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When you look at an albino, the eyes are a dead give away, so I altered the eyes here. No matter if this is the original way they were or if they were different, I went over them with a replacement color. In the picture below you will not be able to tell by eye color.

I have been debating with what appears to be a white supremacist except he is black. His words sound very similar to the KKK (in reverse).
He tells me their is a very old Negro woman (over a million) which proves every one came from Negroes.
He tells me forensic science is a joke and scientist can't actually tell race from forensic science.

When a body remains in the elements it will change colors. If it gets past the rotten stage (preserved by something) the body and hair will change colors. If found in some substance it will turn black (no matter what the original race) and if it is a dry heat, the hair and skin will be bleached almost white.
Most of the ancient skeletons have no flesh on them, just a pile of bones.

* He tells us they can't tell race by skeletons, but from this skeleton he agrees with them the woman is a 1.3 year old Negro woman.
* He says the first people came from Africa but his old dead woman was found in France... my, my this is hurting my head.
He tells us there is no difference in "white" men and Negroes except the color of the skin.
Of course if you begin with the Negroes in the Americas or Europe who the Europeans have been popping for centuries, there is little or no difference in the faces.

The daughter of OJ has facial features similar to Europeans. Sally Hemmings (I think) Jefferson's girl friend was believed to be a half breed before Jefferson took her to the wood shed.
When you make your anthropology study, you must find heads (with or with out skin) in an isolated area or from a time period before Europeans polluted their gene pool.

The Neanderthals lived in from western Europe through central Asia from about 200,000 years ago. The name Neanderthal comes from fossils found in 1856 in the Feldhofer Cave of the Neander Valley in Germany .
Ah hah ... Now look at the skulls of the Neandertal men and place it by modern man.... Then look at the skeleton of the "1.3" year old "woman" and her height. It is nothing but a monkey!

Here I have a picture of 3 gentlemen who got here by his evolution story. Two of them are albinos native of Africa and the other is not a native of Africa.

* How hard is it to tell which two are natives of Africa?

* Of the two albinos that are from Africa, how hard is it to tell them apart from nothing other than the shapes of their skulls?
Negroes are not just Negroes because the color of their skin, skin thickness, skull shapes, hair and biological differences is what separates them and all other races from each other. It is easy to tell the albino ape from the albino Negro by the shape of his face as it is easy to tell the Negro from the European by the shapes of their face. Of course if you believe the evolution story mixed with the bible, the picture of the guy in the green shirt is taken from a Polaroid of Adam.


The 'Jew" KKK or I mean the "Negro Jew" NNN .. racist cult vs racis cult

Perhaps in your farce "Judaism" where your Blabbis concoct the Talmud, your cult congregation believes you are from monkeys. Well God did not give Israel to monkeys, he gave it to the descendants of the Israelites, who are now a mix of Arabs, Negroes, white Europeans and an array of other people living in the middle east.

If you want to find the heirs of The Promise Land, you will find them to be an array of races in the middle east. They are identified as Arabs by the mass population of the world. You can make up your own name, but they are In Northern Sudan, Egypt,  India, Iraq, Iran, Turkey, Lebanon, Syria, Palestine/(mock Israel), Jordan and Saudi Arabia. These lands are the named lands they will be gathered from when God returns to earth.

As for your congregation who believes they are from monkeys, they can search for their ancestors in the banana trees... 

Evil counteR GROUP of the KKK in the bazaar-o world of Negro racist.

Negro black supremacist: "Your Christian Identity and KKK are liars. Adam was not a white man, he was an ape. Scientist has found a series of skulls in the chain of evolution in which apes, evolved to Negroes and white men are just a mutation of Negroes.

The N.N.N. organization calls for all Negroes of the world to unite. We are the chosen, we are the real descendants of the Israelites.

Whites, Spanish, Orientals, all you lowly goyim of the earth were only put here to serve us. Being a Negro does not make you a representative of all Negroes no more than the KKK represents white Christians.

No other cult on earth hate and deny the existence of the Arabs and their identity other than the cult of false Jews... (who say similar things about Christ that they say about Arabs). They must deny the Arabs because it exposes the filthy lie that pretend 'Jews" are the descendants of the Israelites.

 There is not a Negro Christian nor Negro Muslim I have ever encountered who believes the monkey man crock. The Negroes I have came across would feel sorry for you, pray for you or call you an idiot. Even the non-religious, hell raising secular Negroes I have worked with would call you an idiot.

Negro 'Jews" who want to push your monkey man story and mix it with the bible, look to the congregation of Talmudist.  These brainwashed Lemmings will swallow any turd you feed them.

I have never ran across a Negro who associated Negroes with monkeys before. It is my guess you are a white European "Jew" or one of their suckers who would stir up strife between Arabs and other races. It makes your skin crawl for the world to know these middle east people are the real descendants of the players in the bible.