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I now have a guy on the group that asserts there is no difference in the Arab race and Negroes of Africa. Four of these girls are from the middle east. Two are natives of Africa.

How hard is it to pick out the 4 girls who are not African Negroes? In the scriptures all Israelites started out from the Arab race (I could only guess that other races were created at the tower of Babel when God scattered them out of the middle east into other lands) Your guess is as good as mine.

The point is ALL Israelites began with the Arab race and then the Israelites met up with Cushites (Negroes) while in captivity in Egypt. Moses himself married a Cushite and caused a great outrage. 

When two races mix, some descendants will look like the contributors of each race, some will be a mix, but never will all descendants look like one of the contributing races.

Only a very small fraction of Africans ever encountered the Israelites (north Libya and north Sudan). If any any African tribes have members who were descendants of the Arab Israelite mix, then they will have descendants with narrow noses, thin lips and straight hair like is found in the rest of the Arab race.

The guy in this group would have people think there is no difference in the Negro race than other brown/black face people of the middle east. If that was so, you could not pick out the 4 girls in this picture who are not native Negroes of Africa. Not only are Africans a different race than (unmixed) Arabs, with in Africa there are sub-races of Negroes, different than other Africans.

It is not ONLY the physical appearance that any one can identify, there are biological differences also. If there was nothing left of these women but their skeletons, forensic scientist could identify the two Negroes. They do it all the time.

In the many detective shows of actual cases I have watched, they can identify people from their origins. Any one who can not pick the two African Negroes in this pictures.. know I am full of it, but all of you who can pick the 2 Negro women out from the middle east women, you know in fact Negroes are a different race of people than Arabs.



If you have ever been in a department store where there are a bunch of TV's turned on, you can see the same picture can have different tints or brightness.
Some of my images are captured off my computer hooked to a TV station. What the picture looks like depends on the broadcaster also.
Only by making observations for yourself can you guess what the original pictures looked like then you would have to trust the original artist.

In the area of Iraq where the garden of Eden was located, the ancient skeletons were the same as modern day (un-mixed) Arabs. The skulls of ancient Africans are the same as the unmixed Africans that are found in isolated areas.

The further south you travel in the middle east, the greater the concentration of Negroes. By the time you get to Egypt they are a small% of the population compared to the time you get to the southern part of Egypt where they are about all Negroes.

What the early Egyptians looked like is found in the pyramids. They range between Arabs and Negroes and a mix of both... but there were NO white Egyptians. The Israelites were descendants of the Egyptians. The whole tribe of Joseph is out of the womb of the Egyptian girl Asenath. An Israelite girl (of the tribe of Dan) is found married to an Egyptian who left with her when the Israelites left Egypt. One Israelite gave his daughter an Egyptian servant as a husband and one of Solomon's top wives was an Egyptian.

Egyptians were a composite of Arabs and Negroes and when Moses married one of them (a Cushite) it caused an outrage. When the Israelites left a multitude left with them. Other than Egyptian wives, husbands and children, I would guess there were other slaves who went through the door when it was opened by God.

E0001.JPG In this picture the guy is a lot darker than the girl. His physical features do not include thick lips or a wide nose and it looks like straight hair. It is a picture of an ancient statue. e0001.jpg

E0002.JPG This picture looks like they are playing patty cake. You can't tell about racial features. e0002.jpg

E0003.JPG This is an Egyptian with straight hair. He seems to have very red skin. There are lots of pictures of men who looked like they forgot their sun screen. e0003.jpg

E0004.JPG Of course in this picture, you do not need 20 questions to figure out what race these guys are. e0004.jpg

E0005.JPG It is obvious this guy is not an un-mixed Arab. These pictures could be the Cushite slaves of the Egyptians.. Your guess is as good as mine. e0005.jpg

E0006.JPG Here we have Cleo, Of course she was no Negro. e0006.jpg

E0008.JPG I just added this picture to show the nose and lips. The Egyptians were good enough artist to paint the features of Negroes and you can see this girl is not.  e0008.jpg

E0009.JPG This guy looked like a Greek to me, but his pictures were in the pyramids. He has curly hair he could be a Negro or part Negro. e0009.jpg

E00010.JPG This is a reconstruction of one of the big boy Pharaohs. He sure does not look like any Negro to me. e0010.jpg

E00011.JPG (I think this was on the Discovery channel when I captured it). In the skeletons they were examining at that time, they not only determined this guy was a Caucasian, they also found all the medical problems he had and his approximate age of death. e0011.jpg

E00012.JPG This girl is not white, it is only a statue carved out of "white" stone of some kind. I included it because it records the lip shape and nose (compared to Negroes). e0012.jpg

E00015.JPG This picture is what they called the "Cleopatra" girl. They began with an actual skull of an ancient Egyptian girl an reconstructed her face like forensic detectives do to find the identities of people when there is nothing left but a skull. e0015.jpg
The process works like a charm, they have found the identity of a multitude of people and even solved murder cases with the forensic reconstruction.
Of course this ancient Egyptian girl was not a Negro.

When you look to the pictures and remains of ancient Egypt it is a melting point between Arabs and Negroes.
When I lived in Egypt around 1980 I used to take pictures of people on the streets. In Alexandria (North Egypt) there was a much smaller population of Negroes, as you go south the population increases. I never made it to the extreme south of Egypt, but I have a Travel CD from The Discovery Channel and that area looks like almost all Negroes.

We know that Negroes and Arabs lived side by side in Egypt 4,000 years because we have the wall paintings and the skeletons of the ancient dead.