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Don't just read this one. If you thought any one could actually 
  trace your ancestors read all 3 of these pages ... 1 2 3


 When proving they have NO evidence of any connection with the Israelites, the Euro cult replies: "God knows who the descendants of the Israelites are"?

Yeah but it is not God making the claims, it is a pot luck of Anglo Saxon Europeans, claiming they are descendants of the native people of the middle east.

Most people who claim they know who their ancestors were, get that info from data bases on the internet.

Family Data Bases

The largest data bases on family trees come from the Mormons, Elise Island, tax collections and census bureaus. None of these existed 300 years ago. There are more people calling themselves "Jews" living in America than in the middle east and these "Jews" did not come from the middle east, almost all of them came from Europe.


Before boarding a ship in Europe they had to get passports. People in Europe did not have social security cards, they did not have picture driver's license, they were not finger printed.
Anyone who had the money could get papers being anyone they wanted, under any family name to be to get into the nation.


People who boarded were listed like cargo. The Captains were given a manifest list and those people were the cargo they were paid to deliver. Of course anyone who had a past that would keep them out of the country, came in under false names.


I saw one documentary of the period when Chinese were kept out of America, some of them traveled to Spain and tried to fake being Spanish.
People who had money, influence or were in some business got the red carpet. The government wanted to bring in cash makers. If you could make them think you had clout, it would be easy sailing through Elise Island.


Look at the hundreds of thousands orphans that now exist in Russia in modern times and think back through history of the orphan population. In the middle ages 1/3 of the European was wiped out by the plague, now what do you think happened to the surviving orphans?
No different in the US in the 1800's and early 1900's we had thousands of orphans and our government created a program to send orphan or unwanted children from the cities in the east to farms and little towns through out the mid west. Of course all orphan children in Europe that existed in the previous 1900 years and those in America would have taken on the family names of those who adopted them.
So, tell me how you gonna look back through history and know if any of your grandparents were adopted?
My grandma's mother was xxx and her mother was yyy 20 times, but her mother was adopted?
This is the information that would not be in any data base and so your last 20 grandmothers would not be any relation to all those in the generations before that.
How would you possibly know if any of your ancestors were adopted? Your crystal ball? Ah, I thought so... AND If they were, then those before them you thought were your ancestors have no connection with you.


The data bases people use to track their ancestors do not declare anyone to be a descendant of the Israelites. If anything they declare their religion. Being a "Jew" is only a declaration of religion. Being a "Jew" proves nothing about your ancestors. Anyone can be a Jew, it is a matter of joining an organization.


Being a "Jew" no more makes you a descendant of the Israelites than being a Christian makes you an Egyptian, Syrian or Turk. Every original Christian was a native of the middle east. Following a religion does not make you a descendant of the natives of middle east.


The Elise Island documentary revealed how a multitude of immigrants changed their names to "American" sounding names on entry to the nation.
Through out the world people have changed their names to blend in, profit or hide their past.
Family names can only reveal what people called themselves. There is no way to know if they or their ancestors were a convert to "Judaism" making them honorary Mouseketeers... "Jews".


#1 Have NO possible information about who was adopted in Europe for the last 1800 years.
#2 They do not do DNA test and they could not test you with the dead you think are your ancestors.
#3 They don't have a clue which ancestors converted to what religions.
#4 They do NOT have any original hand written documents from European ancestors.
#5 They do not have any actual documents from Europe and no one has carbon dated, hand written documents from their ancestors for the last 92 generations or 2,300 years.
No typed data base of family records are worth anything, unless it can lead you to find the original hand written records.


People before the 1900's did not have type writers. Every written document on census, taxes or shipping manifest is information the typist gathered from those the data base mentions.
Those giving info to the typist did not have time machines. The best thing they had was hearsay accounts from grandparents (who were not alive 100 years before themselves)
Now that DNA and such exists... with records on everyone, future generations will be able to trace their ancestors with some documented proof, but no one on earth can prove their heritage of grandparents who lived before the 1900's.
... well you could dig up dead grandma, but then you would have to dig up great grandma and on and on until 300 BC. You would have to do a DNA test on every grandmother and father, in every generation until you found the dead in Israel (that existed before Christ).
When you found that dead body, dug him up, did the DNA test, then you would have to find his picture driver's license to know the dead body you dug up was that of an Israelite.

Jewish family name BS

There is no such thing as a "Jewish" name. No Israelites had the name of any of these Europeans calling themselves Jews. The names they call Jewish existed in millions of Europeans who made no claims to be "Jews".
The history channel had a series on family names. Family names were given that made a statement about that person.
* Man with one ear cut off.
* Smith ... black smith
* Miller ... man who worked at a mill
* TinSmith, GoldSmith, SilverSmith ... man who worked at this trade.
* Man who lives on the north ridge, has 4 children and grows potatoes.
They stated the best set of records in Europe were those of the tax collectors. The tax collectors would give people names to identify them the next time they came around to collect.
Every name people call "Jewish" names were the names of other Europeans.
Many times a family member or the person would make up names for them.
The Europeans were no different than the native Americans who gave descriptive names to their children.
No native of the middle east, no bible Israelite had any of these names. These "Jewish names" have nothing to do with being "Jewish". They were names invented OR copied in European by Europeans. Names were first words or a sentence that identified something the person was involved in. Later the names were shortened and the names of the fathers were given to the children.


Having the same family name as anyone does not make them your relatives. There were no Greens, Whites or Smiths in Africa, but they were given European names.
The idea of a "Jewish name" is absurd. They were only Europeans who joined a religion and the family names they had depended on the European country they were in. Their names were out of the pot used by the rest of the Europeans.
Giggle, we are told these Ethiopians are "Jews" but there were no ...berg, ...stine or family names existing in Ethiopia. The names they profess to be "Jewish names" is a crock of do do. They are full of themselves.


People into genealogies are quite silly. They take one grandparent and try to trace their line, but we are not from one family, but we are a composite of hundreds of families.
(Other than incest) your first set of grandparents (4) means you are a composite of those 4 families, your great grandparents makes you the descendant of 8 families. Everyone has 2 sets of parents. No one could begin to track all their great grandparents. You are not the descendant of one family, YOU ARE THE DESCENDANT OF HUNDREDS OF DIFFERENT FAMILIES !


If you took only one of your grandparents to a certain time in history, you would have to verify EVERY GRANDPARENT, IN EVERY GENERATION.
A generation is the time it takes some one to be generated (born) and re-generate (give birth). In the past girls got married very early. For this example I will use the easy round number 25 years old. ( by this time most girls would have had 3 children in the days of the past).
a) Generation = 25 years.
The Israelites are recorded being scattered into Arab nations about 300 BC.
This is 2000 AD.
b) The time the Israelites were scattered until 2000 AD = 2300 years.
c) 2300 / 25 = 92 generations between now and when the Israelites were running around Israel.
Remember you are not the descendant of any certain family but you are a composite of hundreds of families.
If you were trying to trace just one of those families to the Israelites, you would have to know the name of every one of those ancestors for 92 generations AND you would have to have physical evidence for every generation. Think of these ancestors as links in a chain. If just one link can not be verified, the all those after that broken link are invalid.


As for the data bases used to track family ancestors, they are nothing more than a list of names. These are names people called themselves and only that.

Here is what you need to track your ancestors.

Generation 1 ... your parents

a) Would your grandparents have told them if they were adopted (in which they would not be your grandparent).

b) Have you done a DNA test to know your grandfathers are your grandfathers?


I see lots of programs on TV and parents who adopt children do not want them to know they were adopted. A slip of a relatives tongue or finding papers in the attic.. is how many find out.

c) Has any of your grandparents for the first 90 generations been adopted?

d) How would you know if they were or not?

e) Do you have hand written and carbon dated documents of every generation of your ancestors for the last 2,000 years to verify your claims?

f) Do you have the DNA of every ancestor for the last 2000 years?

g) Do you know that none of your ancestors ever changed their names in the last 2000 years and how do you know?

Let's say you could track every ancestor back to 750 AD (50 generations) and there was no record before that, that is the break in your chain and because there is no way for you to prove who the 51st set of your great grandparents were, not one of the 50 you think are "Jews" have a leg to stand on.

If the last ancestor you could trace (50 generations ago) lived in a town in Spain and you don't have any evidence of the identity of the 51st set of grandparents, what are you going to do when the town had 10 or 100 families with that same name?

No typed data base, tax records, censor records of ship manifest addresses any of these questions. None of these data bases have any evidence about these questions. The ONLY thing these family tree data bases have is a list of names of what people called themselves.

Did they have a name change? Did they or their ancestors convert to Judaism? Do you have a hand written document from that generation which is carbon dated? How do you know if they were adopted or not? Do you have any DNA proof?
This set of questions apply to every link in the chain... every generation for the last 2,300 years. How many of these questions can you reply to and what other than your mouth is your evidence?

It is not enough to have evidence of one or a couple of your ancestors, in order to establish your identity, you must have documentation of every ancestor in that family line, in every generation.
If just one link is broken, your only connection you have to previous generations is in your own wishful thinking.
IF YOU CAN NOT VERIFY EVERY LINK IN YOUR FAMILY TREE FROM NOW BACK TO 300 YEARS BC, YOU HAVE NOTHING BUT HOT AIR. The typed information in those data bases is just something the typist was given to type up. The data bases have nothing more than what the typist typed in and nothing they typed was copied from physical evidence.

No data base reveals: Did they have a name change? Did they or their ancestors convert to Judaism? Do you have a hand written document from that generation which is carbon dated? How do you know if they were adopted or not? Do you have any DNA proof? ... and no one on earth has the replies to these questions. Those who claim to be descendants of any ancient people do so because of ignorance or lies.

Don't just read this one. If you thought any one could actually 
  trace your ancestors read all 3 of these pages ... 1 2 3

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