyptians on the pyramids who have the Lilly white skin of these Egyptian celebrities.

Today in the middle east you will find a multitude of Arabs who still look like their ancestors did before the invasions of the Europeans and you will find Arabs who can not be distinguished from any other European. This is the result of race mixing.

The gene pool of Europeans was only a small minority in these Arab nations, BUT offspring's with the physical appearance of both races are produce.
Now turn your eyes to hundreds of hours of films in Germany, Poland and Russia before and during WW2. There are NO brown faces of native people of the middle east. There are NO Negroes ... ONLY white Anglo Saxon faces of Europeans.
In Europe where the cult of pretend Jews claimed they mixed with Europeans, they all look like Europeans BUT in the middle east where Europeans mixed with natives of the middle east, their descendants have the physical appearance of both Arabs and Europeans.
Duh, any one who has the facts before their eyes can see this cult of pretend Jews are only descendants of Europeans.

Yes, by brainwashing they believe the lie they have been conditioned to since birth, but belief and brain washing can not change a lie from being anything but a lie.

The next time you see one of these .... calling themselves Jews, ask them to provide their evidence of their records connecting them to the Israelites. In the day that Moses n God parted the Red Sea, ask them (1) Which tribe was their ancestor in (2) What was the name of their ancestors in that day and (3) what is their proof.
They have nothing but hearsay and BS. They are NOTHING BUT descendants of a European cult of pretend Jews.