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Don't just read this one. If you thought any one could actually 
  trace your ancestors read all 3 of these pages ... 1 2 3

Anthropology / Family Trees

 Where does the information come from that people use to create their family trees?

Ellis Island in Upper New York Bay about 1 mile southwest of Manhattan. Named after Samuel Ellis, who owned it.
In 1808 the state of New York sold the island to the federal government, and it was used as a fort and powder magazine. It served as the nation's major immigration station from 1892 to 1924. An estimated 17 million immigrants passed through Ellis Island.

Joseph Smith ( Mormon founder) began his sect in 1827, when the whole vision thing took place. The Mormons did not create their family tree data bases in the life time of Smith. Almost the complete family tree data base of the Mormons come from records of Ellis Island (and of course that couldn't happen until there was an Ellis Island)
(History channel) It took thousands of volunteers many years to complete the records now stored in an under ground cave. The Mormons could not have created their data base from any records before 1982.
When Europeans applied for immigration to the US, the authorities would write down what ever the potential immigrant told them. People in Europe or America were not tagged like dogs, like they are today. You could make up anything you wanted and the governments were not going to start an investigation to prove it.
#1 The application information for a passport was what ever the applicant told the authorities. None of it was verified.
#2 The form on which the information was stated, was written by the immigration authorities of those European countries.
#3 What ever the immigrant told in Europe would be repeated when they got to Ellis Island.
#4 When boarding the ships, the crew would inspect passports, take money / tickets and create a manifest. The manifest was a list of names of what ever the potential immigrant said it was.
Not one bit of info on passport applications or shipping was ever investigated by anyone. Forgery would have been a snap.
The total basis of information on passports and entry to the US was based on what ever the applicant said. No facts, nothing but the word of the immigrants.
Many of the records of Ellis Island Immigrants still exist. These are written in the hand of the US immigrant authorities. There were standard question forms. When Immigrants entered they would be asked questions ( most could not speak English, let alone write it) and the replies were written down on the form by the US immigrant authorities.
Most of these forms were hand written by the US immigration authorities.
When the Mormons created their family tree data base, they created them from hand written ship manifest or Ellis Island worker's hand written forms.
They did not have hand written documents of the actual immigrants, they did not have any physical evidence. EVERY RECORD IN THE MORMON FAMILY TREE DATA BASE IS NOTHING MORE THAN THE HEARSAY OF THE IMMIGRANTS.
Because you can go to the internet and look it up, remember you are looking at the hearsay of people trying to get into the US.
All the information from these data bases began around 1900 AD. What ever data base you look at might not have any reference to Mormons, but if it is not a copy of Mormon info, it comes from the same source.


{ Mormons are another sect who link themselves to the "lost tribes of Israel". Wanna be a descendant of the Israelites, just become a Mormon }
Following the conquest of the Assyrians in 721 BC, the 10 tribes were gradually assimilated by other peoples and thus disappeared from history. Nevertheless, a belief persisted that one day the Ten Lost Tribes would be found.
Around 1604-57 the legend of the lost tribes was used in pleading successfully for admission of Jews into England.
The interest of Mormons in genealogy is based on proving they are the "real Israelite descendants". All your family tree research is based on the Mormon's work.
When you look at a family tree data base thinking you are tracking your ancestors here is what you are doing.
#1 Taking the work of those out to prove they are descendants of the Israelites (Anglo Saxon Europeans who would not allow blacks in their church for a century)
#2 You are taking the hand written forms of US immigrant officials who only wrote down what they were told.
#3 You are taking the manifest names written down by a ship's crew.
#4 You are taking the forms filled out by European immigrant processors.
#5 You are not taking down any documents or evidence of any of these assertions.
#6 Your whole house is built on the hearsay info of Europeans trying to get into the US.
#7 None of these immigrants were alive from 1800 AD to 300 BC.
#8 None of these immigrants have documents of their ancestors for the previous 1000 years.
#9 None of these immigrants could possibly know who their ancestors were 1000 years before they lived.
The US census of 1890 was 63,039,756. After that 17,000,000 immigrants passed through Ellis Island. Now where are the family tree records for the previous 63 million people?
No matter what fragments of records remain, there are no hand written records by people for the previous 1500 years.

If the earth is still spinning in the year 3000 AD another Lemmings will say I am a Jew, because my mother was a Jew and her mother was a Jew. I can track the ancestors on my mother's side almost 1000 years. Here is a picture of my great grandma from an ancient newspaper clipping.

This may be the picture of future boy's grandma, but because his grandma was a Jew that would not make him a Jew. You see the picture of this Jewish girl is with her twin sister who is a Catholic. The only reason why this future grandma was a Jew will be because she was adopted by a Jew. Actually she and her twin sister are Mexicans split at birth and united years later by shear accident.
Because future boy finds out great, great grandma was a Jew, he will become full of himself and brag he is a descendant of the Israelites.
People who "track their ancestors" through type written records or records created by clerks have no idea how silly they are.
When they go to the public records they start... It says here this person is a relative of .... and they are a relative of ... This is exactly how they graph their family tree chart.
The proper line of questions are
* Who wrote this down.
* Did the actual author of the words I read, even know any of my relatives.
* Did the author of this text have any evidence or did they just write what they were told.
* The actual person who gave them the hearsay information to write, did they have any physical evidence of their assertions or did they just recite what grandma told them.
* Does any actual physical hand written records exist that can be tested and verified or is the whole basis, nothing other than the hearsay of people who did not exist 200 years ago, let alone 2000 years ago?
The type writer began to be used around 1857. Only news papers, publishers and the like owned type writers. Only governments, religious organizations and publishers had printing presses.
To prove your connection to the Israelites, you will have to find the hand written documents of every generation of your ancestors for the last 2,300 years.
Of course anyone can concoct any farce they want. The documents you provide must be age dated and tested for fraud. If you are not a liar, there is no way to know if any of your ancestors were and with out verification, you do not know they were your ancestors.
IF you can track your ancestors, produce the tested hand written documents from today back to 300 BC.
The records existing in Europe are no different. If they were filled out by government workers, they only wrote what they were told. No typed or printed documents of Europe produce anything but hearsay of those they knew nothing about.
If you want to start in Europe, fine, produce your hand written documents for every generation from now to 300 BC.
Computer data bases, type written documents by those who have NO information about your ancestors and absolutely no documents or facts, are good to wipe with ( if on soft paper).

Don't just read this one. If you thought any one could actually 
  trace your ancestors read all 3 of these pages ... 1 2 3

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