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There are freaks of nature in animals and people. As of yet I have never seen any archeology or anthropology finds of blond or blue eye Arab / Israelites from the middle east from the Old Testament period of history.

Except for some kind of mutations, there were no such physical features until the Europeans began to invade the middle east and into Africa to take valuable resources and to enslave the people.


When I point out the European physical features of those who pretend to be Israelites, they respond: Well some Arabs also have blond hair and blue eyes.

Yeah but (a) when we look at these Europeans calling themselves "Jews" how come almost all of them look like the rest of the Europeans? (b) When the invaders of Europe took the Arab Israelites (as all armies have done through history ), they were not taking those women home to meet mom. (c) The European invaders did not have women in their military and the male Europeans did not go back to Europe pregnant with the children of Arab Israelites.

The Arab Israelite women produced a mix of descendants of the Arab Israelites and the Europeans. The Arab Israelites with the physical features of the Europeans are both the descendants of the Europeans AND they are descendants of the middle east people who are recorded in the scriptures.

What does it matter that there were no native Americans with blue eyes or blond hair until AFTER the Europeans came? The important thing to note when no such physical features existed until the Europeans came, is observing the thousands of physical changes of a people in a couple hundred years, we know this is no fluke of nature.

In all the regions of the world where there were no blond hair or blue eye people, then there were AFTER the Europeans came, the physical change came because the Europeans were breeding with them.

For a minute let's go along with their lie and say they actually came from the Israelites. We know every Israelite was an Arab and we know they were dark skin, no blond hair, no blue eyes.

The only way they could have gotten these physical features is by breeding with the Europeans.

When I point out to the Babelites that they have bred with every race and nationality on earth, they try to make the fact insignificant of no importance at all.

If we are talking about what the bible defines to be a Jew, a Jew is a descendant of Arabs.

Being a "Jew" has no importance unless that person is a physical descendant of the Israelites.

No one could be part Israelite. They either are or not a descendant of Israel. If they are a descendant of Israel, they are an Israelite.



If indeed they are descendants of the Israelites, then every child they have ever created with the Europeans in the last 2,500 years is an Israelite.

Look at the millions of marriages between them and the rest of the Europeans through out the centuries.

What matters that they have bred with every race and nationality on earth?

IF they were the descendants of the Israelites, then they are no more Israelites then the millions of Europeans who are offspring's of these marriages, this does not even consider the illegitimate bastards created through breeding with the rest of the Europeans.

If they were the descendants of the Israelites, the rest of the Europeans are as much an Israelite as any of the rest of them.

When we study this sect of the Babelites, we must study their whole family. Their immediately family may have no European features, but what about their cousins and grand parents?

It is like the offspring's of "whites" and Africans.

The family may go on for several generations with no one having a clue and up will pop a black face or white face.

If just one person in their extended family has blond hair or blue/green eyes, they are a European mix or pure Europeans. There can be no other reason.

What does it matter that they have bred with every race and nationality on earth? The fact of their cross breeding is the fact that they can be no more Israelis than anyone else on earth.

Of course the Israelites of the bible were Arabs and the scriptures state that God will gather the descendants (specifically) out of the Arab nations, not out of the European Babelites.


Can a Caucasian Russian have a cousin of a different race and nationality?

If some one's father and his brother was a Caucasian living in Russia.

His father moved to America and his Uncle moved to China or Africa, that person could have a cousin of another race and nationality.


Being a relative of Abraham has nothing to do with being an Israelite. Abraham's direct relatives produced other nationality of people who fought against the Israelites.

Everyone in the bible was a relative of Abraham, so being his relatives has no ramifications.

The nephews of Abraham became Moabites and Ammonites, the nieces of Abraham became Syrians and Abraham's own son Ishmael ( Ishmaelites ) had nothing to do with being an Israelite.

GEN 025:020` Isaac Rebekah the daughter of Bethuel the Syrian, the sister to Laban the Syrian.

GEN 028:005` Isaac sent Jacob to Laban, son of Bethuel the Syrian

GEN 031:020` Jacob stole away unawares to Laban the Syrian

GEN 031:024` God came to Laban the Syrian in a dream

Jacob / Israel was the native born Syrian out of the womb of a Syrian mother.

The 12 princes of Israel were native born Syrians out of 4 different Syrian mothers


The physical appearance of all Israelites of the OT was the physical appearance of the Arabs. The physical appearance of blond hair, light skin, blue eye people is the physical appearance of Babelite Europeans, not Israelites.


The background is an a painting of the middle east natives at the time of the Israelites.

To the bottom left as a Syrian father and son

The woman is a woman who were in the German prison camps. She is supposed to be a descendant of the Arab Israelites. ( This woman is the one who said she continued to swallow her diamonds, letting them out the other end, and repeating this process over and over to hide them from the Germans.)

The guy with his eyes closed is one calling himself a descendant of the Israelites

The little girl is a grand daughter of a US senator who is supposed to a descendant of the Israelites.

By using the word "Jew" they assert they are the descendants of the Israelites, but they are only European Babelites.

In WW2 the "Jews" with forged papers could get through any check point. There could be no racial profiling because the "Jews" and the rest of the Europeans look alike because they are all descendants of those scattered out of the middle east at the tower of Babel.

On the news someone came up with the line, these girls could have been sisters and another said they could have been friends. They could have been half sisters with one different parent. They could have been friends if one were not from a racist cult who thinks they are better then all other people on earth.

Which of these girls could not be picked out of a line up of any other German, Russian or Dutch girls? If the nazis were arresting people who had the physical appearance of descendants of the middle east, which of these girls would be stopped? Which of these girls belong in the middle east and which belongs in Europe?

One of the girls above could have been the child of the Druids and the other is what all Israelites and other native people of the middle east would have had.

The Bible is an Arab account of a family who were descendants of Jacob and the Israelites family was ALL a composite of Arabs !