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Native Americans should not turn white because Europeans came here, but Europeans should be turning brown/black by coming here.
Under your idiot logic.. living in a region changes your physical features... From the tip of South America to the north tip of Canada.. there was NOT one blond hair person before the Europeans came. There was NOTHING but brown/black faces from the Indians of South America to the Eskimos.
Under your idiot logic, after the Europeans came to the regions of the Americas, they should now all begin to lose their blond hair and fair skin.
By migrating to a land with nothing but brown faces and black hair we Europeans should begin to take on the physical appearances of those who lived here for thousands of years before we came.


A guy writes
The majority of Syrians, Lebanese, Jordanians, Iraqis, Egyptians and Palestinians are not Brown to Black skin, they are olive to fair skin with dark hair, some curly but the majority straight hair, but not brown to black skin, maybe the brown but not the extreme case of black.
What they are now is what they are after 2,300 years of European invasions. What the were from 2000 to 4000 can only be found in ancient remains and ancient paintings.
What we do know about this present day.. there are hundreds of brown/black face people in all the nations you mention... along with the others who have the European traits... that is what happens in race mixing.
All the brown/black faces of other mixed cultures are missing from all the European "Jews" in the WW2 pictures there are nothing but whities.. Anglo Saxons.
While Negroes, Arabs and Gypsies in Europe still have brown/black face descendants.. while Negro/Arabs in the middle east still have descendants with brown/black faces...

After making the argument, when Europeans mix with non Europeans.


a) Some offspring's will look like Europeans
b) Some offspring's will look like the non Europeans
c) Some offspring's will be a mix.
d) But if all offspring's look like Europeans they were never any thing but a mix of non Europeans.
The Blight responds with this
You have just proven your own argument to be wrong.
Look at the people who are descended from the native Americans but who have had ancestors from a series of European immigrants who had children with the native Americans.
Do they look like native Americans of even 150 years ago in skin tone and physical characteristics?
No (and, yes, we have photos from 150 years ago...) and this is a relatively short period of genetic mixing. But would you deny someone who claimed to be of native American ancestry because you lack the DNA of his great-great-great-great-great grandfather?
How many blacks in America "passed" for white because of only one or two generations of mixing?
No blacks have passed for whites but a mongrel breed of black/whites has passed for white.
Your assertion here matches the first variable (a) as mentioned above.
Jefferson has gobs of descendants with a black woman. They have a big reunion.. and they didn't all turn to white face Europeans they are predominately black.
OJ had 2 kids with a white woman. One is not white but a half breed and the other looks like any other Negro kid.


As for native Americans our European ancestors gave them blankets with small pox. They killed their buffalo to starve them to death. They used the superior fire power of European weapons, they murdered women and children when they took their villages ... The early Europeans practiced genocide on them. Then they put the rest in prison camps and starved thousands of them death.
They were not successful but probably wiped out 10 million by direct murder or (most by starvation). You need to take a ride through the isolated south where they have been the least polluted.
Chances are even the Indians in this picture have a great chance of being polluted, but it is still easy to pick them out of a line up of a bunch of Germans, Russians or Pollocks.

PBS had a segment on the welfare of the native Americans and I saw a travel film from the 50s. There are still a whole pot luck of brown/black face native American Indians.
In South America where the slaughter of the natives was a lot less, they have a much higher population of brown/black face native people.
I have one picture here with a little blond hair girl in the tribe. On PBS I saw a little toe headed boy running around on the reservation.
That is the point.. when Europeans mix with non Europeans
a) Some offspring's will look like Europeans
b) Some offspring's will look like the non Europeans
c) Some offspring's will be a mix.
d) But if all offspring's look like Europeans they were never any thing but a mix of non Europeans.

You will find this on Indian reservations (a), (b), (c) .. but in the European population of the counterfeit Jews you can not tell them from any other Nazi in a line up.
Your cult does not fit the pattern of race mixing, but of a pack of Europeans who are NO mix with Arabs or Africans, which ALL Israelites were.

(The "chief" in the picture is something other than a native American. The original native Americans had very light facial hair or none at all).