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Adam, Noah, Shem, Ham, Japeth were native people of the area of Iraq. The 12 princes of Israel were the grandsons of Iraqis and their 4 mothers were Syrians. 11 of the mothers of the 12 tribes were Canaanites and the other was an Egyptian.

Moses married a Midianite, then an Ethiopian... trace every Israelite in the bible and know every one of them were out of the wombs / loins of the Arab people.

Not all Arabs were Israelites, but every Israelite was an Arab. No one can be of a different heredity than their parents or grandparents, so no matter which part of the Arabs are Israelites, all of those Israelite parts are Arabs.

By looking in the bible, everyone identified to be a Jew is a descendant of the Israelites... so all Jews / Israelites are Arabs.

Do these self professing "Jews" have the physical heredity of the Israelites of the bible or do they have the physical appearance and traits of European descendants?

Do these self professing "Jews" share the same physical heritage as the paintings and archeologist evidence of the native people of the middle east or do they share the physical heritage of the Europeans..


The two on the upper left are soldiers who assert they are descendants of the native people from the middle east / Israelites.

The one on the upper right is one who was in the German prison camps who claims he is a Jew.


The three on the bottom are Arabs I know nothing about. The actual Arabs at the bottom have the same physical appearance of the paintings, statues and drawings of middle east natives from the OT period in history.

Which of these are the physical descendants of the middle east natives? Which of these people have the greatest chance of being descendants of the Arab Israelites !!!

Indeed the Arabs are the lost sheep of Israel and the Euro Babelites are those who say they are Jews are found to be those listed in Rev 2:9 and Rev 3:9 those who say they are Jews and are not but are of the devil. Now who do you know claiming they are the Jews today?


One of the latest "Jew" crocks I heard was that "Mixing between these people has only began recently".

Today you would think the Europeans invented Christianity and they were the Israelites, but they were the part of the cow far behind the head and closer to the back side.


When I revealed that the Israelites were a crock pot of Arabs, a guy told a friend of mine that this was hardly ever done until the last century.

Give me break, in any land, in any religion, in any time of history men have been taking any women from any religion or any race that they have found physically attractive. Imagine that, "Was hardly done until the last century".

The bible is packed with Israelites who could have married other Israelites but they chose non Israelites. Moses was into Judaism wasn't he? Well, he married two NON Israelite women.

Government's don't go through all the trouble to enact and enforce laws to prevent something that is not happening. In the 1930's The Germans enacted a law to stop people from marrying German Jews. The "Jews" had been marrying other ( non "Jews) Germans and other Europeans for over 1900 years. By the time this law was enacted it was far too late to stop anything, they were already a big pot luck of each other in 1500 AD.

Every little detail that happened to the poor little Jews has been in our face like a fart for over 50 years, but what these little victims never mention is all the "Jews" who happened to be in the German military and the top nazi "Jews". Of those women who did come out of the prison camps, you can bet some of them came out with the baby of German guards in their wombs.

Through out Europe there are millions of marriage records between "Jews" and non Jews both in public records and in bibles or torahs. In the first 1700 years most people could not write to record such things but the sure knew how to have sex.

When you look at family trees note how they spread in just a few generations. When you find just one family of mixed marriage, use a conservative projection and look at what will come out of them in just 5 generations.

Not only the Germans were marrying the German Jews, but the French were marrying the French Jews, the Brits marrying the Brit Jews, the Russians marrying the Russian Jews... AND they were creating illegitimate children with each other for 2000 years. No this is no new thing that began in the 1900s, just look in the bible, it has been going on since the beginning of time, all people of all races and religions creating children with people of all religions and races.

The Israelites / Jews have been marrying non Israelites/Jews since the first Israelite was conceived. Eleven of the twelve princes of Israel married Cannanites and the other one married an Egyptian woman.

Look in the 2nd chapter of Acts at all the nationalities living in Israel 2000 years ago. Begin to consider the cross breeding in Israel and around the world.

ACTS 2:5 And there were dwelling at Jerusalem Jews, devout men out of every nation under heaven. Galilaeans, Parthians, and Medes, and Elamites, and the dwellers in Mesopotamia, and in Judaea, and Cappadocia, in Pontus, and Asia, Phrygia, and Pamphylia, in Egypt, and in the parts of Libya about Cyrene, and strangers of Rome.. Cretes and Arabians.

"This mixing just started in the 1900s " :

ACTS 24:24 And after certain days, when Felix came with his wife Drusilla, which was a Jewess [S#2453]

The actual Jews of the bible have been breeding with every one around them for 3000 years. They were all Arabs ( no blond hair or blue eyes )

The pretend Jews of Europe have been breeding all the other Europeans around them ( which did not belong to their cult ) for the last 2000 years.

Look at all the Hollywood "Jews". Look at their women. Count all those who married other "Jews" then count those who married non "Jews".

I remember hearing about discussions the "Jews" were having about "the problem with their children marrying non-Jews". Last year some Blabbi came up with a new tactic to get "Jew" youth to marry "Jew" youth. It was called speed dating. It was a tactic to bring a bunch of them together to meet a whole bunch of potential marriage partners ( of course no, non-Jews were invited to this tea party ).

All you have to do is listen to them in live chat talking about the goys they have stuck it to. Married or not, all babies produced share their heredity. For 2000 years through out Europe they have been sticking it to every one around them ( as all people do and will do ) and now they have the gull to believe they have some kind of heredity exclusive to their religious cult.

No, there is nothing new about descendants of the Israelites marrying non Israelites, it has been going on since the days when Judah and Joseph married Canaanites and Egyptians. Solomon had a thousand women to breed and they had no birth control pills. Consider the multitude of descendants of those Arab women existing in the middle east. All the descendants of Israel... Israelites !

ACTS 16:1 Timotheus, the son of a Jewess, his father was a Greek:

LEVITICUS 24:10 The son of an Israelitish woman, whose father was an Egyptian, SON WITH


The reason it is essential to drill all the scriptures and proofs of these marriages is because every child produced with an Israelite and a non Israelite, is an Israelite child (descendant of Israel).

By proving all Israelites came out of the Arab people and showing all their descendants were Israelites, we can look at the growth of family trees and prove there are millions of Israelite descendants all over the world (concentrated in the Arab nations) who are indeed the descendants of the Israelites who have lost their identity.

Indeed the Arabs are the lost sheep of Israel and the Euro Babelites are those who say they are Jews are found to be those listed in Rev 2:9 and Rev 3:9 those who say they are Jews and are not but are of the devil. Now who do you know claiming they are the Jews today?



At the time of Christ there were more Jews living in Egypt than in all of Jerusalem, now who do you figure these Israelites were producing children with while living in Egypt?

... And when God returns, he lists Egypt as one of the specific Arab nations that he will gather the descendants of the Israelites from.

What can you gather from this information:

LEVITICUS 24:10 The son of an Israelitish woman, whose father was an Egyptian,

#1 The accounts of Leviticus took place when the Israelites were hanging out in the wilderness ( some where in Saudi Arabia )

#2 They were there for 40 years.

#3 The event of Levit 24:10 is recorded in the period after Moses received and revealed the commandments of God, so ( guess ) it appears the event took place with in a couple months after they were released from Egypt.

#4 They were in bondage for 430 years.

#5 It was the Egyptians who held them captive, but here in the traveling band of Israelites is an Egyptian who produces a child with an Israelite woman.

Hmmmm it appears this Egyptian hubby ( or boy friend ) left with the Israelites after Pharoah's son was killed.

#6 God killed all the first born sons of the Egyptians, so this was not his first son.

#7 This son was not a baby ot a toddler when this event happened, so this son of the Israelite woman and Egyptian was born in Egypt. If Moses received the laws of God before they were in the wilderness 5 years, then this son was born in Egypt.

This son was stoned to death.. well they could have stoned a 3 year old to death I guess.

#8 What reason would there be for an Egyptian to leave Egypt with the Israelites... He had an Israelite woman.

How many other thousands of Egyptians husbands & wives left with the Israelites?

How many thousands of Israelite husbands and wives remained in Egyptians with their families?

This could only be speculation. What we know with out any guess is that Egypt is one of the named Arab nations where God will gather the descendants of the Israelites when he returns.

... AND we know those who assert that descendants of the Israelites only started marrying or producing children with non Israelites in the 1900s is either ignorant, a complete idiot or a flagrant liar.