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Millions of non Orientals follow Buddhism or Hinduism. Finding a religion in any part of the world has no ties to the native people who started it.
One of the 7 wonders of the world was built by Muslims in India, but those Muslims were natives of India.
The idea of someone being a descendant of the middle east because they "follow Judaism" is as goofy as someone being a native of the middle east because they follow Christianity.
Following a religion of the middle east does not make you a native of the middle east. By examining the anthropology of Anglo Saxon, you know they are NOT descendants of the native people of the middle east.
By examining the religion these Europeans call Judaism, you know it is not Judaism at all, but it is the invention of those who professed to be rabbis.
Following a middle east religion does not make one a descendant of the people of the middle east, especially when they do not follow that religion in the first time.
There was NOT a mass migration of native people of the middle east any time in history, but both Christianity and a perverted concocting of Judaism spread into Europe.

Following "Judaism" no more makes a European a descendant a descendant of the Israelites, then it makes an Aborigine, a descendant of the Israelites.



God told the Israelites that he would scatter them into all nations on earth.

There are about 20 verses to this effect and one of them states that God will consume the filthiness out of them.

Look to the masses called Israel today and tell me if the people there have been cleansed or if they are as filthy as the most perverted nations on earth.

DEUT 4:27 And the Lord shall scatter you among the nations,

DEUT 28:64 The Lord shall scatter you among all people, from the one end of the earth even to the other;



1_KINGS 14:15 The Lord shall ... shall root up Israel out of this land, ... and shall scatter them beyond the river, because they have made their groves, provoking the Lord to anger.

( This river is the Jordan river, so they would be scattered to the EAST of Israel )

NEHEMIAH 1:8 Remember the word (given to ) Moses, saying, If you transgress, I will scatter you abroad among the nations:

EZEKIEL 12:15 They shall know that I am the Lord, when I shall scatter them among the nations, and disperse them in the countries.

God said he would scatter them into all nations.

Aren't Arab nations part of this world? Look into Arab nations today and know that there are a multitude of descendants of the Israelites living there.

Yes the Israelites have been scattered into ALL nations of the earth, but the "Jews" controlling the land are only the polluted European Babelites.

The bible reveals many Arab nations that the Israelites lived in and on Nova they mapped out a city in Yemen where the Israelites lived after they were scattered.

#1 The bible states that God scattered the Israelites into all nations of the world.

#2 And ________ here are Israelite settlements in Arab nations in the A.D. period.

#3 How many Israelite settlements can you verify in the Arab nations in the A.D. period?

While the population in all Arab nations have expanded by multitudes over the centuries, what happened to the Arabs that practiced Judaism in those nations. The rest of the Arabs never killed them nor did they drive them out.

While the Arab population has increased by multitudes, the Arabs practicing Judaism have almost vanished. No they have not vanished, their descendants converted to other religions ( mostly Islam ) and they have long forgotten that they are descendants of the Israelites.


The next argument will be the Israelites lived in the Arab lands until Islam took hold and then they split to Europe.

No this is false, I have seen several documentaries and the Israelites lived in Arab nations for the last 2000 years.

When the Israelites  held the power in the beginning no other religions were allowed.

When the Christians held the power it was convert them or kill em all in the name of God. When the Muslims held the political power they allowed others to follow their own religions. The Israelites have had settlements and they have lived in Arab nations since they were scattered over 2000 years ago.

Islam has NOTHING to do with "Jews" being dispersed. Almost ALL Israelites were scattered into ARAB NATIONS BEFORE CHRIST. When the Romans took the land the majority of the Israelites were living in Egypt, Syria and Saudi Arabia.

In the accounts of Masada only a fraction of the Israelites remained in the land and those who belonged to the Jew sect were composed of non Israelites. One man in the NT had a Jew mother and a Greek father and there are other accounts of the multitude of NON Israelites who lived in the land. 

ACTS 2:5 there were dwelling at Jerusalem Jews devout men, out of every nation under heaven.
ACTS 2:9 Parthians, Medes, Elamites, the dwellers in Mesopotamia, in Judaea, Cappadocia, in Pontus, Asia,
ACTS 2:10 Phrygia, Pamphylia, in Egypt, in the parts of Libya about Cyrene, strangers of Rome, Jews [4339] proselytes,
ACTS 2:11 Cretes Arabians ...
The multitude of all Israelites were dispersed into Arab nations a couple hundred years BC. At the time of Christ only a remnant of the Israelites were left and Israel was a population of non Israelites.
Mohammed did not exist until over 600 years AD. By that time the Israelites had already been absorbed into the Arab nations and were assimilated into the Arab families they all came from in the first place.
There was NEVER a mass migration of native people of the middle east to Europe, but the religions of Christianity and Judaism was spread into Europe.

What a joke these "Jews" transport "Jews" from all over the world to live there, but Arab "Jews" from Egypt are not welcome. By historic records there were more actual Jews living in Egypt than in Israel. My travel CD of Egypt reveals that there are still millions of those calling themselves Jews living in Egypt today. The descendants of the Israelites who were scattered into Arab lands 2,500 years ago have disseminated into the population of Islam followers. 

"Israelites would never do that"? Like Duh, the Israelites worshipped Baal, the golden Calf and many gods in the days of the Old Testament. That is when they had control of the government. Since they have been under the power of other governments and other religions for 2,500 years.

Like the mutation of the "Christian" religion in the 1960's when our government began to yank their tax exempt status. The truth of God must change to appease those in political power.


Did the Israelites take off when Mohammed came to town? NO, they have never moved. They have just been assimilated into Islam.

The Israelites were scattered into the Arab nations over 2000 years ago and millions of them have remained there with their Arab relatives... the Arabs that all Israelites came from in the first place.

Begin to consider the multitude of Israelites that were scattered into the Arab nations and who they have been breeding with / marrying for thousands of years since they were released from Babylon.

They would be no different than they were in the accounts of the Old Testament. They would have married and produced children with the rest of the Arabs they lived among and as they produced children with those Arabs every child produced would be an Israelite... descendant of the man Israel. The multitude of Israelites scattered into the Arab countries through out the middle east married and bred with the Arabs around them and spread the seed of Israel into millions of Arabs.


* Where are all those Refugees in Bonsai?

* Where are the Kurds?

* Where are the Palestinian refugees?

* What is happening to the refugees of Afghanis right now as I am writing this text?

Look through out history at the pattern of the flight of refugees. Where do the masses end up?

Through out history most refugees have ended up in adjacent countries. If you look at the Kurd or Palestinian refugees, less then 8 % of them have made it out of the middle east...

So why did the bulk of all the "descendants of Israel" end up in Europe?

They didn't. This is where the lie begins.






In the pattern of flight of refugees the bulk of them flee to adjacent countries and the Israelites surly returned to their Arab relatives where they came from in the first place.

Other than the data we have on refugees through out history, why would the Arab Israelites flee to Europe?

The Europeans hated Arabs and Arab Israelites, so why would these dark Arabs who spoke Arabic flee to Europe where they were hated.

In the early times, the Christian crusades had a method of taking care of non Christians and Arabs... by killing them !

An Arab taking his family to a place thousands of miles away where they would be hated and would stick out like an elephant in a barber shop?

No, the bulk of the Israelites returned to their Arab families and for the last 2,750 years they have been spreading the seed of Israel through the Arabs of all religions in the middle east.

Where did the true Israelites flee to?

Today you might look at the Kurds and Palestinians.


Go back into history when there were no phones, trains, plains or great ships.

People in flight rode animals if they were lucky but most had to flee in foot.

The great bulk of a people in flight ended up in one of the countries next to their nation.

There was a 3 day documentary last summer (1988 I think) about the holy wars.

It told how the "Christians" were such zealots that they killed Israelites, Arabs and even the Christians who had the physical features of the Arabs/Israelites.



Italy - Europe's religion of power was Catholic / Christian. In those times Christians burnt people at the stake. How many Arabs / Israelites ( who did not believe in Christ ) do you think were welcome in Europe?

If you spoke Hebrew, would you flee with your family to Europe?



The European "Israelites" tell the world they are the Israelites.

By the bible accounts we know that the Israelites were a mix of Arabs, Iraqis and Africans.

Note in all of those pre-ww2 films of Russia and Germany how many blacks or Arab faces do you see?

If the Arab Israelites fled north into Europe, where are all their dark faces in film of the populations in Europe?

I have given all the scriptures of Genesis which reveals all the Israelites were Arabs and yet when we see the faces of the "Jews" in Europe they all had pale faces like the rest of the Europeans.


Yes the refugees of our own life time have been scattered into every nation in the world and they could be gathered from our nations to be returned to their place of origin, BUT the masses of all refugees have always settled into nations adjacent to their home lands.

Some of the descendants of the Israelites have likewise been scattered outside of the middle east in trivial numbers, but the masses of them were scattered into the adjacent Arab nations where their descendants live until this day.

Where did these Israelites flee to? Because of their physical features and their speech, they sure couldn't flee north into Europe where they were hated, persecuted and/or killed.

When the Israelites split, they fled back into the surrounding Arab nations... back to the families where they came from.



Through out history people scattered from their home lands have been scattered far and wide, but the overwhelming majority of all refugees through out history have ended up in nations adjacent to their own.

While the bible gives general locations as the nations of the earth, it gives the specific nations named as Arab nations that the descendants of the Israelites will be gathered from. The Israelites could not be gathered from the Arab nations, if they are living in Europe.

There was nothing to keep them from returning to their Arab relatives and blending in with out notice... the idea of taking your family thousands of miles north into the land of a people of a foreign language... in the land that people hated your kind and wanted you dead, such could be considered only by an idiot. Such could be suggested only by a liar.

Today there are Kurds, Palestinians, Afghanis living in America, Russia, England and in countries around the world, BUT the masses of all the refugees always end up in adjacent nations.

To know where the masses of the Israelite descendants live today, simply look at the prophecy of their return and know the specific countries listed... and know those specific countries are Arab countries.

In the prophecy of the return of the Israelites in that ONE DAY they will be returned by God, they will be returned from the North, the South, the East the West and from the Islands from the world... and yet over 90% of those coming into Palestine are all from the North... Europe?

The "North country" is not Russia, because it is written that when they are returned to Israel they will be carried on the shoulders of gentiles. That North country could ONLY be the Arab countries which border to the north of Israel.

These are the faces of the native people of the middle east. In the trivial % of those who are said to have come to Israel from the Arab nations, look at their faces and tell me what % of those "Jews" from the Arab countries look like Europeans instead of natives of the middle east?

Most of the "Jews" who did come from Arab countries are like the "Jews" who came from America, South America, Japan, China and Canada. They are not the native people of those countries, but they are the descendants of Europeans who migrated there. i.e. One guy from Australia tells how he "an Australian Jew" returned to his home land. Well this guy is an Anglo Saxon, the natives of Australia were only Aborigines, so indeed he (like the Jews who came from Arab countries) is just another European descendant.

Native Arab "Jews" are not coming into Israel by car, bus, planes or camels. Almost every "Jew" who comes there, comes by ship or planes. The straight hair brown faces of the native people of the middle east are not seen. The only thing you see is the token black faces of Ethiopians getting off those planes and the overwhelming Anglo Saxon Europeans. Here is a picture of the "Jews" in reception centers as they are getting off planes and those, they put in housing projects to displace Palestinians.

Below are the faces of kids who are natives of the middle east. They are not Negroes, they have straight hair and they are not Anglo Saxons. You will not see plane loads of natives of the middle east get off the planes.


Below is another load of European "Jews" who are pouring in by hundreds of thousands to displace the native people of the middle east. No Israelite of the old testament looked like these Anglo Saxon until after the invasion of the Europeans. Note every Israelite of the bible was a native of the middle east who were nothing more than a composite of Hittites, Havites, Moabites, Midianites, Canaanites, Syrians, Chaldeans, Philistines, Jebusites.. ARABS and yet over 90% of all those in the land claiming to be their descendants are Anglo Saxons.

These school girls are Iraqi kids. The Syrians, Zideons, Canaanites, Moabites, Jebusites, Philistines ... Every Arab native of the middle east came from the people of Iraq ... and every Israelite was a descendant of the Arabs who came from the people of Iraq.

The prophecy states the Israelites will be gathered from the North, South, East, West and the Islands of the world... and specifically from NAMED ARAB nations.

Explain to me why EVERY Israelite of the bible was a brown / black face Arab with a pepper of Africans, but 95% of those who get off the planes are Anglo Saxons and not 2% of all "Jews" who come there are Arabs?

Where are the multitude of the descendants of the Israelites who were scattered 2,500 years ago? Simply look at those in Bonsai, the Kurds, the Palestinians and watch what happens to the Afghanis on tv today.... then look back to the middle east years from now, and that is where they will be.

All the Israelites of the bible came from a composite of Arabs, they were Arabs and they never ceased to marry all the Arab people around them through out the Old Testament. The multitude of the Israelite refugees settled in the Arab nations 2,000 years ago. There they and their descendants have married and bred the other Arabs around them for centuries.

Look at the faces of the native Arabs of the middle east and see the faces of  the dudes who hung out in the scriptures of the Old Testament.

The prophecy of Israel declares the events that will take place when Israel becomes a nation, The lion will lie with the lamb, babies will play with snakes with out harm, there will be total peace in the land, there will be no sin at all, God will come to earth and live on a mountain... NONE of this has taken place. This bogus state is not the nation of the prophecy of Israel.


By the end of 2 Kings both Israel (the 9 tribes of the north) and the Jews (3 tribes of the south) were scattered out of the land of Israel into 127 middle east nations. At this time there were over 20 million Israelites (by conservative population projections).
Less than 50,000 Israelites ever returned to Israel while the 20 million Israelites remained in the middle east between Turkey to Egypt/Somalia/Libya and from Israel to India.
There they were assimilated into the native people of the middle east and have been living there for 2,500 years.
By the prophecy when God does restore the nation of Israel (it is not Russia, Germany, Europe) It is these middle east nations the Israelites will be gathered from.

ISAIAH 11:11 And it shall come to pass in that day, that the Lord shall set his hand again the second time to recover the remnant of his people, which shall be left, from Assyria, and from Egypt, and from Pathros, and from Cush, and from Elam, and from Shinar, and from Hamath, and from the islands of the sea.

Assyria is an empire that holds these lands
Cush is part of Egypt and just to the south in northern Sudan
Egypt is in the southern part of Assyria
Elam is in Iraq
Hamath is in Syria.
Pathros is in Egypt
Shinar is in Iraq

Who and where are the descendants of the Israelites and where will they be gathered from? Not these white face Druid descendants of Europe who call themselves Jews, but.. All of these Arabs from these Arab nations !

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