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Goofy Tracks his family tree

It is ok to call yourself a descendant of the Israelites as long as you have ignorance as your excuse, but now you have been shown the number of grandparents you have.
If you continue to assert you are a descendant of the Israelites and have the documented evidence ok, but if you do not have any such evidence and continue to state you are a descendant of the Israelites, you do so because you are a liar.

Adam was born in the year 2000
His Dad was Bob Bonkers, His mom was Cindy Cowly
Adam is from the Bonkers and Cowly families.

Adam's Dad came from the Bonkers and Donkey family
Adam's mom came from the Cowly and Edward families
Adam is a composite of the Bonkers, Donkey, Cowly and Edward families.

Adam's grandpa on his dad's side was from the Bonkers and the Frank family.
Adam's grandma on his dads side was from the Green and Hunt family
Adam's grandpa on his mom's side was from the Edward and Irvin family
Adam's grandma on his mom's side was from Jackel and Karot family
Adam is the composite of the Bonkers, Donkey, Frank, Green, Hunt, Edward, Irvin, Jackel and Karot family

For Adam to exist, his own parents are from 4 different families... just in the first generation of Adam's grandparents, he is a composite of 4 DIFFERENT FAMILIES.
Each generation back adds more families that Adam is a composite of.

If all of his grandparents averaged a marriage and birth rate every 20 years by the time Adam's grandparents are tracked back to 1900 He is the composite of 64 different grandparents /families. Adam is not the descendant of any one grandparent, but he is the descendant / product of every grandparent / every family he has ever had through out history.

In order for them to have produced children each set of grandparents would have to have lived in a close range of the same generation. Adam born 2000
Parents 1980
GP-1 1960 4
GP-2 1940 8
GP-3 1920 16
GP-4 1900 32

In 1900 Adam had 32 grandparents alive on earth in that same time period.
These grandparents may have never seen each other and some could be from different states or countries. They would have not ever realized they would shared the same grand children.

Those of you with children today will have probably have descendants in 100 years from now. You can have no idea of who they will be, but they are your shared grandchildren.
Your grandchildren of that generation will be the composite of yourself, your mate and 15 other couples that you will never know.
It could be someone you pass on a highway or it could be some one from a different nation... but you are all the contributors to those grand children and those grandchildren are a composite of every grandparent they have ever had.

If Adam could track all 32 of his grandparents to 1900 then track all of the descendants of those 32 grandchildren, he would find he is far from the lone ranger.
In just 100 years Adam's grandparents could easily produce 2,000 descendants by Adam's generation. Adam shares the same ancestors with all these other grandchildren.

As you go back through history these numbers multiply like rabbits. You have had thousands of grandparents all living in the same generation and you are the product of all of them. You are nothing unique or different than the millions of other alive today who share the same grand parents.

So if you wanna be something special, get off your can and do something and quit trying to be something special because who great grandpa was.
#1 You can never prove who great great grandpa was and #2 You are not the descendant of great, great grandpa, you are the descendant of every grandpa and grandma you ever had.

In the generation of 1900 Adam had 32 grandparents alive at the same time. The 32 grandparents made up 16 couples. Adam is not the descendant of any one of these families, but he is the composite of all these families.
By the time Adam is born he has thousands of relatives from these shared grandparents. Adam is not a cut above, Adam is nothing special. He is no different than the thousands of other descendants of the same grandparents.

Women were married and had children at very young ages in previous history. Let's say that all of Adam's grandparents averaged being married and produced their first child by the age of 20.

1980 2 parents were born
1 -> 1960 - 4 Their first set of grand parents
2 -> 1940 - 8
3 -> 1920 - 16
4 -> 1900 - 32
5 -> 1880 - 64
6 -> 1860 - 128
7 -> 1840 - 256
8 -> 1820 - 512
9 -> 1700 - 1024
10 -> 1680 - 2048
11 -> 1660 - 4096
12 -> 1640 - 8192
13 -> 1620 - 16384
14 -> 1600 - 32768 , 400 years ago Adam had 32,768 grandparents alive on earth at the same time.

Can you prove who your 32,768 grandparents were just 14 generations ago?
Can you prove what their names were, where they lived, how they earned their living and what religion all 32,768 of them followed 14 generations ago?
Remember these are not your exclusive grandparents, but they are grandparents that you share with millions of other people who are living today.
If you can't prove who your grandparents were 400 years ago, then you can not prove who your grandparents were 2,500 years ago back to the time when the Israelites controlled the land of Israel.



After extensive research Adam found out he was a descendant of the great General Bullwinkle on his dad's side.
Oooops, Adam did not know his 2nd grandpa back was not really the son of what he thought to be his 3rd grandpa, so Adam can only trace his heritage to the 2nd generation on his father's time ( of course Adam is dumber than a rock and blabs all about Grandfather Bullwinkle who is none of his relations)
Adam traces his grandma's family and finds more great connections, but there were no adoption records in history. Great grandma 3 is no relations to any of the other people in his bogus family tree.

Using the 25 year generation model
02     1975     4
03     1950     8
04     1925     16
05     1900     32
06     1875     64
07     1850     128
08     1825     256
09     1800     512
10     1775     1024
11     1750     2048
12     1725     4096
13     1700     8192
14     1675     16384
15     1650     32768
16     1625     65536
17     1600     131072
18     1575     262144
19     1550     524288
20     1525     1048576
21     1500     2097152
22     1475     4194304
23     1450     8388608

In 1450 AD Adam had 8,388.608 (shared) grandparents alive on earth, 4,194,304 of them were grandmother so you would have to know out of the 4 million grandmothers none of them were fooling around.
Today one of the popular smut programs is talk shows which bring on women / teen age girls to take a dna test to see which of two men are the father of the baby. Many times the test comes up negative and neither of the two but another man is the father.

You can not prove who your ancestors were 500 years ago let alone 2,500. There is no way for you to know how many of your grandpas were not your grandpas.. EVEN if you did have some kind of ancient papers and yet you have the gull to state as a fact that you are a descendant of the Israelites.
Look in the mirror and know what you are with out a doubt.

Those who play the Jew game like to put an importance on who the father was. Ok If any of the thousands of grandmas was fooling around then that grandfather is not the perceived descendant nor any grandfathers after him
If any of the thousands of grandmothers were fooling around then none of the grandmothers who followed are the descendants of the perceived ancestors...
But first just do something simple, tell us the name of your 32,768 grandparents who lived just 14 generations ago.