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If any people in Europe are actually descendants of the Israelites, why do they have the physical features of the Europeans?
As for any of the Arab Israelites who may have traveled into Europe, it is impossible to know if their ancestors were Hittites, Canaanites, Israelites, Egyptians or any thing else. In order for them to have the physical features of the Europeans, they too would have had to bred with the Europeans.
If any of those Arabs in Europe were descendants of the Israelites, when they bred with the Europeans, then they would have spread the seed of the Israelites into every European they had children with, and all of those European Israelite / European children would have spread that heritage into their descendants.
The ONLY way those Arab Israelites could have taken on the physical features of the Europeans was by breeding with them and if / when they got the physical features of the Europeans, the European offspring's got the seed / Israelite heritage from those they planted the seed of Israel into
Those descendants of the Arab Israelites who got their physical appearance of the Europeans, gave the heritage of the Israelites to the descendants of the Europeans.
No matter what religion they profess to follow, the other Europeans who follow any other religion or the atheist Europeans are as much Israelites ( descendants of Israel ) as any on earth.


As we look at the middle east we see many Arabs with the physical features of Europeans but they did not exist during the period of the Old Testament, so how did some of them get blue eyes and blond hair?
When the Europeans began to invade, they took the women of the middle east at will. They were no different than any military in history. Rob rape and plunder, but there were no women in the crusader's armies. Those Europeans did not take those Arab / Israelite women home to meet mom. When they left, their offspring's stayed in the middle east.
While those Arab / Europe offspring's were a mix, it could never remove the fact that today's Arabs are the descendants of the people of the bible.


In the winter of 1998 PBS had a documentary on some preserved bodies found in China. When one Chinese local commented, he stated he bet she was beautiful when she was alive. (of course he could not know)

What was so special about these "beautiful" preserved woman? She had blond hair. What was so special about blond hair? The Chinese never saw blond hair before the Europeans came into China. In the back areas where Europeans never traveled, no one ever knew blond hair people existed.

When looking at people's physical appearance, see what they were before outsiders began to mingle with them.

There are no blondes mentioned in the bible. All of the paintings and written description are of dark hair people.

On another tv program about pilots of WW2 some people in a remote area of China found the wreckage of an American bomber. Some group from America went to see the wreckage and identify it.

The Chinese of that remote area never seen such a thing as a European and they seemed to be like children with curiosity.

Light brown hair or blue eyes, what funny creatures the people of European descendant must have been.

If you want to know what a native people looked like hundreds or thousands of years ago, you can do so only by going to remote areas where out siders have not traveled to.

Some of the native Americans wee quite dark and there was no such thing as blond hair or blue eyes until the Europeans came here on a bus.

I like to watch detective shows that are about forensic science. There was a case of a woman with coal black hair who was missing for a couple of years.

Some hunters found the remains of a woman in an old timber area. The detectives thought it might have been the missing woman when hey heard of it, but it turned out to be a false lead... they thought.

A body left out in the elements, no matter what color of hair, will have blond hair when they are found.

There were no blond hair native Americans, but around Mexico there is a hot dry area. People who just died alone and laid out in the elements became nature mummies, well preserved except their hair turned blond, bleached by the sun.

Let's pretend that just 1$ of the native Americans or Eskimo's had blond hair and blue eyes. If 200 years after the Europeans came, 30% of them had blond hair / blue eyes, you know they have been mixed in a pow wow with the Europeans.

An increase in a change of physical features would not have been changed by their diet. There was no new shopping stores for another selection in available food.

Now we need only look at the islands of the seas, the middle east, Africa and China when Europeans first stepped on their pad and look at the letters, drawings and paintings.

We know there were no blond hair or blue eye native people in these lands until the Europeans began producing children with the native people.

All the Israelites of the bible came out of the many Arab tribes of the scriptures, so why does the vast majority of those calling themselves Jews, look just like any other Europeans?



This is the "blond" of China, found along THE TRADE ROUTES BETWEEN EUROPE AND CHINA, in WESTERN China. They estimate 3000 years ago.

#1 What is found in China has NOTHING to do with the people of the middle east.

#2 This "blond" must have forgot her hair appointment, because after she was cleaned up, her hair looks like a dark, dirty red to me.

#3 As I have said many times, blond hair was a European feature. The woman was found along the trade routes between China and Europe.

So what does this red hair found in China have to do with proving the Israelites had blond hair? Even the blackest people of Africa have red hair.

The next two factors will be why were the Chinese so amazed when they saw their first blond hair / blue eye Americans and how coal black hair is turned blond or pure white by the elements.

Until the Europeans began traveling into China, the Americas, the middle east or the islands around the world, there were no blond hair or blue eye native people.

Further investigation of blonds found in China discovered they wore the clothing of Europeans. The weave of the cloth was European and the wool their garments were made of, came from sheep exclusive to Europe. It seems the blonds found in China were travelers from Europe.

Before the Europeans began to invade / travel to the other parts of the world, blond hair, blue eyes and fair skin was an exclusive physical feature of the native people of Europe.

NO Israelite had the physical features of the Europeans. They were all a composite of middle east native people. In order for any actual descendants of the middle east to completely lose the physical features of the Arabs, they would have to bred with the Europeans in an extensive mix of almost all Europeans.

It was one of my ideas that Chinese were darker than Europeans. Last week PBS had a documentary on about China. It was on for a couple of hours. There are SOME Chinese darker than native Europeans, but as a whole they are close in skin color.

If I were to group native villagers of Chinese in one picture and a group of villagers from Germany no one would have a problem separating Chinese from Europeans or Chinese from Arabs, nor from Africans.

Their facial features are unique compared to the rest of the world population as the western Europeans are different than non Europeans. Where the blonds in China were found, their clothing was still in tact. The weave of their fabric was traced to Europeans and the wool was found to be the wool of European sheep.

Below I have pictures of descendants of people from western Europe and eastern Europe. Note they range the same distance from the equator and they are on the same continent, but they have different physical features. 

Like Duh which of these people are from natives of western Europe and which are natives of eastern Europe (China)

Europeans have physical features exclusive to Europeans. Arabs Orentals, Polynesians, Negroes, Aborigines, native Americans ... are all physically different than Europeans.

To suggest Anglo Saxon Europeans are descendants of Arabs is as laughable as suggesting they are descendants of Aborigines or Orientals.

I hope sheep do not learn to read because they will think I am prejudice, but all sheep look the same to me. They didn't determine the origin of the sheep from their physical appearance but through the micro scope.

There are many races around the world. Most of us make our observation by the human eye, but beyond that forensic scientist have many other markers to determine what part of the world their ancestors were natives.

Europeans are not Orientals, Arabs, Africans or Aborigines. The Israelites were all Arabs. Arabs are not Anglo Saxon / Aryan Europeans.