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Pretend "Jews" and other white supremacist

"Christian Identity" One writes:
Why is it you cannot understand that the Jews ARE NOT ISRAELITES, and that the WHITE ANGLO-SAXON, GERMANIC, SCANDINAVIAN, CELTIC, NORDIC, AND SLAVIC people of the world are. Why do you continue to deny this when you know full well its true.

Above and in the rest of your post, you have made a series of statements. ... as the moon is made of green cheese.
Saying things in paragraphs of millions of pages will never make them true.

WHITE ANGLO-SAXON, GERMANIC, SCANDINAVIAN, CELTIC, NORDIC, AND SLAVIC ... We can go to the museums and universities in all the nations of these people and find that anthropologist, archeologist, historic societies which have studied their own nation's histories for hundreds of years ... those who pay millions of dollars to people who research their own people and own history...

I watched a documentary last night about the escape of the "Jews" from Europe. It was revealed how the "Jews" forged passports to get passed the German check points.
If these self professing had different physical features than the rest of the Germans, what good would passports do them?

The "Jews" are of the same stock as the rest of the Europeans, there is NO difference in them, they have been breeding each other for 1800 years.
They could get passed the German guards because they were Germans who came from Germans. There is no different in the physical features in the European "Jews" than the rest of the Europeans, because they are Europeans, not the descendants of the native people of the middle east.

Where did races come from? If they were not created when God scattered the people from the tower of Babel to the rest of the world, how come the ancient remains, the paintings of the native people of the OT period is that of present day Arabs?
If races developed through tens of thousands of years through evolution and we came from monkeys, there is no such thing as an Israelite nor a Jew. Take your pick.
If the bible is true then the bible defines exactly what people the Israelites were composed of and those people are the ancestors of those we call Arabs today.

We can look at the physical evidence, gathered by people with no religious agendas or we can look at religious sects such as "Christian Identity", the KKK across the ocean and discover the identity of the Israelites by those who produce evidence by the flapping of their own lips.

We can look at the scriptures to find out what people the Israelites came from
The Israelites can be of no "race" other than that of their parents.
1 I will find the people the Israelites came our of
2 I will find paintings / drawings of those people from that period of history
3 I will paste pictures of those who call themselves Jews in that post.
4 I will paste pictures of the cross section of the people you have suggested.
5 I will paste pictures of Arabs living in the land where the Israelites came from.

Then people can compare
The "Jews and Aryans" with the paintings
The "Jews and Aryans" with the Arabs.
The "Jews and Aryans" with the ancient remains of the native people of the middle east.
The Arabs with the paintings and drawings of history and with the remains of the ancient people of the middle east..

Let us see which people have the same physical appearance of the stock of the people that all Israelites came out of.
Let's see which sect of people have physical features that neither Arab nor Israelites had in the time the OT was being recorded.
Let us use proof instead of our flapping lips.


Christian Identity, British Israel, Aryan Israelites, "Jews" and the KKK are just different droppings from the same pig's. They are Anglo Saxon, Aryan Europeans who claim they are THE REAL descendants of the Israelites.
No different than the nazis, they are supremacist who are better than all other people on earth ( not because any thing they do but ) just because who they claim to be their ancestors.
If some of them are caught in perverted or criminal acts, they can do no wrong. No matter what filth they are caught in it is cute, accepted, allowed.
They have the nazi mentality, we are the super race because of who out grandpa was. Our jokes are funnier, our art is greater, our minds are better ... because of who we claim our ancestors were.
Of course the European "Jews" were a big crock pot of Brits, French, Germans, Russians, Pollocks and the rest. They shared the same ancestors, married each other and produced children with each other as I hope to get researchers of families to document.


(April 15, 1998) Pretend Israel had it's celebration of it's 50th anniversary. As they applauded one Hollywood "Jew" told how his father was a Jew and his mother was a Catholic.


The good guys and bad guys of the OT were all Arabs. Not all Arabs are Jews but all bible Jews/Israelites were Arabs.

The archeologist findings and paintings of the middle east reveal dark hair (some red hair) and brown eyed people. We know there were brown eyed people from the endless records. If everyone had brown eyes, there would be no reason to identify people with brown eyes. It would like being identifying someone as person with a nose on their face.. when everyone has a nose on their face.


Imagine the amazement of the Israelites when they first saw the blue eyes / blond hair of the invading Europeans. If you want to guess at their reaction find out when PBS is going to show the footage about the American plane that was lost during the 2nd world war.

Lost American Airplane

Like the Israelites/Arabs of the middle east, these Chinese (living in secluded areas) had never seen light skin, blond hair or blue eyes until 40 years after the 2nd world war when people of European stock came to their village looking for the lost American plane.
When the Israelites first saw the Europeans, they must have had the same reaction to their physical appearance as the Chinese and native Americans.


I watched the people who reconstruct the physical features of skeletons or decomposed bodies. It is used by crime labs and by Egyptologist. When the guy opened his drawer of many eye balls, every one of them was brown.
While we know there were curly hair people in Egypt, the paintings reveal straight hair and the mummies had straight hair. Because Egypt is the most southern point of the Arab people, that is where they should have been closest to appearing like Africans and having children with them.

Iraq is the cradled of civilization according to the bible. The Arabs between Iraq and Egypt were of brown skin, brown eyes and their hair ranged from curly to mostly straight black.
In the reconstruction of the ancient dead of the middle east, their physical features are not African. The Arabs did not have the physical features of the Africans.
By the remaining records we know that the Arabs were Caucasians with dark eyes and hair (except for some red hair).
Now we know the predominate features of the Iraqis/Arabs ( the stock of every Israelite), we need only turn to look at all the blue eyed, blond hair people calling themselves "Jews"

"Jews got their blond hair by being raped by Europeans" In one exchange a "Jewish" woman lashed back and said the Jews have blond hair and blue eyes because the Europeans raped the Jewish women.
Take a look around at the "Jewish" men in your community and see how many of them are breeding all those pretty little fair skin European descendants. Are these male "Jews" being raped?

Judges 21:12 When the tribe of Benjamin needed some women, they just killed all the women and children but they kept the virgins for themselves.

With out looking them up, there were instructions to the Israelites to kill all of the livestock of the Jewish enemies (that is the Arab gentiles), kill all the males, kill the children, kill the babies and kill their unborn but you can keep the virgins for yourselves. Now what do you suppose the Israelites were going to do with all the virgin Arab women?
NUMBERS 031:018, JUDGES 021:012, 1_SAMUEL 002:022 .. only a drop in the bucket.

Compare Christian Identity with "Jews". Look at the marriage records of Europe then just look at the marriages of "Jews" with "non Jews" right here in the US. I read one piece where the "Rabbis" were discussing the problem of their youth marrying "non Jews". Oh what will they do when over half of the little "Jews" are marrying "non Jews"?
#1 Next let's begin to look at all the bastard children created between the two "Real Israelites".
* If the "Jews" are the real Israelites, then when the produce children with the rest of the Europeans, then every one of those off springs and all of the offspring's offspring's will be descendants of the Israelites until the end of time.
* If the "Anglo Saxons / Christian Identity" are the real Israelites then when they produced children with the non Israelites / "Jews" then all the descendants of those unions will be Israelites.

#2 Ok the "Rabbis" were complaining about over 50% of their youth marrying "non Jews", so let's use a more conservative figure. Let's say through out the last 2000 years the average was ONLY 10% of "Jews" marrying "Non Jews"

A generation is the time it takes for one to be born and re-generate or to produce their own children. Through out history the average has been far less than 20 years average, but this is an easy number.
2000 years / 20 years per generation = 100 generations.

At 10% of the Jews marrying non Jews, that would be in the total marriages of Jews, so ever 20 years another 10% of Jews would have married non Jews.
What happened to the offspring's of the first generation of mixed marriages, why they are all descendants of the Israelites... and the next generation of marriages and offspring's and the next and the next for 100 generations.
Gee if the "Jews" or the "Whites" were THE REAL DESCENDANTS OF THE ISRAELITES, 2000 years ago, today the only question could be is who is not a descendant of the Israelites.

There is no problem in the question about following "Judaism" because NO people on earth follow, keep, obey the laws given to the Israelites.

If either the "whites or Jews" were the descendants of the Israelites then all Europeans are now descendants of the Israelites.

Here is an ancient painting of the native people of the middle east, a picture of some Arab guys I worked with many years ago and two pink face men who say they are Jews ( descendants of the Israelites ).

Ok class what is wrong with this picture?

The European's ancestors were cast out of the middle east into Europe at the tower of Babel. The only theory of the creation of races that works is the theory that God created races when he scattered them at the tower of Babel.
If you want to buy the Lucy theory, the oldest remains is from Africa and we all came from monkeys, fine. If evolution is a fact then the existence of Jews, or Israelites .... the whole bible is a farce.
The thumb nail pictures below are what I captured from the Travel Channel on ancient civilizations. They live on the water on floating homes they make out of reeds.
Of course in areas
where Europeans could not profit, they did not go, and in areas of the middle east where the descendants of Europeans did not spread, there are no Iraqis who look like Europeans.

( Native Iraqis who have not been polluted by outsiders)

If these people were in Germany during WW2 they could have been picked out any where they went.
Because the "Jew" could not be distinguish from any other Germans, they made them wear a yellow star.
No native of the middle east would have needed any identifying clothing. It would be like an elephant trying to hide by blending in with a bunch of bunnies.
The skeletons of ancient Iraqis are the skeletons of today's Iraqis. While the events of the old testament took place, there were Anglo Saxons / Aryans living in Europe. Europeans are no more Arabs than they are Aborigines.
The cult of pretend "Jews" and the rest of the Europeans are physical different than the native people of the middle east.

Iraq is not on the equator. I have seen Iraqis on the news in winter clothes, walking through the snow. From the world globe Iraq looks like it ranges from the grids of Tennessee to South Carolina.

None of the "Jews" or rest of the Germans looked like these natives of the middle east, but picking a "Jew" out from any other German can not be done, because indeed that is all they were ... Germans who became involved in a cult of false Jews over the centuries.

Here is a picture of the floating reed dwellings of the Marshland Iraqis. The "Jew" looks just like the pictures of the wives of the Nazi officers I have collected and of course the Iraqi woman would have been spotted by the Nazis in a snap.
The cult of pretend Jews do not look like the native people who existed in the bible account because they are not the descendants of the people of the middle east.
The cult of pretend Jews look just like any other Russian, German or Pollock because they are the descendants of the Anglo Saxons / Aryans who were scattered out of the middle east at the tower of Babel, BEFORE any Israelite ever existed.

The native of the middle east lives about the same distance from the equator as the people of South Carolina (USA). Europeans who live the same distance from the Equator do not mutate into this skin color.

The other guy in front calls himself a Jew. He claims to be a descendant of the native people of the middle east. Could you tell him from any other German, Russian or Pollock?

In the miles of WW2 films I have watched with segments on "Jews", tell me why those Jews do not look like the native people of the middle east. Tell me why you can not tell them from any other European?

Could I have fooled you on who was the non European if I would have put the turban on the other guy... Duh