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Babylon Empire

The Babylonian Empire extended from the Persian Gulf to the Mediterranean Sea. It was founded by Babylonian ruler Nabopolassar, who joined with Median king Cyaraxes to overthrow the Assyrian Empire in 612 BC. In 586 king Nebuchadnezzar (2) took the city of Jerusalem and the majority of its population was deported to Babylon—a period of exile known as the Babylonian Captivity.
Taking them into Babylon would have been any area of the Babylon Empire that included Jordan, Lebanon, Jordan .. multiple modern day nations.

Babylon ( Bab-ilim or Babil, "gate of God"), location today is marked by a broad area of ruins just east of the Euphrates River, 90 km (56 mi) south of Baghdad, Iraq. .. the capital of Babylon.
Note this area of Iraq is not Babylon, but it was the capital of the Babylon Empire... as Washington DC is not the United States it is just the capital of the United States.

The site was settled centuries before, Babylon is first mentioned in documents only in the late 300 BC.
Babylon became an independent city-state by 1894 BC, when
the Amorite Sumu-abum founded an empire.


This empire reached it's peak under Hammurabi.
In 1595 BC the city was captured by
Hittites, and shortly thereafter it came under the control of the Kassite empire.
The Kassites it into the country of Babylon by bringing all of southern Mesopotamia into control, making Babylon its capital.
Around 1200 BC, it became the religious center as well, when its principal god, Marduk, was elevated to the head of the Mesopotamian temple.


After the Kassite empire collapsed by the Elamites, Babylon was governed by several other empires / political factions.


Until the Assyrians were expelled by Nabopolassar, between 626 and 615 BC, the city was part of the Assyrian Empire.


Nabopolassar founded Babylonian , and his son Nebuchadnezzar 2 expanded it until it became an empire which included much of southwest Asia.
In 539 BC,
Cyrus captured Babylon and made it part of the Persian Empire.


Alexander the Great it in 330 BC and planned to make it the capital of his vast empire, but he died before he could carry out his plans.


In 312 BC, Babylon was for a while used as a capital by the Seleucid empire set up by Alexander’s successors.


I have 3 map programs. These maps come from Map Maker Tool kid, created for schools. It does not have great detail, but it has great tools. You can hide or show an array of objects. A pretty handy program If you are into Maps.
The program has several stock maps for areas of the earth in different time periods. The first one is almost stock (I didn't do much to it)
It was the stock map of the Babylon Empire. If you look close, you will see some lightly dotted red lines. This is the outline of the Babylon Empire

In the map below, I did a couple things.. I traced over the lightly dotted lines with a solid red line so the outline of the empire is distinct and I added the modern national boundaries so you can see which modern day nations were part of the Babylon Empire. Last I pasted in a couple pictures of natives of the land that was Babylon.
As you see Israel was not some poor little country being picked on by any other empire.
As different political groups gained power, the boundaries and names of empires changed.
There was nothing done to the Israelites that was not done to the Moabites, Midiaites, Syrians, Hittites, Havites, Egyptians, Ammoites, Amorites, Philistines....
As the empires reached each new area, murder, rape and plunder ... take men who could serve as soldiers, put puppet politicians into power.... and move on to the next place and repeat.
Israelites were not only puppet politicians in Israel, the bible also records Israelites in government positions in the capitals of different empires.
Before the kingdom of Israel was ever split, most of the Israelites lived outside of Israel and after it was split only a remnant remained.

Look on the various empire maps and these are the places the Israelites were dispersed over the centuries.
Look in the prophecy of their return to Israel when God comes to live on the mountain and these middle east nations are the named nations they will be gathered from.