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I am part Jew?

A generation is the time it takes for someone to be born, grow up and produce their own child. In the last 4,000 years how many generations have there been?
In times past girls got married in their early teens, IT was the normal thing. If a girl wasn't married by the time she was 22, they would have been thinking old maid?
Let's say the average generation has been 20 years old over the centuries.
4000 years / 20 = 200 generations since Isaac hung out.

1 - 4 , 2 - 8 , 3 - 16 , 4 - 32
5 - 64 , 6 - 128 , 7 - 256 , 8 - 512
9 - 1024 , 10 - 2048 , 11 - 4096 , 12 - 8192
13 - 16384 , 14 - 32768 , 15 - 65536 , 16 - 131072
17 - 262144 , 18 - 524288 , 19 - 1048576 , 20 - 2097152
The numbers of doubling every generation for 200 generations

In math, the process of multiplication is reversed by division.
Take a pie. If it were divided by 2 a couple hundred times, there would not be much pie left.

First to figure what "part Jew" is, you will have to establish what a Jew is.
* If a Jew is supposed to be descendants of Abraham, then Abraham has about a dozen kids, so all the Ishmaelites and all the descendants of the sons of Keturah would be Jews.
* If a Jew is supposed to be all the descendants of Isaac, then all the Ishmaelites and millions of middle east Arabs would now be Jews. All you have to do is track the Arabs around them the Israelites married and produced children with, then do a very conservative family tree projection to prove the middle east Arabs are a bunch of Jews.
* If a Jew is one who keeps the religion of the Israelites (a) there is no Jews on earth and (b) being a Jew is not being a physical descendant of anyone.
* If you do a little looking at the bible, no such thing as a Jew is found until 2nd kings. Jews were only part of the 3 tribes of Israelites and Jews were people who were not Israelites at all.

Just for fun, let's go along with the lie and that Jews are descendants of Isaac.


Today in Yahoo chat a women ( I guess) said she was 1/4th Jew because her grandpa was a Jew?
Many other times I have heard people say they were half Jew because one of their parents was a Jew and one was not.
In this assertion a gentile marries a Jew ( 50/50 ) so their kids are half Jew. When their kids ( 1/2 Jews ) marry a non Jew, those children are /4th Jew. In all future generations that any gentile is married, that divides the percentage of Juiciness in half.

Ok lets begin and say Isaac was the first Jew. Isaac did not marry another Jew, his ol lady was not the descendant of Abraham & Sarah, she was a Syrian.
Isaac 100% Jew his wife % Jew.
Jacob / Israel 50% Jew. The four women of Jacob were not descendants of Abraham, they were Syrians.
The 12 princes of Israel 25% Jew
Judah did not have children with any Jewish women, his children came out of non Israelite, non Jewish Arabs.
The 3 sons of Judah 12.5% Jew
By the non Israelites added to the line of Judah before David came around,
David might have been 1.5625% Jew.

The mother of Solomon was a Hittite so he would have been .78% Jew. After that there were more non Israelites like Jezebel who was the mother of the kings of Israel and they would have been even less.

The idea of being "part Jew" is idiotic to say the least.
#1 Show me where any such thing as a Jew existed before 2nd Kings, give that scripture.

#2 I can show that being a Jew is a matter of choice and not heredity. Even NON Israelites simply made themselves Jews.

#3 If a Jew is the descendant of Isaac, then of course the most Jews on earth would be the middle east Arabs.

#4 The bible says NOTHING about the Jews being God's chosen people. The bible says NOTHING about the Jews getting inheritance in the land of Israel. The bible does say the SEED of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob get the brass ring and I can give you the scriptures to prove the seed of these men are ALL a composite of Hittites, Havites, Moabites, Midianites, Jebusites, Iraqis, Syrians, Egyptians, Canaanites.... ARABS !

In just 9 generations you have had hundreds of grandparents
You have had 2 parents and they both had 2 parents your first generation of grandparents was 4
 1 -> 4 Your first set of grand parents
 2 -> 8
 3 -> 16
 4 -> 32
 5 -> 64
 6 -> 128
 7 -> 256
 8 -> 512
 9 -> 1024

You had 4 grand parents they each came from different families. You are not the product of one of those families but you are a product of all those grandparents.
Going back to the 9th generation of grandparents, in that time you had 1024 ancestors living in that time ( unless incest is factored in ).
Tell me you can trace the race, religion and heredity of all your grandparents in the year 1700.
Remember you don't get to chose which one you want to be a descendant of, you are a composite of every grandparent you ever had.
It looks like if you are going to play the part Jew game, you better get out the micro scope to find out what fraction of a "Jew" you are.... BUT
Before you can say you are any fraction of a Jew at all, you will have to be able to trace your ancestors back 2,500 years to the Israelites.
Can you do that? Are you PART JEW or are you 100% GOOFY GULLIBLE?

If these people actually think they are Israelites, why don't they simply call themselves Israelites instead of Jews?
Because they know they can be exposed as liars in a jiffy so they call themselves Jews so they can slither out of being trapped in a blatant lie.

It looks like the "Jews" are taking over the local "Christian" tv station on Sundays/ Here we have 3 back to back "Jew" programs.

Today I heard one of them quote Christ saying the apostles were commanded to go first and preach to the Jews?
MATTHEW 10:5 These twelve Jesus sent forth, and commanded them, saying, Go not into the way of the Gentiles, and into any city of the Samaritans enter you not:
MATTHEW 10:6 But go rather to the lost sheep of the house of Israel.

Gee this does not say Jews, it says the house of Israel and already we have proven that there are Jews who are not Israelites. ( Esther 8:10 and many of the people (Babylonians) became Jews for the fear of the Jews )
There is no Greek, Latin or Hebrew words that turn the house of Israel into Jews and it is a proven fact that non Israelites were Jews. Why do they need to make themselves such liars.. to deceive silly would be Christians.

Remember every Israelite of the bible was a composite of middle east native people. Today "Jewish Jewels" had another idiot maker on their program "Messianic dancing". I guess I wait until they start Messianic beer drinking and then I will become a Jew. ( They already have Messianic Sodomite marrying )
Here is one of our lovely little native middle east descendants. She looks like one of the dancing Frauleins in the nazi operas.

Guess which one of these girls claims she is a descendant of people from around the middle east and which one actually is.

"Part Jewish"? No !  All idiot, hmmm.

White supremacist of many cults tell us they are the real descendants of the Israelites. The seed of Israel or the descendants of Israel is an Israelite. There is no way to be part Israelite. You either are or you are not a descendant of Israel

If a European was the descendant of an Israelite and they produced a child with a Chinese, that child is a descendant of the man Israel. If that Euro / Chinese produced a child with a Negro, that offspring is a descendant of Israel.. Israelite.

If being a physical descendant, makes you a Jew or Israelite you can not be part Israelite or part Jew you are or you are not a descendant.

I have to giggle when "Rabbis" mention Eichman and try to downplay the fact that he was a "Jew". These subtle cons tell us " Eichman hated Jews" because he had a little bit of Jew in him." 

Eichman was as much a "Jew" as anyone of those who bob their heads like a chicken at the head bobbing wall. This cult plays the game of poor little us and leave out the fact of the numbers of nazi / German soldiers who were their grandparents, uncles, cousins...

No where in the scriptures is there one verse that God gave Israel to the Jews. Only if a Jew is a descendant of the Israelites, would they qualify. The scriptures specifically state that God gave Israel to the descendants / seed of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. Go to the page on the Hittites and know by the scriptures of their own Torah, the Arabs are the seed of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. Every descendant of the man Israel is an Israelite and by the scriptures of the Torah the masses of all Israelites are the Arabs.