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In America you will find mixes of Africans that are light skinned and some of them remain very dark.
You can't always be sure who the father was, but when a woman goes into labor and pops out a kid, you know she is the mother. By looking at the same mother of kids with different physical appearances, you know that children produced by Europeans and non Europeans do not mutate into Europeans, but they remain a mix.
Here is a picture of 2 boxers of African descent. When he was turned around with the camera on his face, the light skin Negro looks like the natives of Africa. In this picture with his back turned toward you, you would think this was a fight between a Negro and a European.
In the back ground is a shot I captured from a program about Africa. In their native setting ( If Europeans have not been to bed with them), there are no "white" natives of Africa.

100% of the original Israelites were the stock of Arabs / native people of the middle east and not 5% of the Europeans calling themselves Jews look like those they claim to be their ancestors.
We know that the un-mixed native Europeans have a physical appearance exclusive to the Europeans of western Europe. The physical appearance of Europeans is different than all the non Europeans of the world.
In the old paintings or pictures of people of Europe, there were no faces of Aborigines, Arabs or Africans. No Polynesians, Eskimos or faces of Indians.

The films made by governments during WW2 are one of the best sources because the "Jew" segments were only added thoughts. The films were made to document events before the cult of pretend "Jews" got in a position to push their propaganda to the entire nation.
When you look at the self professing "Jews" in the WW2 films, your attention will be directed to ovens, a pile of bodies or how skinny they were. Ok you already know all of that, so not begin to make another observation. When you look at them begin to look at their skin color. When you see the walking skeletons, note their skin color is like Casper the ghost.
When you see pictures of them before they were put in camps, look at their faces then look at the faces of the rest of the Germans. If these "Jews" were put in German uniforms no one could tell them apart ( I have pictures of "Jews" who were in the German military and no one can tell them from the rest of the Germans).


What is this Ethiopian Jew assertion? All Israelites on earth began from Iraq. The Israelites were a composite of natives of the middle east. There is an account of Moses marrying an Ethiopian (which caused great outrage). Ok let's say thousands of the Arab Israelites produced children with the Africans. Let's say the Israelites became a great mix of Arabs and Africans. (there is a physical difference between Arabs and Africans).
The original Arabs were brown to black and of course all the Africans were brown to black. When two races mix, their offspring's will be a mix.

Those calling themselves Jews tell how they migrated into Europe from the middle east. Ok look at all those pre WW2 films and look at all of those films during and after WW2 at all those "Jews" in Europe.

On the bottom right of this picture is one who claims he is a Jew. He is from Europe and is now part of the government. Why doesn't this "Jew" have the physical appearance of "his Arab / African" ancestors? Why couldn't you tell him apart from any other German, Russian or Pollock?

Those who claim to be Jews, assert they are descendants of the Israelites. Israelites they also say they were a composite of Ethiopians (Ethiopian Jews).
Solomon said he was black ! If the Israelites were a composite of Arabs and Africans, look at those miles of pictures of "Jews" in Europe and tell me how many German / Russian "Jews" have you seen with the skin color and physical features of this Negro I took out of native dress and put in a suite ?

In the WW2 documentary films ( like those on PBS or the History Channel). How many Negro faces have you seen in the WW2 documentary segments about "Jews" ?
How do you explain the Israelites came from the native people of the middle east, mixed with Africans, but you see only European faces in the cult calling themselves Jews?