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No one on earth is a Jew by following Judaism ( laws of the Israelites ) Kill adulterers, kill your rebellious sons, have burnt offerings, kill Sodomites, no sick people allowed in the congregation, Kill people who work on the Sabbath, paint your door post with lambs blood... No one on earth follows the laws Moses gave to the Israelites.

Of course no one could claim to be a Jew through the male line because there is no way to know how many of your grandmas committed adultery. If only one of them in 200 fooled around, you can throw out your whole genealogy. 

Ok so to be a Jew, One must have a mother Jew? Then in that case every male "Jew" who has married a lowly goy / gentile woman, has children who are not Jewish.

If one can be a Jew, by conversion, show me the Torah evidence?

If a "Jew" is what ever a lying Blabbis concocts it to be then this is the religion of Blabbism, not Judaism. Tell us what a Jew is, then show us in the scriptures. Is this information out of the scriptures or is it the concoction of the blabbering lips of your Blabbi ?

If the requirement to be a Jew is one mother be Jewish, then who was the first Jew? If Sarah was the first Jew, how did she get to be a Jew if her mother was not a Jew?

When the 12 princes of Israel were born, there was not another Israelite on earth. Did their tribes come by gang banging their own sister?

No, we find that the tribe of Judah Came out of 2 Canaanites and the tribe of Joseph ... so if one must have a mother to be a Jew, then the tribes of Joseph and tribes of Judah were not Jews. If one must have a mother to be a Jew, then none of the tribes of the Israelites were Jews !

( They were Israelites, they were not Jews. The Jews did not form until the split of the 2 kingdoms over 1000 years later )

"To be a Jew, one must have a mother who is a Jew" Show us where this is written in the scriptures? The fact that:

(1) This is not written in the scriptures and (2) These ignoramus / liars keep on teaching it as some kind of truth and (3) The scriptures expose this as a crock....

Well, whey you hear this cult saying these things... clap your hands and giggle. ... If they are liars and you know it clap your hands.

If Sarah was a Jew then all of her descendants are Jews.... not the ones you pick, but all of her descendants. ( Sarah did not have any daughters, so that was the end of the "Jews". )

If Jews are descendants of Sarah, that would be all the Edomites, all of their offspring's with the Canaanites, Ishmaelites, Havites.

As we journey through the Torah, we will find the Israelites produced children with gobs of Arabs... Hittites, Moabites, Syrians, Philistines, Midianites... are not all of these children the descendants of Sarah.. "Jews" ?

How about Esther? When the Jews were hanging out in Babylon, Sarah would have been far from the only Jewish women to be marrying the Babylonians. We all know the story about Clinton and Mona. People of some status are reported through out history.

Ok we know Clinton was involved in sex with women he came in contact with, is he the only one in America? Well I would say in my own county 3,000 to 5,000 men and women are doing this same thing every week.

We read the accounts of Esther, now how many thousands of other Jewish women were marrying the Babylonians? As their children grew up in Babylon ( Iraq and Iran ) they would have produced their own children with the Babylonians... and over and over and over for the last 2,500 years. How many millions of Jews would be living in Iran and Iraq today? Why our old buddy Saddam might be a Jew. You just don't know it because he doesn't wear a beanie.

By doing a study on population of family trees, we can show that millions of Arabs would be descendants of Sarah today.

Remember the Arab wives and children sent away by the Israelites in Ezra... well ALL of those children would were the descendants of Sarah.

Remember all those Israelite women married by the Arabs in the swap of sons and daughters in marriage... well all of those women would have been "Jewish" mothers.... and all of their daughters who grew up in their Arab tribes and nations would have been "Jewish" mothers.... Today MILLIONS of Arabs would be Jews, by the mother-to-be-a-Jew information from these "Jews".

None of the wives of the 12 princes of Israel were Jews, they were all non Israelite Arabs,

Simply find all the wives of the kings (which are identified) and know MOSTof the Kings of Judah and Israel had non Israelite mothers, so these kings of the Israelites were not Jews, right Jethro?  

How about the sons of Moses or the sons of Joseph, the never had Jew mothers, so they could not have been Jews.

Oh if one is a Jew because their mother is a Jew, here is a "Jew" woman I saw on CNN. This "Jew" is married to a Palestinian, so certainly all of these Palestinian children are "Jews" right Jethro?

I Kings 14:21 If having a Jew mother makes one a Jew, then king Rehoboam was no Jew because his mother was a Ammoite. 

I Kings 22:40 King Ahaziah could not have been a Jew, because his mother was Jezebel the Zidionian (Lebanese by today's area and nationality)

The tribe of Judah, Joseph, Simeon... All of these tribes had Arab mothers, Canaanites, Syrians, Egyptians so these tribes of the Israelites did not have Jewish mothers. By the mother requirement standard, no such thing as a Jew could exist.

Of course NO one can provide any age dated records of their ancestors back to 1500 AD let alone 500 BC.


The ancestor line can be compared to a chain. If that chain has 100 links and just one link is broken, it is impossible to tell where the end of it is connected
For example let's say you could start today with your "Jewish" grandparents and trace them back 10 generations. 

If that is the end of your records then you do not know if anyone of the 90 generations before that was a convert of a physical descendant.

Because it is impossible to trace the chain to the beginning, it would be just as likely that grandma is nothing more than a descendant of a goy convert.

What a joke. Go back to your earliest ancestor you can track who you say was a Jew. Ok, not provide the evidence they were a descendant of the Israelites and not a convert. Because there is no way to know such things, your whole line of ancestors back to that one are no more descendants of the Israelites than Donald Duck.

Unless you could trace every link in your family tree to one of the named Israelites of the bible, your heredity is only wishful thinking.

Jews were not Israelites. One is a Jew by joining the club. No one can stop being an Israelite nor can they make themselves Israelites. Israelites were not Jews. Some bald people are Chinese, but Chinese are not the bald people of the earth.



* If Isaac was a Jew and one was a Jew by their mother, Esau and the Edomites would have been Jews.
* Abraham, Isaac nor Jacob were Jews. No Jew existed until over 1000 years after the death of the 12 princes of Israel.
* 9 of the 12 tribes were never part of the Jews.
* The only 3 tribes that MADE THEMSELVES JEWS were the tribes loyal to the southern.
* The Jews started as a political group formed at the split of the 2 kingdoms. Later there were religious sects that took on the identity.
* The Jews first existence is first recorded in 2nd Kings (500 years after the death of Moses)
* There were no Jews at Mt Sinai with Moses. Judaism was not a religion given to the Jews, but it was the religion given to the Israelites.
* You can not make yourself a descendant of the Israelites nor can you cease to be a descendant of the Israelites.
* Anyone can simply make themselves a Jew or stop being a Jew by choice.
* There are Israelites who are proven NOT to be Jews.
* Anyone can be a Jew, The Persians simply made themselves Jews in the book of Esther.
You say BS, good the link Mouseketeers and Jews contains all the scriptures. See if the scriptures on these pages are in your very own bible then call the bible BS.


If you want to easily find all the links, remember where you have been and click on them with out using back space, there are instructions on the home page how to send the master links to yourself.