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Israelites a pot luck of Arabs and a pinch of Africans
NO white face Europeans !

The Israelites did not speak against Moses or any other because they married non Israelites. Between the time they left Egypt and entered Canaan we find an Israelite married to an Egyptian and the Israelites kidnapped 32,000 Midianite girls.
Moses married a Midianite and there was nothing said. The tribe of Judah and Simeon were the product of Canaanite wives. The tribe of Joseph was from an Egyptian. All of these native people of the middle east were Arabs, not Negroes.

NUMBERS 12:1 And Miriam and Aaron spoke against Moses because of the Ethiopian woman whom he had married: for he had married an Ethiopian woman.

Why were they outraged at Moses... because something the Ethiopian woman did wrong? NO, they were enraged at Moses simply "BECAUSE / FOR he had married an Ethiopian woman. Zipporah was a NON Israelite woman... a Midianite of a Saudi Arabian.
During this period of the bible it was acceptable to marry non Israelites. Boaz married a Moabite and there was NO outrage.
The outrage against Moses's 2nd wife was not because she was a non Israelite, but because she was a Negro / Ethiopian !
Of course God wasn't into the racism against Negroes, in fact :
NUM 12:9 the anger of the Lord was kindled against them
NUM 12:10 and, behold, Miriam became leprous, white as snow
Moses begged God to spare Miriam and prevented her dying with leprosy.
When people think of the Israelites being in captivity, they think of them as being the exclusive slaves. The Israelites were only a small fraction of the slaves.
Those conquers were not picking on the poor little Israelites, they took all people in their grasp and their wealth.
When the Israelites were in Egypt, there would have been Negroes from many African nations.
Like Anglo Saxon Europeans many Egyptians would have found them sexually attractive and bred them. Unlike Anglo Saxon Europeans, the racial prejudice did not exist.
Egypt was the melting point between Arabs and Africans. The Africans were in captivity with the Arab Israelites.
The old testament was the account of an Arab family (the Israelites) who bred with all the other Arabs around them and seasoned their families with a dash of Africans.
The native people of the middle east were not fair skin, blond hair Anglo Saxons.


In the upper left is an ancient painting of native people in the middle east. Solomon married an Egyptian. The Israelites married Egyptians while in captivity. The Israelites married Egyptians when in Israel / Canaan and in fact the tribe of Joseph came out of the womb of an Egyptian mother.

To the right we have a picture of Hitler and the bottom left is a picture of a "Jew" sitting in a Synagogue Of course these "Jews" looked just like the rest of the Nazis or Europeans because that is what they were / are?

This "Jew" could have easily been the physical son or nephew of Hitler in appearances.

The face of the guy below is the face of the native people of the middle east. The original natives of the middle east (in Iraq where man began) did not have any Negroes, but with in 500 years after the Israelites were taken into captivity, the Israelites ( Arab descendants, every one) began to marry and breed with Africans.

When we look at the faces of Iraqis, they are brown to black as any African. The original natives were not Negroes, but the Israelites were a stew of Arabs and a pinch of Negroes.

There were NO Israelites with the physical features of the Nazis or their hated relatives, the imposter "Jews".