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When I mention the identity of bible Christians and Israelites, often people say it does not matter who your ancestors were. If they actually believed this there would be no problem, but while these words come out of one side of their mouth, out of the other they spew "The Jews are God's chosen people"... the Jews this and the Jews that ... If it does not matter who one's ancestors were then why do they support those who they think are the descendants of the Israelites?

By the standards of many Christians, Mormons, Jehovah Witnesses and the like are all cults who are doomed to hell. Many also believe Muslims follow a false religion and they will end up in hell. The difference is the vile hatred they hold for Muslims... why ?

When they think Muslim, they think Arab... Muslim / Arabs, Jehovah Witnesses, Mormons... all following false religions on their way to hell ? Go into a Muslim chat room and listen to the vile hatred spewed against Muslims. Why? Because these "Christians" are racist. Most do not realize it, but they are infested with racism. "Rag heads", :Sand niggers" ... while these "Christians" come into Muslim chat rooms they spew vile names and threats against Muslims... because they are racist. They were attacking Muslims long before the hit on NY.

Mc Vey blew up the federal building and it did not cause Christians to attack Baptist with vile contempt. The problem with these ignorant "Christians" is they do not know or they deny that the chosen people of their own scriptures were all Arabs. When they get to the gates of heaven, they better hope that ol St. Peter is not wearing his turban.

Ever see the Arabs wearing what looks like long pajamas? The Israelites did not wear the black monkey suites of the Europeans calling themselves Jews nor did they wear those beanies, they wore turbans and what we would not call dresses.. some like the Scottish and long versions..

1_SAMUEL 24:4 ... Then David arose, and cut off the skirt of Saul's robe .

EXODUS 20:26 Neither shalt you go up by steps to mine altar, that thy nakedness be not discovered. ( Be careful and wear your fruit of the looms, so your butt does not stick out when you bend over. )

The Israelites were a composite of the many Arab nations and NONE of them wore the attire of these Europeans calling themselves Jews. The bible is an Arab account about Arab people.


Why should Muslims care about the bible? The bible is used as a poison against Arabs in an unholy war. The anti venom against this evil is from the pages of that same bible. Those who are not blind, know there is an unholy war against Arabs. If any force was using a weapon against my loved ones, I would learn every thing I could about it to dismantle it.

"Jew" Talmud

Abhodah Zarah (22a): Christians have intercourse with animals.   :
Abhodah Zarah (25b)T: Even the best of the Goim [Christians] should be
Hilkoth Akum (V. 12): Quote Scriptures forbid mentioning the Christian God.
Hilkoth Melakhim: Attempt to prove Christians err in worship of Jesus.   :
Abhodah Zarah 21a: Reference to worship of Jesus in homes unwanted.   :
Abhodah Zarah 26b Tosephoth: "A Jew who kills a Christian commits no sin,
but offers an acceptable sacrifice to God."

Why should Arabs care about the vile hate this cult has against Christians?

Many Christians are well aware of the filth and hatred this cult has against Christ and Christians, but a multitude of remain ignorant. They actually think these cult members are their friends. They think they have something in common with these "Jews".

Iore Dea (148, 12H): Jews are to hide their hatred for Christians.   :

All anyone need do is go into Yahoo Chat and listen to the words out of the mouths of this cult to know how much they hate Christ and all Christians. Because Christians support this Christ / Christian hating cult, they must be made aware of what fools they are being made of.

Blessed are those who bless the Jews and cursed are those who curse the Jews ... This bible scripture is why many foolish Christians support the "Jews". The problem is (1) this scripture is NO where in the bible, (2) This cult does not follow the religion of the Israelites and (3) These cult members are no more the descendants of the Israelites than Porky Pig.

Would be Christians support the invasion, murder and robbery of the Arabs because they think they are God's chosen and they think becoming accessories to the evil of this cult will get them brownie points with God.

Why should Arabs want Christians to know the Israelites were all Arabs and the first church / Christians are all Arabs? If Christians decide what actions they will take based on the bible, then they must know who the chosen are by their own scriptures.

No, I am neither a Muslim or an Arab. I am a blond hair blue eye American who only reads the bible . My purpose is to (1) Stop real Christians from being sucked into crawling in bed with the subtitle users who hate them and Christ, and (2) to stop the robbery, murder and persecution of the Arabs in the name of God.

These cult members are trained deceivers. In Yahoo they come into Arab chat rooms pretending to be Christians while they stir up hate between Christians and Arabs ... They come into Christian chat rooms faking Arab accents or playing Arabic music in the background while they pretend being Arabs attacking Christians. While they turn one against the other, how they must laugh at those they have deceived.

What most Christians think about Arabs, I too thought for over 30 years of my life. I bought a set of bible tapes in the early 1980's and began to listen to them on the way to work. I listened to them year after year until I retired. I began to read the bible instead of listening to preachers and realized that they just teach the parts of the bible that are popular or which fit their self agenda. I wore out 2 tape players and had to replace the bible tapes.

I began to find all kind of bible information that I would still be blind to if I got my education from those who sell the word. When I tell Christians that all Israelites and the first Christians were Arabs, most scorn. The only Christians who are enlightened are those who take the time to debunk my words. They are the readers, those who go to my pages with intent to challenge my assertions.

When you look at the bottom of any of my pages you see a little site meter. It is a free utility I use to see which pages are being read and how long someone is on. When I see someone has read 10 pages or they have been reading for 30 minutes, I figure they are using the ol noodle. About 19% only go to the index page and read the contents. They learn nothing, they can challenge nor verify anything I have written.

When I send links to people in live chat, they are gabbing or listening to gab. It is a lot easier to run one's jaw then to research and reason. I figure most chat users who have been Christians for 10 years have never read the complete bible twice. They set in the pews and shake their heads yes to every thing said. They sing their songs and engage in social events and that is the extent of their bible education.

Those in any religion who never research and reason are Lemmings. If they grew up around Buddhist, Hindus ... or any other group, that is what their true religion would be. They are head shakers, social butterflies, they are just there for the fun of it and anything the head witch doctor says, is the absolute truth.

It does not matter if you are reading my pages or anyone's pages. If you are gabbing you will not give your thought process to that site. If the site catches your eye, you can copy and paste the link and save it so you can research it when you are off gab.

If you are a Muslim you may not have the bible background to understand some of the things I write. You may know Muslims who used to be Christians or you may have Christian friends who have the basics. If you are a native of the middle east, you have a far greater chance of being a descendant of the Israelites than the Anglo Saxons claiming to be "Jews"

For Christians hanging out in a chat room, you may be there with a couple of your friends. When you see someone come in with controversial assertions, you and your friends can click on the links, go into private chat and walk through the tulip patch together.

Why should Christians care about the identity of the bible Jews / Israelites ? So they nor any other would-be Christian is deceived into crawling into bed with the anti Christ and Christian haters.

It is my assertion that the first Church and Christians were Arabs. For those who reason, prove all things begin here and expose my hoax or be enlightened with the truth of your own scriptures.



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