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False Jew Intro

Innocent people being slaughtered and the only thing we can do is run our mouth on the Internet?


It does not matter if you believe the bible. It does not matter if it is true or false. The fact is the bible is being used as poison to persecute, rob and murder Arabs.
If I were an Arab or anyone who's friends and family were being murdered by the use of any weapon, I would find out how that weapon worked. No matter I hated what the weapon was doing to my loved ones, I would find out every thing I could so I could dismantle it.

The persecution of the Arabs by the evil empire is achieved through the bribery of our party mob bosses and the ignorance of Christians of the bibles.

The cult of Europeans bribe our party mob bosses with 20 million dollars and in return, our government crooks give them 3 billion dollars of our tax dollars ( this is far from the total amount ).
Ignorant Christians support this cult because they think they are God's chosen people and ignorant Christians think they are getting brownie points with God by helping this evil empire of European invaders.
The anti venom against this unholy war exist in the very pages of the bible used as a murder weapon against Arabs.
When many Arabs read my pages they don't understand what I am talking about, but if they will dismantle the evil weapon used to rob and murder their brothers, they better learn every thing they can about the unholy war and propaganda kues used to turn ignorant Christians against them.
It is no easy task. To get to the bottom of the truth the pyramid of lies on top of it must be dismantled.

You can not just expose one lie, to get to the truth you must destroy all the lies on top of it.
Because these bible weapons have been forged out of deception and mutation of the bible, each and every weapon must be dismantled.
Can you imagine trying to learn trig with out having basic math knowledge first?
Here is what I purpose: We find Christians / Arabs / Muslims who will take on one topic and become an expert on that.
" BS Following Judaism, The Jews are god's chosen people, Anthropology, Prophecy ... " Know all the arguments which expose the false "Jews"

Over the centuries one lie has been added on top of another. When you show people some false thing they have been conditioned to believe, most get angry or feel like they have been made fools of, but those with a good heart will stew for a while and then they will take on the lies.

When I take on issues, I like to create it in the form:
They say this ...
My response is this ...
Then let the reader read both sides and make up their own minds.

It is easy to find out what the other people say on the internet. You can simply engage them in a discussion and record their assertions.
As we create lessons we find people who can translate our web pages into Russian French, German, Italian .. It is not only Christians who speak English who are deceived by the cult that hates Christians and Christ, but this evil empire has it's roots in nations around the world.
No, all the members of the :Jew" cult are not evil. They believe what they believe because they have been brainwashed since birth. They actually believe they are better than everyone else because they have been conditioned to believe it.
The members of this cult are no different than those in most religions on earth. They really do not have a clue what is in the funny book they claim to follow.
It is not their intent to do evil, they are Lemmings who grow up trusting and loving the witch doctors who prey on them. It does not matter that they are ignorant Lemmings who ride on the band wagon, it is they who empower their evil cult leaders.

This racist European cult of pretend Israelites are no different than those who followed the "Jesus" David Koresh.
After they made themselves stink through out Europe and got a dose of German wrath, they have been crying poor little us for 50 years. The brainwashed Lemmings who follow and take part in a cult need not cry poor little us. They are no different than the cult members and their children who were burned alive in Waco.
We can feel sorry for their suffering, but we can not tolerate a racist cult who uses the bible to invade, rob and murder the families of a native people in their own home land.

I am an old man. Many of your Arab friends have resources. Your youth are more educated and have lot's more energy than I. It is ok to pass this site to all of your friends, but do much more than gab. Create your own committees to study the potential of publishing this information around the world. You guys have a lot more clout than I and it is your brothers who are being persecuted by the perversion of the bible scriptures. Don't just pass this web site around, start your own organizations to research and publish this information in book form in every language and every nation around the world... Ok where are you going to start? Who would know how to start such an organization? What is stopping you from sending them an e-mail to discuss the project? Oh well I guess you can just continue using your internet time to gab and complain ? You decide !

We now have the most published commercial preacher program in the world who's owner owns gambling and just so happens to be in business with this cult. This sham master is the father of hate. The deceived Christians will never know how the cult hates both them and Christ ... how they are bilked and made fools out of.

It is 2000 years past noon and it is past time to stop using the bible as a murder weapon against Arabs. Only by educating the Christian world on all the questions I ask here, will Christians know how they have been deceived by a cult ( Who's Talmud calls Christ a bastard son of a Roman ) who makes fools out of them for their own profit. It is these deceived Christians who are turned into demons against the Arab people. If the Arabs do not expose this farce, who will ... 


For all Christians who think these "Jews" are descendants of the Israelites, begin reading the pages in the left column and know by evidence of your own scriptures Jews are not Israelites and those Europeans calling themselves Jews have nothing to do with the Jews of the bible. Read the pages in the left column and know this false cult of Jews are the enemies of Christians and Christ. Open your eyes to these scriptures and know how you have been deceived all of your lives.