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Why do I pick on the poor little Jews? Before I could pick on any Jews, they would first have to be Jews, Right ?

Why would an atheist or just an old red neck want to expose the farce this European cult are not descendants of the Israelites? It is this hated cult who the American people are forced to pay for to continue their religious wars. Here is a society of drunks, whores, liars, dope users and homos that we Americans must support on the basis that they are some kind of holy people of God.

It is the massive murder of the Arabs for the last 50 years, using American money, American tanks, American M16s, American bombs, American helicopters and American fighter planes, which brought the Arabs to NY for a little pay back. NO they were not the offenders, they were just giving us a little dose of what our nation has been given them for 50 years.

The cult of false Jews give our party mob bosses 10 million in political bribes and in return, our party mob bosses make the American people the whores of this European cult by giving them 3 billion dollars of our tax dollars, plus massive murder weapons. The American people have been made accessories to the robbery and murder of the native people of the middle east for 50 years.

You atheist or red necks don't give a plug nickel about these cults and hypocrites? It does not matter it is you who are forced to pay for their holy wars. It is the American people who got to pay in NY and this is only the beginning.

Bush just passed more laws to pay the insurance companies because of the threats and these politicians are passing massive laws that are taking away the freedoms of the American people.

Hey atheist, red necks how come you get to pay a bunch of European drunks, queers, liars, whores and thieves to rob and murder the people of the middle east of their home land? How come the American people are being stripped of their freedoms... simple this hated European cult bribing our party mob bosses to bend the American people over while this scum sticks it to us.


a) Why would Arabs want to expose the cult who have stolen the identity of the Israelites and prove by the bible, All Israelites came from Arabs, the Israelites scattered the seed of Israel into the Arabs and when God returns, he will gather the descendants of the Israelites from the Arab nations?

b) Why should Christians want to expose this cult of imposter Jews?

c) Word association and brain washing tactics to deceive gullible Christians

d) Let's form an international network to create words that actually identify this cult of false "Jews" (for those active on the internet )


a) Why would Arabs or Muslims want to expose this cult who make the world think they are the descendants of the Israelites?

#1 With out the support of America these invaders would be kicked back out of the middle east and back to Europe and the other countries they slithered from.

#2 America's bribed party mob bosses give the invaders billions of our dollars and our military murder weapons in return for political bribes.

If you had any friends record Nightline to night, this is what EVERY Arab must know and understand why the existence of the Arab people hinges on debunking the farce that this European cult is the descendants of the Israelites.

If you recorded this or if you get it, make sure every Arab leader you can contact sees and understands how essential it is to expose the farce of the false Jews and claim their own heritage to the Israelites.

Nov 26 Nightline
Strange Bedfellows
Tuesday, Nov. 26
The Christian Right in the United States has become Israel's staunchest ally, raising money, and more importantly, throwing their considerable political weight behind the Sharon government. But what happens when theology meets politics?

Description: A friend in need is a friend indeed. Do the motives of the friend really matter? Over the last couple of years, what has come to be called the Christian Right has become more and more active in supporting the Sharon government in its war with the Palestinians. And their political clout with the Bush administration is considerable. They are opposed to giving the Palestinians any land, taking a much harder line than many Americans. The reason? Prophecy. Many believe that what is playing out now in the Middle East is all part of the process leading towards the Second Coming. The existence of the state of Israel is crucial to that process, and many believe that Israel must cover all of the land, including the occupied territories, in order for this process to move forward. So they send money, take trips to Israel, meet regularly with Israeli officials, including Sharon, and at the same time, seem to be breaking what was a strong alliance between American Jews and the Democratic Party.


End of the description

Consider this: IF these European invaders paid to bring these "Christians" to send them back to raise millions to give to them and to control our bribed party mob bosses, they know the power and wealth they will gain.

How long will Arabs remain ignorant or close their eyes to the fact that deceived Christians sucked into believing this cult is the descendants of the Israelites is the force they use to rob and murder the native people of the middle east.


Arabs must understand how the bible is used as poison against their brothers. This video on Nightline makes my case

Here is the page you can order the video from Nightline. It looks like it is $29.000 uct_code=N021126%2001&category_code=HOME


Code: N021126 01
Price: $29.95




#3 Would be Christians support them because they think they are getting brownie points with God by helping the descendants of the Israelites murder the bad old Arabs.

#4 The money of Christians and their votes are far greater than what the cult of bribers have to control our party mob bosses.

If Arabs and Christians expose the farce this European cult are not the descendants of the Israelites and the fact they are Christ deniers / haters, then they will lose the Christian supports. The bribed politicians will have their option of losing Christian votes and contributions.

Why should Christians expose the farce of the pretend Jews?

#1 Because this cult's religion embraces the Talmud.

#2 Because this cult believes and teaches that Christ was an impostor, the destroyer of Israel, a homosexual, a bastard who is now boiling in excrement in Hell

#3 Anti = against. The single religion on earth that loathes Christ, the anti-christs are those who profess to follow ( the modern counterfeit ) cult of Judaism.

#4 Because no Christ loving Christian will support the anti-christs and they will warn their fellow Christians against these Christ haters.

#5 Because no Christian or decent people on earth will assist or justify the robbery and murder of the native people of the middle east by false Jews who hate Christ.

REVELATION 2:9 I know the blasphemy of them which say they are Jews, and are not, but are the synagogue of Satan.

REVELATION 3:9 Behold, I will make them of the synagogue of Satan, which say they are Jews and are not, but do lie,



c) Word association and brain washing tactics to deceive gullible Christians

Why I hate Jews & the Owners of the Brooklyn bridge

In Yahoo chat, I ask these people what makes other's goys and them Jews, I get some responses, then when I pin down their responses, their only move is to put me on ignore, tell others not to respond to me or send me a bug that locks up or reboots my computer. These "experts" with endless conversations about the Torah, get lock jaw when their farce can be exposed.

When anyone dare investigate the claims of those who call themselves Jews , the immediate response is:

"Why do you hate THE Jews"

When asking questions or when presenting facts about those who call themselves Jews

What could be hateful about asking questions about anyone unless they were involved in a group of evil doers or perverts? Unless their group is involved in hateful acts, there could be NOTHING hateful in the question, only in revealing the evil deeds with the answer.

* Is it true those who call themselves Jews observe the Passover? Is this a hateful question? No because the answer does not expose any hateful answer.

* You say that God gave Israel to those who call themselves Jews , so please give the verse in which the word Jew is in the same verse with the promise land.

* You say those who call themselves Jews, are God's chosen people, so please give the verse in which the word Jew is in the same verse with chosen people?

* Anyone who says they are descendants of the Israelites are ignorant or Blatant liars. The claims about their connections to Sephardic & Khazars is another farce.

When you ask questions that expose their brainwashed bs or lies, the questions are not hateful, but the only possible answer is what they find hateful. What they find hateful is the truth and those who dare reveal that truth.

"Don't tell US who the Jews are"

If you point out who the bible Jews were those who call themselves Jews, lash back with "Don't tell us who the Jews are".

What those who call themselves Jews, say the Jews means nothing. If any such thing as a Jew exists, it is what the bible declares them to be. If they do not fit the specification of the bible Jews, then they are not the Jews of the bible.

If the bible is a crock there are no such things as Jews or Israelites, but if the bible is true, IT IS NOT WHAT I SAY NOR IS IT WHAT THEY SAY, BUT WHAT IS STATED IN THE BIBLE THAD DECLARES WHAT A JEW IS. All you need do is look in the bible to see if what I say is my concoction or if it existed before I was born.

Their numbers proves no more than the numbers of people who actually believed the world was flat. Believing it does not make it so nor does a multitude of Lemmings believing something make it true because of their numbers. Goofy people simply think they are Jews BECAUSE THEY SAY IT !

What a Jew is not what THEY SAY (any living man of today says or believes it is), but a Jew is who was declared a Jew centuries before anyone on earth was ever born. See what I say then go to your own scriptures and prove me a liar, but if / when you find my information to be the information of the authors of the bible, then expose the cult of false Jews to the world.


Of course they can. Any group can call themselves any thing they want. If this cult wants to call themselves bugs, GODS, Bagel Supremacist ... of course any group can use any label they select to identify themselves.

In this respect they are Jews, but our question is are:

* Are they the Jews of the bible.

* What do they assert the meaning of Jew is when they call themselves such.

If their assertion is that they are descendants of the Israelites or that they follow the religion that God gave the Israelites, we can ask them questions, to find out if they are the Jews of that definition.

If / When I expose the farce that they neither follow the religion of the Israelites nor are they any more descendants of the Israelites than an aborigine, there question will be "Why do you hate the Jews"?

If they are not the "Jews" they claim in their self identification, then it would be impossible for anyone to hate the Jews when exposing the fact that they are not the Jews of the bible.

The only thing hateful to them is the truth and those who dare expose their lies.

Using the word Jew as the descendants of the Israelites or those who follow the religion of the Israelites, it is impossible to hate Jews who are not Jews at all. Our only hate could be against idiots or liars who misrepresent their identity to bilk ignorant Christians of their money and to make them think they are better than all those who are not one of them.

Eugenics, Jews, Nazis and White supremacist are all like groups. In their own mindless minds, they are better than every one else on earth just because of who their parents and grandparents were.

They are greater writers, greater poets, greater comedians... every thing about them is better than the rest of the people of the world. They are great for nothing they have done good, but just because of who their parents were.

Those who call themselves Jews, preceded the superior race group hundreds of years before Hitler was ever born... after all "The only reason why God put we gentiles on earth is to pay retail and do their manual labor".

Bashing "Jews", hating "Jews" ... before you use this line of bs, first we must know what your definition of a Jew is. If they do not meet your definition of a Jew and you continue to accuse others of hating "Jews" you are as much an idiot and a liar as the idiots and liars you defend.


When we ask those who call themselves Jews, the basis of their claims to being Jews, they will lash back with "We don't have to prove we are Jews".

Of course not, the brainwashed and liars don't need any proof of any of their concoctions.

The liars do not need any proof because they know that any actual examination of evidence will only to prove them to be liars.

The brainwashed Lemmings do not need any proof, because their basis of belief is not based on evidence, but on being conditioned like trained rats. They must hide their heads in the sand... "Do not try to confuse me with the facts" !

The liars already know they are liars and will not bring their case to the jury. The brainwashed Lemmings will never look at the proofs or respond to the questions. Anyone who would try to prove anything to the brainwashed would have to be an idiot themselves.

Proofs / Evidence / Facts are what I present to those who have an open mind, those who will respond to questions and see if they can provide responses to make their case.

Those "who do not have to prove anything", have no proofs nor will they open their eyes and examine any proofs that reveal they have been deceived.

They keep on referring to themselves as "THE Jews" or "US" or "WE" with the assertion that they are descendants of the Israelites and/or they follow the laws given to the Israelites through Moses.

If that is what they are, you who have evidence or reason can establish that fact with your proofs and expose me as an idiot and/or a liar.

If you find that all of your beliefs have NO basis, if you find they are NOT the Jews of the bible, then no one hates the "Jews" (this cult)

Why I hate the Owners of the Brooklyn bridge

As I approached the Brooklyn bridge, there were a group of teen agers stopping people selling them tickets to cross the bridge.

They wore signs saying "Our fathers built the Brooklyn bridge and now we own it. Tickets to cross the bridge are $5.00.

Several people drove up and counted out their ticket money saying, "Oh what a beautiful bridge your fathers built. You should be very proud of your heritage. Have a nice day, Shalom."

When the next man approached, he said let me see your proof that your fathers built this bridge or that you own the Brooklyn bridge.

We need no proof that we are the descendants or that we own the Brooklyn bridge. Just the flapping of our lips makes it so.

Only an idiot or one who was brainwashed would buy tickets based on the shear blabbering of lips and only an idiot or a brainwashed Lemmings would continue to buy tickets to cross when evidence was presented to prove them as liars.

For those who will examine evidence and present your case in the court of debate, let us see who has the evidence. Let us see who will refuse to respond to questions, let's see who will reason.

If they have NO evidence, If ALL evidence exposes their assertions to be false.

No one hates "The Jews" (who are not Jews). They only expose liars or at best brainwashed Lemmings.

This quest is not to do any thing to "them" but it's purpose is to remove the ignorance of would be Christians, so they are not sucked into becoming bed fellows with fake Jews.

No one need hate "the Jews" nor "the owners of the Brooklyn Bridge", but they can reveal to others who they are in reality. No matter how many times someone repeats a lie, it will always be a lie. Look at their evidence before you buy the Brooklyn bridge or even a ticket to cross it.

IF indeed the scriptures are a lie there are no Jews or Israelites and the Europe invaders are just a racist cult BUT if the scriptures are true, Every Israelite & Jew in the bible was an Arab. Every Israelite came from a composite of Arabs, The Arab Israelites produced their children with the Arabs around them and the Arab Israelites scattered the descendants of the Israelites into the Arab nations ( track the Israelite tribes from the home page ). You say I am full of ... Well I did not write the scriptures, don't blame them on me. I give the bible references in these pages. If I have concocted these scriptures I am a liar, but if the scriptures are true and they are in your own Torah / bible then the liars are the European cult who claims to be the descendants of the Israelites.

All you have to do is look at the scriptures I quote and see if they are in your own bibles. Of course you may be a brainwashed Lemmings who does not want to be confused with the facts of your own bible. If these scriptures are a lie, don't look at me, the authors of your own bible are your liars... ok you say the bible is true, then debunk ny assertions on these web pages. THE ISRAELITES OF THE BIBLE WERE NOTHING OTHER THAN A COMPOSITE OF ARABS AND THE "JEWS" ARE A FALSE CULT OF EUROPEANS.

Mark this site and study these assertions when you have time. It has taken you all your life to become a brainwashed Lemmings. Four or five hours of research of your own scriptures will set you free from the hoax of the evil empire.


The cults deception tactics is using names to identify themselves with people of the bible and when they con you into using their false identification, you reinforce their lies.

Don't be their fool, do not call them Jews, Zionist, Israelis

Dirty words or words of love and respect... Jews, Zionist, Israelis. If you have had their stink spread on you, these are dirty words, but if you are an ignorant Christian who think these people have a connection with the Israelites, these words inspire love, respect a desire to protect and help them.
When you use the words Jews, Zionist, Israelis to identify this cult you are actually empowering them in their goal to deceive the world.
Why should you care that ignorant Christians believe this cult to be the descendants of the Israelites? Because these Christians ( ignorant of their own bible ) have great clout in voting and in filling the pockets of politicians.


Note how subtitle they are : God's chosen people, Israelis, Zionist, Jews . All the words they use to paint their identity, are words that make people associate them with bible Israelites.
When you use the words Jews, Zionist, Israelis to identify them, you are reinforcing their lie that they have a connection with the Israelites and with God.
When you reinforce the ignorance of would be Christians, you are helping them bilk them of their money, you are empowering the bribe taking politicians who are in their pocket.
In your intent to degrade them by using bible words, they only laugh because you are working for them.
An Israelite is a descendant of the man Israel. In the scriptures we can prove all Israelites were a composite of many Arab people / nations. Today it is impossible for anyone to trace their heritage to the Israelites.
If the religion of Judaism is supposed to be the laws given to the Israelites through Moses, the Israelites were given the laws of Judaism hundreds of years before the formation of the first Jews in 2 Kings. There is not one Jew in existence anywhere in the scriptures in the life time of Moses, any time before or for centuries after. The religion of Judaism was given to the Israelites not to the Jews ( who did not even exist at the time ).
If Judaism is the laws / convents / ordinances given to the Israelites, then there is no one on earth who keeps the religion of Judaism today.
A Rabbi would be someone who believed in and taught the religion of Judaism. There is not one of them alive today.
The leaders of this cult are Blabbis. They are those who concoct their own BS by their blabbering lips and make their Lemmings believe they are the commands of God.
The religion they teach is Blabism, not Judaism. They teach their own concoctions.
Their congregations are not Israelites, but they are Blabites. They are a cult congregations who follow Blabism and their gods are their own Blabbis. People use short forms of words, so I suggest Blights be the label you use to identify this cult.
Call them Jews, Zionist, Israelis and ignorant people will think you are picking on God's chosen people. Call them Blights and those people will begin to question who they really are and what their evidence is.
When ever you think about it, use the word Blight when speaking about this racist cult. When your friends call them any words that come out of the bible, correct them.
Of course this cult will attempt to use bible words to identify themselves. You can't stop them from doing that but you do not have to be their assistant liars. When they use any bible words to identify them, look to the bible and find out what those words mean or who those people were then prove they are blatant liars who have NO connection with any people of the bible.
When you use bible words to identify this racist cult you are sprinkling them with the lover, protection and finical backing of ignorant Christians... and that amounts to billions of dollars, mass murder weapons you are empowering them with.
If you want to lick their cracks, call them Jews, Zionist, Israelis.. names / words from the bible.
If you want to stop them from making fools of the world, call them Blights. When you debate with them and they blab how the Jews, Zionist, Israelis. was involved in this or that... BEFORE YOU MAKE YOUR COUNTERARGUMENT, first correct them that they are not Jews, Zionist, Israelis, they are just a cult of Lemmings and liars.

Jews, Zionist, Israelis

If you want an idea of how you can unite with others to stop the identity theft of the Israelites by this European cult, continue below. This is the last of this topic on this web page.

d) Let's form an international network to create words that actually identify this cult of false "Jews" (for those active on the internet )


You can get gobs of free e-mail addresses here but to start a yahoo group you have to get one of their e-mail addresses.
If you do not belong to a Yahoo group you can start your own on Yahoo Start a new Group!
The key word to remember and share with your friends is Blight


For you who chat on Yahoo or other boards consider this
0001, 2222, 7777
i.e. A-BLIGHT0099, A-BLIGHT1234 .... A-BLIGHT1234
When you chat on yahoo and find others who know what this cult is up to, have them take on a A-BLIGHT identity
This way when you see others ( A-BLIGHTxxxx )on chat, you can create your little tag team to take on the impostor "Jews"


Word association is very strong. When you call these European cult members Jews, Israelis, Kikes, Zionist ... you are actually doing them a favor.
You make (people ignorant of their bible and anthropology) think you are picking on the descendants of the Israelites.
Let's get thousands of Internet people to call them by a name that actually fits.
We who's ancestors were scattered into Europe from the tower of Babel can be called Babelites but this cult of Europeans are both
Babelites and Blabbites.
They follow the religion of Blabbism concocted by their Blabbites.


( Judaism of the Israelites, no mamazers allowed in the congregations, no strangers allowed in the congregation, kill adulterers, kill rebellious sons, have burnt offerings, kill witches, no sick people allowed in the congregation, kill sodomites, paint your door post with lamb's blood, kill those who work on the Sabbath [ small fraction of the commands of Judaism given to the Israelites] )
If we ever encounter any who can track their heritage back to the Israelites or if we ever find anyone on earth who actually follows the religion given to the Israelites through Moses, they can hold the name Jew.
THE BLIGHTS As for the European cult members
* Who can not trace their ancestors
* Who do not follow Judaism
* Who lie about the concocted oral laws
* Who worship their Blabbis
Their proper identification will be Blabbites or Blights for short. Indeed this racist cult are blights on the whole world.


You will be able to identify other righteous soldiers who fight against this cult of Blights when they take on the A-BLIGHTxxxx identity
You can also get many e-mail addresses with


Ignorant religious lemmings first thought, Oh you are talking about the descendants of the good guys in the bible.
When you call them by these false titles you are licking their cracks
The righteous soldiers of truth need establish 4 new terms across the Internet and in the encyclopedias of the world.
BLABBI A false rabbi who concocts their own fabrications and makes
their idiots believe their information is from God
BLABBISM The concocted religion of lying Blabbis
BLABBITES The cult congregations who mock the scriptures and
serve / worship their lying Blabbis
BLIGHTS Blight is the short term for the word Blabbites

If you get your friends to take on A-BLIGHT e-mail and chat names, it could work like a chain letter.
As you find new contacts or talk to old ones, get them to take on another identity with the word A-BLIGHT at the beginning. When they go into controversial issue areas, let them wear their anti-blight identity proudly.
They are a cult of European invaders. They are Blights.

It is hard to break bad habits, but when you use any word association to associate this cult with the bible Israelites, you are their nigger picking their cotton.
Let us make the universal name Blights, so ignorant people are not deceived that this Christ hating cult has any connecti
on with the religion or the Israelites of the bible.