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Those calling themselves Jews are mostly a cult of Europeans. You do not have to be a rocket scientist, just respond to these questions at the bottom for yourself

By the bible we can prove every Israelite came from the Hittites, Canaanites, Jebusites, Syrians, Chaldeans, Egyptians, Philistines. If you have not read through the scriptures in which I track the Israelites, before you mock do that then come back.
i.e. King David was the descendant of Chaldeans, Syrians, Canaanites, Moabites and Ammoites, the family of Moses was out of the womb of a Midianite (Saudi Arabian mother)the tribe of Joseph is out of the womb of an Egyptian... Every Israelite of the bible was a composite of NAMED Arab nations.
If you doubt that the Israelites were anything but a pot luck of Arabs, go to those web pages, look at these scriptures and prove me a liar or face the facts of your own scriptures and then come back and continue with this anthropology study.

Below I have pictures of women from different parts of the world.
Arab (actual native of the middle east), German, India, "Jew" (One who claims to be a descendant of the people of the middle east.), North American native, Oriental, Polynesian, Russian, South American native

We know the cultures of lands outside the middle east existed at the time the events of the old testament were recorded.
We know these civilizations already existed when we Europeans arrived in these islands and continents outside of Europe.

The scriptures state the Israelites would be scattered into the corners of the world. Know that none of the people in the islands or continents of the world knew anything about Judaism or Christianity until the Europeans got here.

Because archeology and history reveals there were people in Europe at the time the old testament was taking place AND the remains of those people were Aryan ... Anglo Saxon, the fact remains that "whites" were hanging out in Europe at Moses and the boys were doing their thing in the middle east.
The remains and paintings of the people of the middle east establish the fact that there were NO Aryan , Anglo Saxon Hittites, Havites, Moabites, Jebusites, Zideonians, Chaldeans, Syrians or Egyptians (until AFTER the invasion of the Europeans centuries later).
The very idea that the world has been deceived into believe this cult of Europeans are descendants of the native people of the middle east is idiotic.
No the rest of the world is not idiots, they just have not made these observations. The religious world as a whole are little sheep who never does their own thinking and the few who do go along with the lie rather than risking being unpopular.
Below is a picture of a native woman from the middle east, it would be a snap to eliminate her from being a native German or Russian.
It would be a snap to eliminate the pictures of the native Germans and native Russians from the natives outside of Europe.
In the pictures of the "Jew", the Russian and the German. You can not tell a "Jew" from a German or a "Jew" from a Russian but you can tell her from the Arab, the native people outside of Europe.
Europeans have physical features (except for mixed) from all the rest of the people of the world. You can not tell the "Jew" from the German or Russian because all these self pretending "Jews" are is a cult of Europeans professing they are descendants of the Israelites.

Tell me which of these (if not mixed) is NOT a native of Europe. Pick the "Jew" out from the German, Russian or rest of the Europeans

It is a snap to pick out the Non European natives BUT You can not pick this cult of false "Jews" out from the rest of the Europeans because that is all they are. They have no connection to the Israelites of the bible. 

REVELATION 2:9 I know the blasphemy of them which say they are Jews, and are not, but are the synagogue of Satan.


Why do all these "Jews" from Europe look like the rest of the Europeans? It is not the distance from the equator that changes physical appearance into "white" faces, nor would that change the physical features of those faces.
Look outside of Western Europe around the entire earth. The rest of the native people (the same distance from the equator) range from brown to black.
The native Americans from the tip of South America, the Eskimos to the tip of North America and all those between had brown to black skin. The color and physical features of Europeans are exclusive only to that sect of people (except for others they have mixed with.)
What happens when Western Europeans mix with non Europeans.
#1 Some of the offspring's will look like Europeans.
#2 Some of the offspring's will look like non Europeans.
#3 Some of the Europeans will be a mix of both.


Here is one of the infamous cases in our time where we can make an anthropology study.
Forget the hair color of Nicole Simpson, it probably came out of a bottle, but observe the color and physical features of a European descendant.
* The old high school picture is not colored but shows physical features. The other two are colored pictures of her. One is her wedding picture.
* Below OJ is another daughter, not the wife of Nicole. She is the daughter of two NON EUROPEANS.
* The children in the bottom middle and bottom left came out of the womb of a European who bred with a non European.
* The daughter of Nicole and OJ is a mix. (If she does not do something to make it straight) her hair is not curly. Curly hair is a physical feature of Negroes. Her skin color is a blend between OJ and Nicole.
* The son of OJ looks like about any other Negro boy. If you didn't know he had a European mother, you could not pick him out from any other.

The physical distance from the equator does not make one look like a European. Mixing with Europeans does not mutate your future generations so they can not be distinguished from any other European. The only thing that can make generations of all your family look like Europeans is the fact that  are all  Europeans.
Now if you can tell the difference in those calling themselves Jews and the rest of the Europeans, in the picture above this one is a "Jew" a German and a Russian. Which is the "Jew" if you have to guess you can't tell them apart, but there is no question when you compare the other 6 women. You can tell in a snap their ancestors were neither Germans or Russians.

You can't tell the "Jews" from the Germans or Russians because all they are is Germans, Russians and Pollocks who put on the farce of being descendants of the native Arab Israelites of the middle east.

In back is a little Eskimo and Iraqi girl. From the equator Iraq has a range about the same as South Carolina to Tennessee. Note the dark brown color of Eskimos does not come because they are close to the Equator.

Except for Europe, every native people on earth had brown to black skin. The natives of Eastern Europe had different facial features than those of western Europe (Anglo Saxons).

On the bottom are 3 who are supposed to be Jews (descendants of the native people of the middle east). I have pictures of the children of the Nazi officers and no one could pick these "Jews" out from any of the other Nazi's children.

All native people of the middle east had brown to black skin VS the cult of Europeans calling themselves "Jews" have the same physical features as all the rest of the Europeans they came from in the first place.

From the bible accounts Adam and Eve were natives of what we now call Iraq. Abraham was from Ur or the land we now call Iraq. Look at the face of the little Iraqi girl (top left) and look at the "Jews" on the bottom.