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Ruddy / Red

The Arab (top left) has a hue of more red than the Arab (top middle)

The pyramid painting top right has a ruddy / red tint but not as much red as the pyramid painting of the guy in the lower right

Note the pyramid painting on the lower right was made by the same painter and they used two different colors for the male and female. The Egyptian on the lower left would fit the ruddy / red description of Solomon saying how red he was made by the sun.

The two girls on the bottom middle and bottom right are the same girl. She has been on several programs on the discovery channel. Same Egyptian girl at different times.... different hair cut.

On the lower right she has a higher saturation of red, so this junior woodchuck assumes she was in the sun longer in the season that documentary was made.

I have gobs of such pictures of the ancient Egyptians in the pyramids and the painter of the same pictures use different tones of colors to paint people in the same pictures. The ancient Egyptian on the bottom indeed has a ruddy / red complexion as well as the modern Arab in the upper left.