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Imagine a goyim teaching a Jew about Judaism? NO, imagine any one of them telling them what is in their own books and showing them where it is. People tend to identify those wearing certain attire as being the descendants of the Israelites. The problem is they do not conform to the specifications of the scriptures and no Israelite ever wore any of the clothes worn by those who call themselves Jews.

Beanie Kippah - Yarmulke

* The Jewish head covering is hinted thanking God for "crowning Israel with splendor" (Talmud - Brachot 60b)
* The Talmud states the purpose a kippah is to remind us of God, who is the Higher Authority (Kiddushin 31a).
* The word for head covering, "yarmulke," comes from the Aramaic, that means "awe of the King."
From a biblical standpoint, only the Levites ( Exodus 28:4)
When I point out the BS about the beanies worn by the blight they tell me it is a matter of interpretation.
If someone understands the meanings of the words of their own language the words speak for themselves.
Interpretation is explaining what spoken or written words mean.
Perversion is adding information to or taking information from those written or spoken words.

"It does not say the whole head must be covered" .. NO and it does not say the whole head must not be covered. What it does NOT say, is not the information given in the text, but what it does say ... and it says the head must be covered.
The old idiot argument of what it does not say would not make one giggle.
It does not say elephants are nice, it does not say put your toe against your nostril.. You do not have enough time in your life to consider the endless things the scriptures do not say... and from their imagination of what it does say, they use to prove what it does say.
What it does not say is not the question but what it does say.

Simple question for those who call themselves Jews... who can tell me what part of the body above the side burns is your hair located on?

I have read all the references out of your Talmud you use to wear beanies.
NOT just females.. NOT PART, but cover the head.
chagigah 14b, rosh hashana, ta'an 20a, pes 11b, shab 118b, ffb: kid 31a, shab 156b

(1) The head wear is only to be worn while eating or praying <> (2) NO Israelite ever wore any thing that looked like these beanies <> (3) Those beanies look like they were designed by a balding man to cover his bald spot.

NONE of the references instruct any one to walking around wearing the attire to show you are proud to be any thing. These are more Blabbi concoctions. The head covering does not apply to males but also females.

It states to cover the head. The head is either the place women and females grow hair (before the beard grows) or the head is the pumpkin attacked to the top of your neck... in which cover your head would amount to wearing a berka when they prayed and when they eat they would raise it up and stick food under it.
The beanie on top of this Blight's head does not come close to covering the head. Looks like one of the cheap European hat makers pulled a fast one on the rest of the blights by selling them 1/5th the material to cover their head at the same price of a garment to cover their head.

If you can see hair on the head.. the beanies do NOT cover the head as required. Those beanies are a violation to the Talmud. The material saving beanies were copied off the Greeks and the Catholics in Rome centuries after Christ. (The actual Israelites wore turbans like the rest of the Arabs)


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