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Arabs, think they can ignore the bible? Muslims think they can prove the faults with the bible or Christianity? Christians think they are doing God's work by making themselves accessories to the cult who calls themselves Jews? Duh

This page contains nasty language for those who may be offended, read no further. The content is about goofy Christians who try to convert Muslims or people of other religions AND about Muslims who think they can dismiss the contents of the bible with out resulting to the continuous robbery, murder and persecution of their brothers.


The only thing Muslims or Arabs need to do is stop the persecution of Arabs based on the perversion of the bible.
In chat rooms in Yahoo I see a never ending attack from "Christians" calling Muslims: sand niggers, rag heads, camel #$%^& They curse Allah, they curse Mohammed, there is a never ending turd flowing out of their mouths.
What do you suppose the results are: Muslims thinking, "Oh every thing they say is true, thank you for enlightening us. We are no longer going to be Muslims".
Don't be stupid, these sickening attacks on Muslims only reinforce their beliefs. They make them more determined that they have the true religion and they make many Muslims to wish for the death of their tormentors.
Christians really need not worry about the doctrine of Muslims, because our party mob bosses are not in the pockets of the Muslims.
It is because our bribed party mob bosses have brought hate on us by making us the accessories to the robbery and murder of Arabs, that we are sucked into the out house.
The same Blights who bribe our party mob bosses to make us the murders of Arabs. The same Blights who get stupid Christians to feel sorry for them and support them are the same Blights who believe and teach Christians are a pagan cult, Jesus Christ was the bastard son of a Roman soldier and it is these same blights who suck in idiot Christians into an attack group to spew their hate in Muslim chat rooms.
While Muslims and Christians are at each other's throats, the Blights sit back and laugh their asses off at the idiots who serve their purpose.

Debunking the myth that those calling themselves Jews have any importance or any connection with the people of the bible at all
Christians, Muslims, Buddhist, Hindus, drunks, atheist or just plain old red necks are well aware of the evils of this cult of pretend descendants of the Israelites.

There are multitudes of Christians and Muslims who find the cult of pretend Jews to be a gross evil, but instead of joining forces and going after that evil, each tries to prove to the other, their own "true religion". What stupid asses

One writes:
While Christians believe that Christ is a real messiah they actually have no idea what he really taught. I guess the fact that Christ was a real Divine messenger is the only true fact left in contemporary Christianity.
Here is the deal... if you wanna debunk Jew shit, you don't turn your allies against you.
I push neither Islam nor Christianity but when one has a common foe, they do not tell their allies they saw their mother in an ally giving a bunch of men a head job. If you go out to debunk the myths of this cult of false "Jews", you will need many allies. IF you begin to your allies how they are wrong and you have the "true" beliefs, you have lost your allies, you have split your force and the cult of Blights will laugh with glee.

There are all kind of people with all kind of beliefs we think is a crock but we can not go after them all. If we jumped on everyone who had a different "truth" we would have to become hermits.
It is the bible that is being used as the case to persecute, rob and murder Arabs. It is ignorant Christians who empower this cult of false Jews to commit those robberies and murder BASED ON THE LAWS OF THAT BOOK.
As long as the "Jew" cult has the support of these Christians ignorant of the bible, the Arabs will never ceased to be persecuted, robbed and murdered.


Ok let's say the Koran will get you to heaven, so ignore the bible. Remain ignorant about the venom being against you.
It does not matter if a bunch of Europeans, invade, rob, enslave and murder your people, after all you get to hang out in heaven.
If you would ignore a deadly virus killing your loved ones, then continue to ignore the bible. Really there is no use of doctors, just lay down and die so you can hang out in heaven.
If you really have no love or care of your brothers, shut the fuck up, bend over and enjoy it as the Euro Blights are sticking it to you.


Christians ignorant of their own scriptures they think they are getting brownie points with God by making themselves accessories to the "Jews".
Muslims and Christians have a common foe and yet some Christian is gonna say your mother was sucking a bunch of men in the alley...
When you argue your "truth" to Christians, that IS EXACTLY WHAT YOU ARE DOING. YOUR "WISDOM / TRUTH is nothing but a slap in the face to Christians.

"Christian identity types" will say nah, nah, n nah, nah we are the real Israelites and the rest of you are dog doodle?
If this cult of "Jews" could pay someone to lick their asses, it would be such. These "Muslims and Christian Identity" are the best "Jew" ass lickers in the world.
The ONLY things such "truths" produce is a sneer. It does not matter what EVIDENCE, what TRUTH, how long you have studied, WHAT AMOUNT OF INFORMATION you have, you have only managed to piss each other off or feel sorry for the poor fool,

Go to this web site.
www. answeringchristanity. com
www. answering

You think you are getting a lot of hits on your "conversion pages"? Yeah Christians have Muslim visitors reading their stuff so they can debunk it and Muslims get Christian visitors to read your stuff, so they can debunk it and get their material for answering Islam. You are like the guys in the cartoon, spy vs spy.

Who do these goofy people actually think they are convincing of anything?
The ONLY things people of many different beliefs can accomplish goals of a common cause.
When Posting links last night, I had a Muslim PM me. I usually ignore them but sometimes I respond. He ( I think ) began with all of his arguments, information, proofs and on and on and on.
No I am not the only one who gets this info... Christians always presenting their case to Muslims, Muslims to Christians... and they convince each other of NOTHING.
The only thing they manage to do is piss the other guy off or each thinking to themselves, the poor fool is brainwashed and lost.


Look around the world at all the different countries with all the different laws. They are all different than your own. Let's say you are an American and a friend went on vacation where they were arrested on some little island not under the laws of America.
When you sent a lawyer to defend your friend they would have to study THE LAWS OF THAT PEOPLE, the defense would have to come out of THE LAW BOOK OF THAT PEOPLE.
It does not matter if Muslims accept the Christian beliefs / laws, it is these laws these beliefs that are being used to rob and murder Arabs. Like the laws of the island where their friend needed to be defended, they may not be your laws, you may think they are a crock .. BUT if you are going to defend your friend you will have to find the defense in the laws of THAT PEOPLE.

Deceived Christians support this "Jew" cult because they are deceived by the perversion of their own scriptures. If anyone is going to dismantle the support of this cult, they will have to make their case from the law book of the Christians.
The anti venom for the poison against the Arabs is in the scriptures of the bible. The Israelites of the bible are identified in the scriptures, so if Christians want to get brownie points with God then they must hug an Arab.

The real hatred against Christians and Christ is in the Talmud. If anyone is going to separate these brainwashed Christians from the "Jew" cult they will do so with the proof of how the false "Jew" cult uses them, hates them and then mocks them behind their backs.
For those who will destroy the support to the "Jew" cult you will have to make your case from the rule/law book used against you. Ok, so the bible is your book of laws? Then from YOUR TRUTH, here is my evidence to make my case.

It does not matter how much evidence or what great proofs you believe you have. When you are comparing your religion with the other guy's, you convince only yourself and piss off the other guy.
The game book used to make fools our of would be Christians and used to rob and murder Arabs is the Bible. It is ONLY by that rule book that you will be able to expose the cult of false Jews. Ignorant Christians will no longer give them their support IF they actually know the contempt they have for Christ and Christians.

When the party mob bosses begin to lose the votes and political bribes of Chucky Christian, then the bastard cult of the Babelites will only have each other to murder and persecute.
If the bible is false there is no such thing as a Jew or an Israelite.
IF the bible is true, then the Israelites are a composite of the Arab tribes / nations stated in the scriptures.
IF the bible is true, then Israel was given to the "Jews" no, the land of Israel was given to the seed of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob... and by the scriptures we can verify that they are the Arabs.
IF the bible is true there will be a cult of Christ haters, the anti Christ who are of the synagogue of Satan... and they will call themselves Jews.
There is a treasure chest of information in the bible for Muslims, Arab Christians and all other Arabs in between.
The BIBLE IS THE ONLY RULE book that Arabs have that can combat the unholy war against their loved ones. The anti venom to cure the deceived cult supporting "Christians" and the anti venom to stop the robbery and murder of Arabs, is in one rule book.. The Bible, here is your only defense against the Christ hating / Arab murdering Euro Blights.

As far as the rest of you who want to convince the other you have the real truth.. just go ahead and insert the Jew dick back in your mouth and swallow.

If you will take on this synagogue of Satan, you must be able to control yourselves. Your personal "truth" is discussed by those of your personal belief. Your investigation and case must be made by your knowledge of the Bible ( the law book being used against you ).
There is info in that "book of truth" that will not only set you free, but will expose the cult of perverted Christ haters and put a new light on Arabs for those who take the bible to be their book of truth.
I don't care what your religion is or what your "truth" is, if you do not understand the essential fight to expose the cult of Blights using the bible it's self, enjoy as they continue to rob, murder and persecute your brothers.

Why should Muslims or Arabs, examine the bible? Do you think you can just say, it is all a bunch of fluff because of this and because of that? You can dismiss it with what you believe to be the best evidence on earth, but millions will still believe it.
You find it offensive and won't dirty your hands with it? If a deadly virus was attacking your families, crippling them would you dismiss it? It does not matter if you like what is in it. It does not matter if you believe it, the fact is the mis-information taught by liars, is as deadly as a killer virus.
If a deadly virus was killing your loved ones, you would get your best researchers to magnify it to the max. You would learn every thing you could about it, so you could find the anti-virus to stop it.

If you think you can ignore the scriptures being perverted by these false prophets, think again. Christians have great voting power. Our party mob bosses get the votes of these Christians. Our party mob bosses get millions in political bribes from these Christians. This cult of counterfeit Jews gets millions of dollars in hand outs from these deceived Christians and the end results is the cult of false Jews being empowered by the mass murder weapons and billions of dollars.
IF you like it or not, you ( Arabs ) are being tried, robbed and executed by the law book of Christians. If you will be tried by this rule book, you better know what is in it.
The poison is not in the scriptures but the venom is out of the mouth of lying prophets who pervert the scriptures.
Christians support "Jews" because they think they are getting brownie points with God. The anti venom for the poison against Arabs is in the very law book they judge you by.
If the bible is false there is no such thing as a Christian, a Jew or an Israelite, but if the bible is true, those who call themselves "Jews" are not the descendants of the Israelites, they are descendants of those scattered from the tower of Babel before the existence of any Israelites.
If the bible is true, the Israelites were nothing but a composite of Arabs. The Israelites (after they came into existence) never ceased to produce their children with all the Arabs around them. By the scriptures the land of Israel was given to the seed of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob... and by those scriptures those descendants were Hittites, Havites, Jebusites, Iraqis/Chaldeans, Egyptians, Philistines, Syrians, Saudis... a whole pot luck of Arabs.
... And by those scriptures, the multitude of the descendants of the Israelites will be gathered out of the specific named Arab nations when God returns.

No Jethro, you will not do any thing but cause conflict with Christians by trying to prove to them, yours is the real truth. You and yours are being tried and your people are being executed by their rule books. The ONLY defense you have against the mutation of the scriptures by these harpies is in the very pages of the book being used against you.

No the holy crusades are not an evil of the past. Those who call themselves Christians today are still supporting the invasion, and slaughter of the native people of the middle east in the name of God.

Putting the Quran in their face is but a joke (because ONLY you believe it ). Your defense is out of the law book they use to condemn you. Open it up and ask their jury about the evidence of the bible.

The great defense lawyer is the one who knows the laws his client is being tried by. Defend your brothers with their "truth" or lay down and wait for the mass murder they will continue to wage against you.

As for you ( would be Christians ) look at what I say, then read these scriptures. If you believe the bible to be the truth then by this book, you are persecuting the descendants of the Israelites and you are supporting the antichrists who hates Christ, calls him a bastard, a homosexual, a false prophet that is boiling in excrement in Hell.
Oh by the way Christian's religion does not come from the "Jews". The Jews did not exist for hundreds of years after God gave the Israelites the religion of Judaism. All of those Israelites were a composite of Arabs... and the first Christians were NOTHING but a pot luck of Arabs, see the pages on Arab churches.