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Europeans vs Non Europeans

The yellow area is the land drawn on maps as Arabia for thousands of years. The upper right of the yellow begins to mix toward Russia.

The red area is India. The green is Pakistan (created by the British when they cut a piece off of India) and the blue is Afghanistan. You will note the faces of the native people of these areas are brown to almost black. Straight black hair is almost exclusive (to unmixed native people).

(Top yellow) Iran, Iraq and Turkey share the brown / black faces and straight black hair.

As you travel toward Egypt (baby blue) the native faces (not mixed with Europeans) have the same color range, but the people with curly hair increase as you get closer to the Negro populations.

I worked in Cairo and Alexandra. I was not thinking about anthropology at that time, just taking pictures of people and animals. I would guess that less than 2% of the people were Negroes in my pictures. I never worked in the south of Egypt but in the films I have seen of those areas, it appears that almost all of those Egyptians are Negroes.

Remember a nation is just an area controlled by a political group. What that land area is called can change and it's borders can change. My observations are this: in Egypt,   Turkey, Iran, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Syria, Lebanon, Palestine and India ... natives isolated from Europeans have faces ranging from brown to black. The further you get away from Egypt, the less amount of curly hair and Negroes.

In the land area the bible records to be the beginning of all civilization ... Iraq, faces range brown to black and almost all have straight black hair ( in areas where people are isolated from others).

In the early paintings of Europeans there are NO faces which resemble the natives of the middle east. There are no early paintings of Europeans who look like any native people outside of Europe, in any other parts of the world.


Top left, the bride, top middle her mother, far right her European husband. Bottom middle is the bride's dad.

The comparison between the girl from India and the European is best made by the picture on the bottom left. The picture on the bottom right looks like an indoor flash picture. The guy is much lighter here because he is closer to the flash.

They should have used bounce lighting off of the ceiling. When pictures are taken with direct flash, those closer to the light are always lighter in comparison. This is a good set of pictures to note the skin colors between Europeans and non Europeans. 

This girl is a native of India. India is as far north and south in area as the area that covered the bible accounts of the old testament. It is adjacent to Iraq. The original natives of the Arab lands were very similar in physical features as the people of India. Both people range from brown to almost black.


There are pictures of curly hair and straight black hair people on the walls of the ancient paintings of Egypt. You will note that natives in the far north of India are as black as any in the wall paintings of ancient Egypt. The natives of India were not Negroes, but their skin and the skin of all natives of the middle east ranged to brown to the blackest, black.

You will not see any faces like these in native Europeans. PBS had a travel show and some one asked about British rule. The British noticed their difference because they had all kind of derogatory words for the native people.

One guy from India told about the a resort area created for the officers and rich Brits who were the invading slave masters. The official rule for that area of India where the upper crust Brits hung out was, no Indians or dogs were allowed on the premises.

These are the colors of all people of the middle east before the invasion of the Europeans. No European looked like the people of the middle east and the people of the middle east did not look like the Europeans... and yet you can not distinguish those who call themselves Jews from any other Europe. Like Duh figure it out Jethro.