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What I write applies to Irish, Germans, Orientals... every people on earth. No one can pick any heritage and claim that is what they are. It is not a question of some kind of purity but it is the proof that we are all a big pot luck of all the people around us.
Why are those who call themselves "Jews" examined here? Well because they are the focus of my studies and they think they hold some kind of unique heritage different than the rest of us.


The fact that they call themselves Jews is the fact this sect claims to be descendants of the Israelites. I will prove over and over that they have NO proof and that they are liars. "Jews / Israelis" By word association, to identify themselves only serve to promote their lies. Here I will use words tailored to give the true label of who and what they are.
* Babelites, those scattered from the tower of Babel. Their ancestors had no part in the history of the OT from the account of the tower of Babel on.
* Blights, an abbreviation of Babelites.
* Babelsees, Unlike the Pharisees those calling themselves Jews are not descendants of Abraham, but
just like the Pharisees, this sect of Blights hate and deny Jesus Christ.


After I prove they are polluted as the rest of every other people, one of the responses that I receive is "So, what if "Jews" are mixed with others, what does that matter?"
If a Jew is supposed to be a descendant of the Israelites, the fact that they have been mixing with every one around them since the records of the scriptures till the Bight youth of today, is the fact that
the millions of middle east Arabs, Europeans, Americans.. the millions of people they call gentiles are just as "Jewish" as they are.

Becoming an Israelite is like spreading VD, every one the millions of "gentiles" they have bred with in the last 5000 years have the Israelite heredity passed to their descendants in every generation until the end of time.

What does it matter that Blights have been breeding with every race and nationality around them for the last 5000 years? All the NON Jews they have bred with do not become one of them BUT
the millions, their children and their children's children for ever are just as much an Israelite as anyone at the wall in Israel who bobs their head up and down like a chicken eating worms.


( If you are easily offended this part is crude, but there can be no better analogy)


If you have oranges from 10 trees and through them together in a barrel, you have a barrel full of oranges. They can remain pure oranges only if they are not mixed with any thing else.
The trouble with the Blights is they are not like the oranges from the same trees.
The mongrel Europeans are not the pure stock of the Israelites.
They are like an orange that goes into some one's mouth. After they are mixed with many other foods and come out the other end, they are not oranges.
When all that went into the mix comes out the other end, it is not what it was but it is a mix, all the same stuff!
If there are any true oranges (Israelites of the bible) left in the world, they are people who dwell in the Arab nations. Any pure Israelites who may exist today are the descendants of the clan of Abraham who have not mixed with the Europeans.

Most of the world is a batch of mongrels, but it is not our fault where we come from. The difference in the rest of the Babelite deceivers who uses God in their unholy war against the Arabs, is they are no more Jews than you or I.
They are less Israelites than the people who remained in the middle east
(who have not polluted their blood lines).
How can we be proud or ashamed of anything we have nothing to do with? We know little about the Israelites of the bible, but in this tour we will take a look at those who call themselves "Jews" in the 1900s until the present date.


If someone has VD and passes it on to another, they will have it until they can find a way to get rid of it.
Every time any Israelite passed their seed to a gentile, THAT CHILD AND EVERY ONE OF THEIR CHILDREN TO THE END OF TIME will be Israelites (descendants of Israel)
Who ever the actual Israelites are, who ever they breed (regardless of race, religion, nationality), the children of that act and all their descendants will never cease to be Israelites.
Unlike VD in which some cure might be found, once the Israelites passed the seed of Jacob into the Arabs around them, there can never be a cure against the disease passed into all the Arabs.
A special trait in the Israelite disease spread into the Arabs has a unique property from other diseases. In something like AIDS one person can pass it to another but in the case of the Israelite disease, the carriers could pass that biological infection to the same person multiple times... one child, two, three ...
* The Israelites were NOTHING but a pot luck of Arabs in the first place.
* The Israelites never ceased to spread the seed of Israel into all the Arabs around them for 3000 years of bible history and today
* The millions of middle east Arabs are the very disease / descendants of the bible Israelites... they are the Israelites of today.

As for the sect proclaiming themselves as Israelis / Jews, simply look at the faces of those who are in control of their sects and know they are Anglo Saxons / Aryans. They are descendants of those scattered into Europe from the tower of Babel like the rest of us. In the salvation of Christianity physical heritage means nothing. If you wanna be a descendant of the Israelites, too late for you, but if you wanna increase the chances that some of your offspring's are descendants of the Israelites, marry an Arab from the middle east.

People are deceived after they read about the Jews in the bible and then read or hear about those Europeans or European stock calling themselves Jews. They automatically connect the two as being the same people. This is where the farce takes it's roots.

Today you would think the Europeans invented Christianity and they were the Israelites, but they were not / are not the head of the cow. They are the part of the cow which is closer to the tail.
The Israelites / Jews have been marrying non Israelites/Jews since the first Israelite was conceived. Eleven of the twelve princes of Israel married Cannanites and the other one married an Egyptian woman. The wives of the other 10 princes of Israel is not known, but there were no Israelites on earth, so the mothers of all 12 of the tribes of the Israelites were nothing other than Arab mothers.

ACTS 24:24 And after certain days, when Felix
came with his wife Drusilla, which was a Jewess


Look in the 2nd chapter of Acts at all the nationalities living in Israel 2000 years ago. Begin to consider the cross breeding in Israel and around the world.
ACTS 2:5 And there were dwelling at Jerusalem Jews, devout men, out of every nation under heaven. Galilaeans, Parthians, Medes, Elamites, the dwellers in Mesopotamia, Judaea, Cappadocia, Pontus, Asia, Phrygia, Pamphylia, in Egypt, Libya about Cyrene, Rome.. Cretes and Arabians Most of the Christians of the first Church were Arabs and a mix of other non Israelites.
This big pot luck of people were living in Israel 2000 years ago marrying and producing children with the Jews / Israelites... When the Israelites produced children with them, those children were a composite of those they went to bed with and those children were the descendants of the Israelites.

The stock of the British, French, Germans, Russians, Swedes, Norwegians remained pagans involved in heathen religions until about 350 AD when Constine converted and began to use his power to convert the Europeans.


While the Europeans were involved in Druidism, witch craft, human sacrifices and such, Ethiopians were being converted to Christianity.
( In fact when the Israelites were worshipping God, Moses' 2nd wife was an Ethiopian woman.)

The Coptic (Africans) were worshipping Christ before Constine and while the Romans were involved in their worship of many gods and the murder of humans for sport.
ACTS 8:27 And he arose and went: and, behold, a man of Ethiopia, an eunuch under Candace queen of the Ethiopians, had come to Jerusalem for to worship,


At the time of Christ there were more Jews living in Egypt than in all of Jerusalem, now who do you figure these Israelites were producing children with while living in Egypt? ... And when God returns, he lists Egypt as one of the specific Arab nations that he will gather the descendants of the Israelites from.

For over 2,500 years Israel has been packed with people of all nations breeding with the Israelite descendants ... and when the Israelites were scattered through out the whole world, they have never ceased to breed with every race, religion and nationality on earth.
No, there is nothing new about descendants of the Israelites marrying non Israelites, it has been going on since the days when Judah and Joseph married Canaanites and Egyptians.
Solomon had a thousand women to breed and they had no birth control pills. Consider the multitude of descendants of those Arab women existing in the middle east. All the descendants of Israel... Israelites !

ACTS 16:1 ... a certain disciple named Timotheus, the son of a Jewess and believed; but his father was a Greek:

LEVITICUS 24:10 And the son of an Israelitish woman, whose father was an Egyptian, went out among the children of Israel: and this son of the Israelitish woman and a man of Israel strove together in the camp;

1 and 2 are wall paintings from the middle east during the time the accounts of the OT was being recorded and of course
3 is a mummy... Egyptian such as the mothers of the children of Solomon and Jacob.

We know by the bible, every Israelite was from the stock of the Arab people.

a) Chose the people who has the closest physical features to the stock of the Arabs.
b) Chose the people who have the closest physical features as the Europeans.
c) Identify the "Jews" and non "Jews"