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No, "Jews" are not the only people who breed every people around them, but the fact that they have never ceased to lay with every race, religion and nationality on earth, is the fact that they themselves a pot of mongrels.

Many years I read articles about actual "Jewish" organizations which were trying to stop the intermarriages between them and gentiles.
Look to the land now called Israel to see all those light hair, blue/green eyed "Jews" Every time you see something on TV about a group of "Jews" look for the blue eyes and blond hair.

I hope some of you recorded the show about Israel tonight. Look at all the blue eyes and blond hair of the Hollywood "Jews" then look at the old footage of the boat of 1947. If you ever see "Exodus 1947" coming on PBS, start your video recorders.

Next begin to look at all the "Jewish" family names with parts like ...berg, ...stein Go through the telephone books of Israel and begin to look at all those family names that happen to have originated in Germany, Russia, Poland ....
If the "Jews" are not a mongrels of Europeans, how is it that they have European family names. They brag about their "Jewish family names" but the fact is there is not one of those "Jewish" names that is not found in the rosters of German soldiers of the 2nd world war.
Look at all of those "Jewish" family names then go back to Israel 2000 years ago? How is it that those "Jewish" names did not exist in Israel, but they did exist in Europe?

While in a debate with such a "Jew" in a newsletter called snet, I asked him how many of his "Jewish" friends either married non Jews or had sex with them. Though I asked him 4 times, he never replied. What happens when these "Jews" breed "gentile" women, what pops out but a "Jew"? Look at all those Hollywood Jews, they sure love those lowly goy women. 

Every time you see a fair complexion, blond hair, blue/green eye "Jew", you can establish several facts.
#1 They are not a pure stock of the Israelites.
#2 They have no proof that they are any descendants of the Israelites, not one shred.
#3 If they are descendants of the Israelites, their ancestors have been breeding with the Europeans and NOW there are thousands of Europeans who are as much the descendants of the Israelites as any who calls themselves a Jew.

When they call themselves Jews, they are liars because they asset a fact in which they have no proof of and IF they are Jews, they are no more Jewish than any Catholic, Baptist, Buddhist or atheist.
Being Jewish is being of a specific physical descendant and they could not have mutated into the physical features of Europeans with out passing the seed of Israel into the bellies of the European people.

The only different in this group and anyone else is they are puffed up with lies that they are special, better than everyone else, and according to their teachings we are their dogs to fetch their newspaper and slippers.

If they be actual Jews or descendants of the Babelites, they are no different nor any better than you or I or anyone else.
They got our European physical features by breeding with us and we got their heritage by breeding with them.


When the "Jews" on the radio made fools of the "Jew haters" by tracing their genealogy to prove they too were Jews, it made me wonder. How many people are Jews and just don't know it?

* White Supremacist
* "Jews"
* Christian Identity

All of these sects have the same thing in common,
"They are the true descendants of the Israelites".

It took me a while to realize it, but
all of these groups and those calling themselves Jews are out of the same sack as the rest of the "white" supremacist.


* All God's chosen people, superior to every one else on earth.
* Desire to grab land and kill or drive others out.
* All liars who claim to be descendants of the Israelites with out a shred of proof.

No, those calling themselves Jews are no different than the KKK or Christian Identity. Those calling themselves Jews were the first sect of Europeans to concoct their lies and use it to persecute or rob all scum on earth that is not one of their own.


It must have been back in the mid 80's when I was listening to one of those talk shows on the way home from work. The program was about "Christians / Jews" Vs some radical "anti-Semites’.

Before "the evil Jew haters" said their peace, a couple of the "Jewish" speakers had looked up the genealogy of the people in the "Jew hate group" and revealed that they could prove that most of the White Supremacist, Jew haters were in fact descendants of "Jews" them selves.
I wished I could have seen the faces of the "White Supremacist" as the "Jews" gave the names of the "Supremacist" ancestors to reveal the proof they themselves were "Jews"
They (self professing Jews) went on to tell how most people in the world had some mix of Jewish blood, they just didn't realize it.

After a period of time I was having a debate about money issues with "Christians" on a local BBS. As one issue changed to another, I began to track the OT to find that only Jews gave tithes, then I began to look to find out who these "Jews" were.
Later when it got into a "Jewish" issue, I remembered how the "Jews" on the radio made clowns out of the Jew haters by revealing that they were "Jews" themselves.
So... I took the information the "Jews" were using to bust those "Jew" haters and since that time, I use it to prove these "Jews" are no more Jewish than anyone else.

The Mormons have the world's most extensive data base of family genealogy. The idea of saying, I am a Jew is like saying, I have a nose on my face. We (well over 98% of us "whites") all have ancestors who were Jews...Germans, Russians, English, Italian...
[ By Jews, I mean European relatives / ancestors who claimed they were descendants of the Israelites. ]

If one of your ancestors breeding with an Italian, German, Jew or Englishman makes you a part of that nationality or family line, then we are all a lot of multi national people and we are all tied together through family.

IF one of our grandparents ever produced a child with a Jew, then we are as Jewish as any of those who bump their head against the wall in Israel.
IF they are Jews, they are no more Jewish than any other European and
IF they are but Babelites, they are no more Babelites than any of the rest of we of European descendant.

Compared to other White Supremacist, those calling themselves Jews are just a far more successful cult of racist liars who have been able to deceive the world and bilk ignorant Christians of their money.

You might as well send your money to Christian Identity or the KKK as send it to the cult calling themselves Jews.
Christian Identity and the KKK has the same goals of the "Jews" and they have the same evidence that they are "the real Israelites".

The only difference in your pretend Jew cult and Christian Identity is Christian identify speaks only love and great respect for Christ while the false Jews call Christ a liar, a bastard and a queer who surrounded himself with men lovers.

In the 1980s some smart "Jews" made me laugh at the "White supremacist" when they revealed on the radio (with thousands of listeners) that the "White supremacist" were no less "Jewish" then them.

Listening to that "smart Jew" made me begin to investigate and find that they are no more "Jewish" than anyone else and they are no different than any other racist cult * Jews * British Israel * KKK * Christian Identity

All a bunch of Anglo Saxon / Aryan Europeans. All claiming to be the real descendants of the Israelites. All whitties who are better than everyone else who is not one of them. All cults of White Supremacist !
The last time I looked in the mirror, I looked like a whitty myself. Yes I too am of some European pot luck, but these racist cults make me ashamed of being one of them. The pretend JEWS & KKK are turds from the same outhouse.