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Jews success prove they are the chosen

When a "Rabbi" responded, he ( I guess) told me how I must be bitter because they are controlling my life and the Jews have all the money.

We never cease to hear about all the success the "Jews" have and that proves they are God's chosen people, right?

First of all these cult members are not Jews ( in the sense of descendants of Israelites or people who follow the religion of the Israelites ). They are just a cult who have been brainwashed into believing such bull.


What is the odds of being a rock and roll star or a movie star? What is the odds of members of the same family being a rock and roll star or a movie star?

The Masons and "Jews" are cults that work in the same manner, once your members get in power or get in a position of importance, they bring others of their network into a power position.

It is not what you are, but who you know in a position to suck you in. If you ever watch the biography channel on movie stars, start looking at their connections.

When an ordinate number of people from a certain group gain power it is not because they have more personal anything, it is because their network is organized with sucking power.

What is the chance of being a congressman? What is the chance that you have members of the very same family being a congressman, a senator and a president? Wow, this means that the Catholics are God's chosen people, because they have more sucking power ....

I guess now it is the "Jews" chosen people to poke little bow. They have already embraced homo marriages and this page seems to be going to the next step  Get your jar of Vaseline ready when you drop your little boys off at the synagoge?


If you have examined the series on family trees, you can see how we are all related and cross linked with thousands of common grandparents.

After "Madam" Albright got the job in the government "she just found out she was a Jew". After Evils Presley was long dead we see in a documentary he was Jewish. When reading the e-mails of Mormons, I noted how after people joined the Mormon church, they would trace their ancestors to some "Jews proving they are descendants of the Israelites"

When someone of some importance comes into the public eye the propaganda machine of this particular cult goes into gear and publishes to the world that they are a "Jew" If they bothered to trace everyone linked in the family trees, they would have no importance, because the Europeans are all a pot luck who produced children with every around them. You can only be special if you are something that others are not.


I saw one site that has a list of famous Jews who did this or that. That is ok if you want to compare them with all the famous... say Christians who did this and see who gets the most gold stars.


When the used car salesman took Goofy under his wing to sell him a new car, he told him about the brand new tires, the plush interior and the beautiful interior... it sure is a great car and it comes with a day guarantee ... what a deal.

How proud Goofy wuz driving down da street and then about 2 days after the guarantee expired, the body putty fell out of the fenders, the saw dust in the transmission and the bailing wire broke off the muffler. That taught Goofy a lesson, When someone has all that bull about how great something is, you have got to look for the stuff he is not telling you about.

We never cease to hear about all the poor little "Jew" victims of the War, but how come these "Jews" do not do a search to find the number of German soldiers who were "Jews", how come they don't add the number of "Jew" nazi officers in their story books?

We read about the millions of "Jews: who lived in ghettos in Europe, Africa, the slums of New York and around the world. How come Goofy does not put them all in a pot, combine their wealth and see what their average income is?

"CHOSEN", "BLESSED" by using the bible search program that I wrote I searched the entire bible. Guess what, the word bless or chosen is not found in one verse of the bible where the word Jew is written in. Maybe I have a bug in my program. Now look in your own bible and find these references or look in the mirror at a  brainwashed Lemmings.

Go to Goggle search engine and put in "Jewish ghetto". Today when I did this I got 8,040 web pages with something telling about the Jewish ghettoes around the world through out history. Gee I guess these poor dirt bags can't use their wealth as the proof they are God's chosen people.

Next put in this search jews+poor "wings of eagles"

This one gets about 134 Web pages. Wing's of Eagles is an organization to suck money out of Christians to help the poor "Jews" living in poverty. Well if dem thar Christians has gotta pull the poor little "Jews" out of the garbage, maybe da Christians are the real God's chosen people? Here is a link about a "Jew" organization for "Jews" in prisons.

In your Goggle search engine enter this search use the quotes or plus just like the following.

"in prison"+"Jewish criminals" 82 hits

"Jewish convict"+prison


"Jews in prison"

No, this cult does not control the wealth, they are only one of the many organized money grubbing organizations on earth. The only thing they have is a pot full of idiots who are deceived by them. On Unsolved Mysteries they have a case of one of the cult members who pulls a sham on investors and bilks them for millions and this crook gives it to others in his cult to invest in actual business enterprises... while they bob their heads up and down like chickens and pray to their god Satan.

The Discovery channel had a series on prisons around the world and there are so many dope pushers in "Israel" that they had to build a special prison just to hold those dirt bags.

DEUT 15:18 For the Lord thy God blesses you, as he promised you: and you shalt lend to many nations. ( To the Israelites )

Well if this cult are the real Israelites, they won't need for we Americans to give them 3 billion dollars a year, will they.

You say they have all that wealth and they take care of each other? Ok if they are really God's chosen people they won't need to put on commercials all over America to get ignorant Christians to take care of the "Jews" in the garbage piles.

The wealthy people of the world are not those who have stuff, not the greedy with their pockets full and not those who believe they are better than all others. The wealthy people of the world are those who work and are ignorant of all of the material things we are spoiled with. The people who are able to work and produce enough to keep their families in shelter and with food, with out all of our greed are the happiest people on earth. Wealth comes in the form of happiness, friends and family. The greedy are never happy. They change spouses like changing socks, their children are worthless and the only thing they manage to do through out life is hurt themselves and others.

I saw a piece on 60 Minutes about some hillbillies who lived some where between China and Russia. They had no government, they had no factories/ They were only a farming people who just happened to live a very long time. One part showed an old man 97 going out in a field to work with his mother who said she was 118 years old. No lawyers, no wife swapping, no teen age dope users, no one trying to screw them out of what they have worked for ... such is the wealth of man. As for all the stuff held by man, what good will it do him? What good will it do him to enslave, cheat and lie to others ?

This cult of pretend Jews blabs to the world that their success proves they are the descendants of the Israelites while they shove tens of thousands of their beggars under the rug.
Week after, week, month after month and year after year they beg Christians to help the poor little "Jews" living in poverty.
Top left, knocked up "Jew" who has no place to live so she lives in a tent.
Top poor wittle boy playing in the dirt.

Bottom left, poor "Jews" lining up to go through the free food lines.
Bottom right, poor old woman who survives by money they beg from Christians.
(Note how these Jews do not have the physical appearance of the native people of the middle east, but they look just like the European Druids they actually came from )

They have a "rabbi Epstine" who begs money from Christians with out end. They have a program on TV they call on wings of eagles. I have seen the same begging commercial go on several times a week, every day of the week.
"Please help our poor starving Jews. They don't have anything to eat. They must decide if they are going to buy their medicine or eat, poor little us, please, please, please... beg, beg beg"
If their success proves they are blessed by God, then why are all their rats in the gutters begging Christians for their money.
If these "Jews" are such a close nit group, why aren't all those rich "Jews" helping their fellow rats out of the gutter?
No these cult members are no more successful than anyone else on the earth, they are just blessed with liars who have deceived the world.


What do these "Jews" actually teach, believe and want out of goys or Christians? As I copy and paste these quotes, count me as a hostile witness or a liar. Argue that I have taken them out of contest or I have twisted them. Of course unless you have a Talmud, you are lying yourself. Go to the library and look up these references and know for yourself what the doctrine of these "Jews" actually is.
If / When you discover what is the doctrine of this cult, ask those "Messianic Jews" if they denounce the Talmud and those who embrace it?

Here is another blessed "Jew" who I snapped from the America's most wanted program. It seems holy Jew likes to have sex with toddlers. 

Here a couple more successful Jews blessed by God. This little toddler suffered months of assault by an upstanding Jew Lawyer before he finally put her lights out. 

After a massive assault on this little girl, these blessed Jews snorted coke all night as the baby lay dying in a pool of her own blood.

No this cult of Jews are no more blessed nor are they better than anyone on earth. They are cursed with greed and lies.

The "Jew" Talmud

Babha Bathra (54b): Christian property belongs to the first Jew claiming it.
Babha Kama (113b): It is permitted for a Jew to deceive Christians.
Schulchan Aruch Choszen Hamiszpat 348: "All property of other nations
belongs to the Jewish nation, which, consequently, is entitled to seize upon it without any scruples

Choschen Ham (193, 7): Keep any overpayment Christians make in error.
Jew may keep lost property of Christian found by Jew.

Iore Dea (337, 1): Replace dead Christians like you would a lost cow or ass.

"Jews are successful because they are God's chosen people" Now that fart has blown away move to the next turd that comes our of their mouths. Trying to make all others the niggers to pick your cotton, lying, cheating, GREED is not a blessing, of God, it is the curse of Satan.

Schulchan Aruch Choszen Hamiszpat 348: "A Jew may rob a goy [non-Jew] that is, he may cheat him in a bill, if unlikely to be perceived by him."  

If they are blessed by God, why do they have to rob, cheat and beg from everyone else on earth?