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Racism against Jews?

In the remains of the people found in the middle east from the period of the old testament, there exist only the remains of people like today's Arabs and a pinch of Africans. (If the bible is true) There was only one race on earth in the beginning and every one on earth lived in the middle east (some where between Iraq and Iran). Everyone came from Adam and Eve, the 3 who replenished the whole earth were Noah's sons and wives. They had the same mom and dad ... they came from Adam and Eve.

Until the caper at the tower of Babel, everyone on earth lived in the Arab lands and ONLY one race existed on earth... the Arab race ... the race of the native people of the middle east. There were no people with Anglo Saxon features, there were no Negroes,  there were no aborigines, there were no native Americans, there were no Orientals.

Before the tower of Babel there was one race on earth and everyone on the earth lived between Iraq and Iran ... those on the outskirts were from these original Arabs.

Anglo Saxons / Europeans, Orientals ... history and remains can be found outside the middle east in the same time period that the events of the old testament were taking place. If (a) everyone on earth came from Adam and Eve (b) there were ONLY people of Arab physical features in the middle east (c) people outside of the middle east around the world are found who are not of Arab physical make up ... then the beginning of races took place when people were scattered outside of the middle east from the tower of Babel.

Almost all of those who call themselves "Jews" are no more than Anglo Saxon Europeans. There are millions of marriage records to tie them to the rest of the Europeans. There were NO Anglo Saxon Israelites.

There were NO such things as Israelites for thousands of years. Only Hittites, Syrians, Egyptians, Canaanites, Moabites, Chaldeans, Philistines ... Arabs existed on earth. You can not show one Israelite of the bible who was from some Israelite race ... that is you can not show one Israelite in the whole bible who was not from a composite of Hittites, Syrians, Egyptians, Canaanites, Moabites, Chaldeans, Philistines ... Arabs.

You can not be of any other race than those you came from and the Israelites of the old testament came from nothing other than a pot luck of Arabs. The Israelites and the Jews came from Arabs and nothing else. The only race of the old testament Israelites was the Arab race ... the only race on earth that existed. The Israelites were not a different people than the rest of the Arabs. The Hittites, Syrians, Egyptians, Canaanites, Moabites, Chaldeans, Philistines ... Arabs existed thousands of years before the first Israelite and every Israelite on earth came out of the wombs / loins of the Arabs.


Oriental, Negro, Caucasian .. I have heard of these races but I have never heard of a Jewish race?

How does that work. Some one joins a cult in a synagogue, calls themselves a Jew and now they are some kind of race?

Racism is based on prejudice against those of different physical feature. When I look at the cult of Europeans, they look just like all other Europeans. IF the bible is true, how come God scattered the Israelites into all the world and now those who claim to be Jews all look like Europeans?

Gee, if you ain't the racist, how come you use the crock of who your ancestors were to justify the invasion, robbery and murder of the native people of that land?

If you want to know what a racist is, do not listen to a word I say. Take the time go to the library and read every think you can find in the "Jew" Talmud on Christians or goys... a goy is someone who is not one of them.

Get on the internet where the mouths flow freely and listen to these "Jews" call Arabs "rag heads and sand niggers". These deceivers are no different than Christian Identity. They are a cult of WHITE Anglo Saxons, pushing the crock that they are the real descendants of the Israelites. 

There is no such thing as a "Jewish race", there is only the existence of a cult of Europeans who blab that they are God's chosen people and by virtue, the rest of we lowly goys must lick their cracks so we can be "righteous gentiles".

If you are not lying Jethro there would be Oriental, Caucasian, Negro, Mexican .. Jews of all racist and nationalities. If  you are not a pack of white European racist yourselves, you are idiots or liars when you cry racism.

Tell me Jethro, If God scattered the descendants of the Israelites into all nations of the earth, where is the Aborigine, Arab, Negro, Japanese, native American, Indian, Eskimo Jews? How come all you "Jews" in power could blend into the faces of the nazi Europeans and no one could tell you apart?

*The next time anyone uses the word racist in any context with this cult, know they are ignorant, idiots of bald face liars.