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In your conditioned imagination, most think of the Israelites as some separate people than the rest of the Arabs. You think the Israelites married Israelites and their children all lived in Israel?
By looking at the ages of those who lived before the flood, the earth would have been over 7000 years old when Noah got off the Ark. From the time of Noah until the time the first descendant of Israel was born appears to be centuries.
No such thing as an Israelite existed until Israel had his first son. Egyptians, Midianites, Jebusites, Canaanites, Philistines and many other Arab nations existed before Abraham was born.
God did not create some race of Israelites out of the clay, but the Israelites were composites of all these Arab nations.
The Israelites were nothing but the descendant of all the Arabs around them and they never ceased to breed / marry all the Arabs around them. Some of the children of the Israelites remained with the Israelites and some of their children lived with the other Arab relatives. Both male and female Israelites married the Arabs around them.

(I establish all these facts by scriptures in the pages where I track the Israelite families and other Arab families)

How many Israelite descendants in the Arab Nations?

The Israelites began breeding with the rest of the Arabs around them as soon as they first existed. They produced children with every Arab around them and sent their children to live with those Arab families.
a = 5 -the average number of children who lived long enough to produce their own children. ( It does not matter if they died after they did their producing, that would have no bearing on the expansion rate). The birth rates were very high before the 1800s in all nations of the world
b = 20 - average generation (time it takes a woman to be born and reproduce)
c = 200 - the number of generations from the time (2000 BC) the Israelites began spreading their descendants to the other Arabs until today.
2000 BC to 2000 AD = 4,000 years
4000 / 20 = 200 generations since the Israelites began to produce children with the Arabs around them.
Ike Israelite produced a child with Edna Egyptian. Ike was killed in a battle and Edna returned to Egypt with her 5 children. Those children are Israelites... descendants of the man Israel. Each of the 5 children averaged 5 of their own children in each generation for the next 199 generations. Ok class how many Egyptians are the descendants of the Israelites.
Do your own research, find your own projected numbers. Be as honest as you can stand it, then you tell me how many Israelite descendants would exist in an Arab country out of just 1 Arab mother.



Below are pictures taken inside reception centers or synagogues and the others are taken of people outside (living in poverty). They were all represented as being "Jews". Remember they are painting pathetic situations to beg Christians for their money.
On the bottom right is a little boy could be a Palestinian, a "Jew" or the son of any WW2 Nazi.
The fact that breeding produces offspring's of both races and a mix of both races, is evident through out the Arab nations, where Africans and Europeans have been. Of course many Palestinians are a mix and some look like Europeans.
a) Arab nations in the beginning were pure Arabs


b) African nations in the beginning were pure Africans.
c) Western European nations in the beginning were pure Anglo Saxons

AFTER CHRIST for 1000 years where the Europeans mixed

a) The Arabs were a mix of Arabs, Africans and Anglo Saxons
b) The "African / Ethiopian Jews" were NOT a mix of light brown Arab faces with straight hair or any Anglo Saxons.
c) The people of western Europeans were not a mix of brown / black Arabs or Africans.
In the records of the old testament, the Israelites are found being scattered in NAMED Arab nations and in prophecy the Israelites will be gathered out of those named ARAB nations.
a) The Arabs of the middle east fit the facts of a mixed people of the middle east.
b) The "African/Ethiopian Jews" absence of light brown face, straight hair Arabs and blond hair, fair skin Europeans is contrary to the assertion that they are the descendants of the Israelites scattered into Africa.
c) The "European Jews" absence of brown / black face Arabs and Negroes in the pre-WW2 and post WW2 films is contrary to the assertion that they are the descendants of the middle east Arabs who were a mix of Arab, Europeans and Africans .
Your problem Jethro is to explain why the Arabs / Israelites who never left the middle east became a mix of Arab, African, Europeans while the "Jews" who went to Europe all turned into Anglo Saxons and those who went to Africa all turned into Negroes.
(Remember all the people in this picture was represented as being poor "Jews" who need the money of the Christians. The little boy on the bottom right photographed OUTSIDE in the dirt and the two little girls.

You will note all those INSIDE the Synagogues and reception centers are "white" Anglo Saxons. If all those inside were placed in a picture with 500 Russians or German Nazis, no one could tell them apart.
The little boy on the outside could also fit be lost in a line of Anglo Saxon kids, BUT the faces of these little girls could NOT be found in any western European lands where the Anglo Saxons were not mixed with outsiders.

These little girls are the poster children of what all native people looked like before the mixing with people outside the middle east. IF the descendants of the Israelites migrated into Europe (1) the climate nor (2) the distance from the equator would not change their physical appearance.
If the descendants of the Israelites had migrated into Europe (before any mixing) this is the typical physical appearance of EVERY Israelite and their children.
If those Israelites had mixed with the Europeans, then millions of their offspring's would look like these little girls... BUT look at the faces of the "Jews" in Germany in the WW2 period and see NOTHING BUT the same faces of every Nazi. There were no "Jewish" populations in Europe who looked like the native people of the middle east.

When you see the pictures of them getting off the planes, every once in a while you see the faces of black Ethiopians when they need to bring in their Uncle Toms, but the faces of these little girls do not come off the planes from Russia or Africa.
A thought I had -> Did these cons make a video of the poor little "Jews" to bilk Christians of their money and find these two cute little Palestinian girls and use them to get sympathy from Christians.. to give the money to "Jews"?
If there is anyone in Palestine who knows these little girls to be Palestinians, let's expose their deceit.
In the case these little girls are "Jews"
1) Having the appearance of the people of the middle east does not mean you are a descendant of the Israelites. Some Arabs were not.
2) Having the physical appearance of the native people of the middle east is the basics of the possibility that you could be a descendant of the Israelites.
3) If generations of your relatives all look like Europeans (with out any Arab or African faces), you are nothing but a European.
4) If generations of your relatives all look like Negroes (with any light brown faces / straight hair or with out any European faces), you are nothing but a native Negro which originated in Africa.

If NONE of your relatives have the brown faces and straight hair of these little girls. You are not a descendant of the Israelites. Your ancestors were scattered out of the middle east at the tower of Babel (in which time period we can find people all over the earth with body compensations different than the natives of the middle east).
If your relatives are saturated with the brown faces of Arabs and straight black hair, only then is it possible your ancestors were Israelites or encountered the Israelites.

The faces of these little girls are the faces of those who could have had ancestors from the middle east when the Israelites were hanging out. The faces of all those Europeans in the reception centers or synagogues are the faces of ... giggle, giggle descendants of the Druids who think they are Israelites.

Because every Israelite was NOTHING BUT a composite of Arabs, forensic science can not prove who is a descendant of the Israelites, BUT forensic science can prove who is NOT a descendant of the Israelites. If your relatives are not saturated with people with the appearance of the natives of the middle east, your links to the Israelites can be no more than wishful thinking.
If you have ever studied the lands named where the Israelites were scattered, the prophecy of the named Arab lands where the Israelites will be gathered from, the pattern of the flight of refugees and the numbers / patterns of family growth, today (using a conservative projection) over 100 million Arabs of the middle east are descendants of the Israelites.