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Confusing Ethiopia with Cush

"Kingdom of Aksum Located in what is now Ethiopia and Eritrea, the kingdom of Aksum existed from the 1st century bc until the 7th century ad. In the 4th century ad, under King Ezana, Aksum defeated the powerful Nubian state of Meroë and destroyed its capital city on the Nile."
This is NOT the kingdom of Cush / Kush. Cushites were NOT the descendants of Shem but they were the descendants of Ham (as were Phoenicians, Canaanites {who were not Negroes})

The kingdom of Aksum existed from about 100 BC to 700 AD, but the Cushite kingdom existed 3000 BC !

Even the authors of encyclopedias and bible maps contradict themselves. They plot or describe places or land areas that are NOT in Ethiopia, then use the word Ethiopia to describe that place.
Others take kingdoms that were in Ethiopia and then by their own magical mouth, assert this is what the scriptures defined. The problem is NO verse of the bible places any part of Cush in the modern nation of Ethiopia.

Every living Israelite started out from Arabs (which are different than we Anglo Saxon Europeans or Negroes in physical make up).
The depth of skin thickness (used by forensic anthropologist in reconstruction facial features), skull shape and many biological traits separate people in different parts of the earth.
We can dig up the skeletons of the middle east, in Israel, Jordan, Syria and find the vast majority of the native people in the bible accounts were not Negroes.
Here is what we can prove by anthropology statistics or simple observations in our own lives.
When different races mix (a) some offspring's will look like one race (b) some offspring's will look like the other race (c) some offspring's will be a mix of both races BUT all offspring's will NEVER all look like one race.
The Israelites were a majority of straight hair people with thin noses and lips. If Ethiopians were descendants of the Israelites, then a great multitude of them would have straight hair, brown / black faces and the facial features of Europeans. Look at the faces of Ethiopians and you will see NO straight hair and a whole bunch of thick lips and wide noses... just like the rest of the natives of Africa.

Many Africans to the north, extending to the west have a multitude of brown / black face people with straight hair and narrow noses. This does not prove they are descendants of the Israelites, but it does prove they are mixed with the native people of the middle east.. (Arabs) and have a chance of being a descendant of the Israelites.
Every Israelite can be tracked to being a descendant of Arabs and NO one else... Ammonites, Amorites, Moabites (Jordan), Midianites (Saudis), Lebanese (Zideon / Sideon), Armean (Syrians), Jebusites, Egyptians, Hittites (Turks), Chaldeans (Iraqis), Persians (Iranians), Philistines, Canaanites ....
The Hebrew language is a dialect of one of the many Arab languages. All of the people of the Tanakh (old testament) spoke in one of the dialects of Arab languages. From Encarta Encylopedia, here is a map of African languages.

Ethiopians never spoke Hebrews nor did they speak any other dialect of Arab languages. When the Europeans came they had no middle east culture, no Torah, none of the building knowledge of the people of the middle east. The natives of 

Ethiopia lived in stick huts and lived like all other "savages" over the world.
Israelites migrated to Ethiopia BS, there must have been something in the water to make them forget all the knowledge they ever had, to know nothing of who Abraham was, to strip themselves naked and paint themselves like clowns?

The brainwashing trick begins with word substitution. When the actual word Cush/Kush is replaced with the word Ethiopia through out the bible, it does not take much to brain wash people.
Take any word of the bible, substitute it with a false word and use that false word over and over, people will be confused.. deceived.
Using the word Ethiopia to replace the word Cush is as idiotic as using the word Cairo to replace the word Jerusalem.
Simply look at your own Hebrew dictionary, see if the original word is Cush as I assert. If it is not, know I am a liar. If the word is Cush, then know every time you read Ethiopia... you know it is false... false.. false.


The problem with maps of ancient empires is, the boundaries of the empires all depend on who's map you are looking at.
Do people actually create their own maps... No, they copy the general outlines out of some one's book or chart, who created their maps by the same method.

The ONLY WAY to create the actual boundaries of an ancient map is to know the names of cities or land marks that still exist today.
Black lines... modern nation boundary lines
Red line... estimated boundary of ancient Persia
Green shaded... estimated area of ancient Persia

I looked on the internet at gobs of "Persian maps".
-1 Very few maps had Persia extending into Sudan
-2 NO maps had Persia extending to Eritrea
-3 NO maps had Persia extending to Ethiopia

The word "Ethiopia" is NO where in the Hebrew text. The word is Cush. In Egyptian text Cush is found in lower Egypt.
The ONLY way to estimate the boundaries of an empire is by finding cities or land marks in the extreme directions then drawing a line... dot to dot.
The most southern point I have found any city in the Persian empire (south) is Thebes, in lower Egypt.
The book of Esther 1:1 states that Persia included provinces in Cush... and the furthest southern city in the boundaries of Persia is in lower Egypt.
Cush = 'burnt face' The kingdom of Nubia stretching from Aswan S to the junction of the Nile near modern Khartoum. Nubia extends between lower Egypt and Sudan.
Cush was dominated by Egypt for nearly 500 years beginning with Dynasty 18 (1500 bc)
Cushite troops fought vainly in Pharaoh Neco's army at Carchemish (605 bc; Je. 46:2, 9). 36 50 29 N, 37 59 54 E ( In Syria)
Cambyses' conquest of Egypt brought Cush under Persian sway; Est. 1:1; 8:9 name Cush as the most remote Persian province to the SW.

2 Kings 19:9 / Isiah 37:9 ... King Tirhakah of Cush .
King Tirhakah of Cush.. the original word is not Ethiopia, it is Cush
Strong's Ref. # 3568, Romanized Kuwsh, Pronounced koosh. The word Ethiopia is NEVER found once in the scriptures, the word is Cush.

stelae defined ... In addition to Coffin Texts, Middle Kingdom religious literature comprises numerous hymns to the king and various deities—including a long hymn to the Nile River—and ritual texts. Private autobiographies containing historical information continued to be inscribed, and rulers began setting up stelae (stone slabs) on which their important deeds were recorded.

Ok where is Cush? Tirhakah king of Cush...
King Tirhakah ... Wycliff Bible Encyclopedia.
The Egyptian Taharka, 3rd king of Cush Dynasty XXV of Egypt.
He is first mentioned as Tirhakah leading the Egyptian forces against Sennacherib.
Tirhakah reigned from 689 to 664 BC.
5 large stelae dug up in Kawa in Sudan clarify other broken stelae of his.
He was 20 years old when his brother Pharaoh Shebitku summoned him from Nubia to Thebes.
Nubia is a region of lower Egypt to northern Sudan.
Thebes is 25 44 51 N, 32 43 18 E ... Egypt
The Cushite king (lower Egypt to northern Sudan) is the brother of the Egyptian Pharaoh.


NO ding bats, Ethiopia nor Ethiopians are mentioned in the bible.
NO ding bats, Ethiopia is NOT Cush
Nubia is an area of northern Sudan and lower Egypt.
Cushites are not descendants of Shem, they are descendants of Ham.
Ethiopians do not speak a dialect of Arabic nor do they speak Hebrew
Ethiopians do not have the facial features nor the straight hair of Arabs (the stock of every living Israelite)
Nubia is the kingdom of Cush (the only area that fits the information)
The brother of the king of Cush was an Egyptian Pharaoh.
The empire of Persia included Cush and the most south eastern city located in the Persian empire is Thebes Egypt.
The Ethiopians had no Torahs, they spoke no Hebrew, they never heard of Moses or knew who the God of the bible was until the Europeans came.
They new nothing about the industry or building methods of the middle east until the Europeans came.
Why did the cult of Europeans deceive these ignorant Africans into believing they were descendants of the Israelites? Read the page on Ethiopia and understand how the European sneaks traded the native savages bobbles and beads for their gold and mineral resources.

Mordechi sent letters to the "Jews" who were living in all the providences of Persia. Today those places can be identified as Egypt, India, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Libya, Pakistan, Turkey, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan. All of these countries were had multiple kingdoms or provinces inside of them. i.e. Israel had about 10 kingdoms in it. {This is the Judeans "Jews"}

Israel (the 10 1/2 tribes of the northern kingdom) were also found scattered into these countries. Both Judah and Israel.. the multitude of all Israelites were scattered into these Arab nations centuries before the invasion of the Europeans.

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