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Here are pictures published by "Jews" about "Jews from Yemen". They copyright every thing so I can't paste them here. Look at the early pictures at the physical features. Very thick black beards, dark faces. Keep in mind what their early pictures of "Jews" of Yemen looked like so you can later compare them with present day people saying they are "Jews from Yemen"

Look at the 3rd row down at the two pictures to the left. Click here, look at these pictures then click back to get back here.

One farce we hear is there were 800,000 Jews kicked out of the Arab countries now living in Israel. It is a nice giggle because at one time they had to flee because the Arabs were kicking them out and in other bs accounts these Jews had were captives held in the Arab nations and had to escape.

The number who "left these Arab" nations has a range of hundreds of thousands depending which "truth" is told by any given "Jew". Let's stick with the 800,000 number for this little study.

Of course this migration would have taken place over a period of years, so first you would have them give you the first recorded year of this migration.

#1  What official record do they have of the number of Jews from each Arab country in each year = the total number of Jews from all Arab countries in that year.

#2  The following year would use the same numbers above, with the addition of average population growth per year.

Before the 1800s about 2% of the population of Palestine were people calling themselves Jews. ( IF this is not more bs) The total Jews would = initial number in 1800 + total immigrants per year from Arab countries + total immigrants per year from all other nations + average birth rate per year since the immigration period is measured.

To check this "800,000 immigrants from the Arab countries" caper, you would find the total number of "Jews" in that land today and back track. If you go to the web and find all the pages recorded of Jews coming from South America, America, Canada, England, Holland, Poland, Germany and Russia  (by the words of those calling themselves Jews) you can only fall to the ground and kick your feet as you giggle until you can not breathe.

Using their own numbers of 800,000 (adding in population growth) there is about 5 million "Jews" missing ! Find someone into tracking stats of population growth and get the numbers from these "Jews"

Almost every one in that land today calling themselves Jews began their migration there around ww2. In the last 15 years over a million of them came from Russia... how many "Jews" did you say are living there now?

Then you only need look at the series on the assertion that anyone on earth can track their ancestors and know no one from any Arab or European country could possibly track their relatives back to the Israelites. ( Look for the family tree link from the home page to see how idiotic this claim could be).


In the previous centuries there were thousands of "Jews" in Yemen and now they say there are only a very small number, so what happened to them? If you look at the claims of the numbers migrating to Israel and you compare it with the population of "Jews" before that leaves thousands still living in Yemen?

Those who left and went to Palestine were still only native people of Yemen, not Israelites. They may have been descendants of the Israelites, but there is no proof of that. The idea of following some religion makes you a descendant is as funny as our Americans practicing Buddhism, making them Chinese.

Those who did leave Yemen were not a drop in the bucket compared to the multitude that lived there through the centuries. Those who left Yemen and went to Palestine against the will of the native people were just invaders ( but a small number compared to the mob that invaded from Europe )

The one thing I did notice from the few pictures I could find was that the sect of Yemen Arabs that practiced the farce of Judaism, looked like the other Arabs around them, but when I look at the faces of the "Jew" government, they look just like a pile of Europeans. White power right in front of your face, just watch the news and observe the "Jewish" government.

.. but what happened to the great numbers of this sect that lived in Yemen? No one killed them, they never stopped having sex, so how does a great multitude of people dwindle to almost nothing?

Using models of family population growth, in a couple hundred years a couple could easily produce 1,000 to 3,000 (shared with other grandparents) children.

[ Yemen is located at S-17 to S-20 on this map - Brown]

What happened to all the great multitude of Yemen's who followed "Judaism" centuries ago. Well they are dead, but their thousands of descendants are still there. They are just Yemen Arabs who now follow Islam.

While there is no way of knowing who they are, the descendants of the Israelites today have lost their identities and practice the accepted religions in the lands that they live.

Just 150 years ago here in America we had many religions which no longer exist. As pressure from a those in power and others around them is applied, they begin to worship in private, very seldom and with in a few generations their children will disregard that religion and get with the latest accepted religions.

There will always be the die hards who cling to the old and there will be converts to that unaccented religion ( like devil worship ) by those who want to buck the system.

If indeed the scriptures are true, the multitude of the Israelites will be gathered specifically out of the Arab nations. It appears that the bulk of the descendants of the Israelites have lost their identity and are most likely some of those "Jews" the racist Europeans call them rag heads.


Color photography was possible in the early 1900s. Some of the pictures I captured of people in Yemen was done early in 1900. To understand how native people are having their physical features mutated by mixing with Europeans:

*  Find the earliest color films or pictures you can of explorers, wealth travelers or anthropologist who were working in the middle east.

*  Find modern day travel pictures of the same places in Arab countries and compare the physical appearances of the early films to present day films. If you see no people with the physical appearance of Europeans in the early films but you do in the present day films, you will know the original people did not have the physical appearance of we Europeans.

The bleach bottle hair woman is the sister of a European Archeologist who was looking for the palace of The Queen of Sheba.  Watch tv and see how many "Jews" look like the European and how many look like these natives of the middle east

(Israel the little red spot, Yemen/Sheba the brown area at the bottom). In this documentary some of the people of Yemen were photographed when it was made, but they included some of the color film footage taken by her brother before WW2.

The people in the pre WW2 films were as dark or darker than the two on the left. There were no fair skin people. The brother (archeologist) who took the original color films hired the local native people of Yemen. NONE OF THEM had the physical features of Europeans... 

Now tell me how many "Jews" came from Yemen and show me their pictures or the pictures of their descendants.

Here is where the mass migration to the middle east came from.