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Windover Tribe of Flordia

I am not sure about some of these spellings.

TLC, Aug 15, 2003

While digging they found a skull in Windover Florida. (Southern Florida)
First they thought it was a murder but figured out the skull was ancient.
Then they found many of them males 5-7, 5-9 females 5'2
They are dated back till around the time of the tower of babel 6,000 to 7,000 years old.

The dead were buried in water on purpose (which some how preserved them).
They found 168 people, still had DNA preserved in the bogs the tribe lived there about 1300 years it is a a single population of the same tribe
They found twine, fabric (right below)

They called on a guy named Humphry, who's technique saved things from falling apart from the Titanic. He used paraline used to protect
One had spinidifida, disease of the spine
One woman was 55 to 62 years old
Only native Americans have a certain DNA, these people did not have it. It was European DNA.

The Windover Archaeological research project Florida State University, Tallahassee University Florida, Gainesville Mercyhurst College, Erie.

Jim Swann

Geophysical Laboratory, Washington DC
Cornell Institute of Medical Research, New Jersey


End of the notes I typed

The forensic reconstruction from the woman's skeleton made it look like she had been smoking dope and her eyes were almost closed, so I worked on her.

Left is the forensic reconstruction of the skeleton of the woman. They rendered it in gray scale. They could determine physical features with forensic science but they could not have a clue to the tone of the skin. They said this 7,000 year old woman had the dna of of a European NOT a native American, so I took their picture and gave it an Ophra make over. The physical features are exactly except I replaced the squint by opening her eyes and gave her some eye brow make up.

My conclusions.

Europeans have a different DNA than other races... Hmmm just what I have been saying for years.
From a 6,000 to 7,000 year old skeleton they can tell gender and even be able to tell about diseases they had and their age.
* Let's find some European, German, Russian and Pollock skeletons and some European "Jew" skeletons and let's see any scientist tell the "Jews" from any other European skeletons.
Next let's find some European, German, Russian and Pollock skeletons and some Arab skeletons found in isolated areas where Europeans never mingled and see if scientist can tell Europeans from natives of the middle east.
(Above we even discovered that Europeans have different DNA then those outside of Europe. Let's compare them with the ancient people of the middle east)
Our last question is (a) If they can not tell a European "Jew" from any other European but (b) they can tell "Jew" and the rest of the other European skeletons from those of the middle east, (c) what is your conclusion Jethro?