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From Africa to America

Can you imagine someone walking down 47th Street in NY today, in order to observe the population to determine what the original native people looked like.

When you want to know what the original native people looked like, you must go back to a time before they were polluted with outsiders or go to an isolated place where outsiders had no reason to go.

I remember going to the movies when I was a kid and seeing short flicks of rich "white" hunters going to Africa on safari. I also remember pictures brought by missionaries that would visit every few years.

While the pictures were in black and white, there was no problem telling the hunters of missionaries from the Africans in a group photo.

You could take a lot of the mixed Americans of African descent and pick them out of the line up of the natives of Africa.

There was 3 traits that separated the non mixed Africans from other people of the world. I never saw any with out curly hair, they had a general physical appearance of wide nostrils and thick lips.

Today they have Negro women in the miss American contest, but you will note the women in those contest are those with European physical features. You do not see any Africans there with wide nostrils and thick lips. You do not see any there with curly hair most of the time, it is chemically treated or they wear wigs.

Even the Negroes who have began to look like Europeans through mixing, have retained their dark skin, that is they naturally look like a European woman who spends hours under a sun lamp with out the sun lamp and they do not have any tan lines.

In the upper left is a native African girl. The Europeans have been there for centuries so even she is a possible mix. When you see Africans with green eyes or hair the color of coffee with cream in it, you know someone has been in the sack with Europeans.

The two models either wear wigs or they use chemicals on their hair. You will not see any photographs of African women who looked like them from the explorers of the 1800's or the early 1900s.

They also use make up to change their skin color. They have nose jobs and all the stuff the rest do to achieve the European image of beauty.

On the bottom right is a picture of OJ's daughter that he had with a European. Note her skin is not as black as the Negroes you see in the old pictures of African women. You can't be sure about her hair, but her physical features do not look much different than other Europeans. Of course her mom was a European.

Her brother (son of a European) looks just like any other Negro boy. If you took any of these women into isolated areas of Germany or Russia, dressed them up like the other women, anyone could pick them out.

When Europeans breed with non Europeans, their offspring's do not mutate into children of European physical appearance.

The only thing that makes some of them look like Europeans, is being a descendant of Europeans.

Every Israelite of the bible was a descendant of Syrians, Chaldeans / Iraqis, Saudis / Midianites, Moabites / Jordanians, Egyptians ... so if these people in Europe were actually descendants of the Europeans, why doesn't the vast majority look like natives of the middle east?

When Europeans breed with non Europeans, their offspring's would be a great composite of the non European contributors. In the first 1400 years those calling themselves Jews had a very strict policy of forcing their children to marry only their own clan, so tell me what made all these "natives of the middle east" turn in to people with the physical appearance of every other European?

One last thought I has observed was that not all Africans had the same physical appearance in different regions of Africa. Some of their facial features were different, some very short, some very tall. It would be my guess that forensic scientist could tell what region of Africa someone was by the examination of a skeleton.

At the top is an ancient painting from the middle east. The Israelites married Egyptians when they were in Egypt. The Israelites married Egyptians when they were in Israel. Solomon said he was black and he had an Egyptian wife. The fact is the tribe of Joseph came out of the womb of the Egyptian Asenath.

One of these girls is from Europeans but she claims she is a descendant of the native people of the middle east.

The other girl is not a native of Europe. How hard is it to tell a European from a non European? The ancestors of this European were at Stone Hinge when the Arab Israelites were doing their thing in the old testament.