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I write:
The MOST used meaning of the word Arab, used by all people of all nations on earth Arab = ALL THE NATIVES OF THE MIDDLE EAST.

A guy argues...
(1) You are not a statistician and if you are show me the stats. Most of people say you have five fingers on one hand doesn't mean its true. You have four fingers and 1 thumb. Is this the best the so called Arab have to offer. Musical definitions. You don't know who someone is talking about unless they spell it out and the bible does that.
(2) Words can change meaning over time in the general public but real words never change meaning.
"Real words" ... any word is only a sound or visual mark that holds a meaning for a people of a particular culture in a particular time.

Reply (1) (2)
I do not write for or to ancient Hebrews, Romans or Greeks. What I write is for the English speaking people in my time.
I use the word Arab to:
* Identify a middle east race people. (Physical race)
* The race of people that existed in the middle east before the Israelites.
* The race of people that every bible Israelite was a composite of.
For every place you find these people called Arabs in my text, in any given year you will find 'Jews' calling them Arabs 100,000 times.

The authors of dictionaries do not create and impose definitions of words. Their definitions reflect what that word means to the public.
The MOST used meaning of the word Arab, used by all people of all nations on earth Arab = ALL THE NATIVES OF THE MIDDLE EAST.
I am not a statistician you say.. I do not need be, all any one needs do is this.
Go to Google (any search engine) and in quotes search for "Arabs".
Click on the first 1000 pages and have your own chart ready.
Your chart will have 2 columns to mark
a) The word "Arabs" on this page is a reference to natives of Saudi Arabia
b) The word "Arabs" on this page is a reference to other natives of the middle east, such as Lebanon, Egypt, Palestinians, Jordan, Syria, Turkey, Iraq, Iran.
If the English speaking public uses the word Arab only to identify people of Saudi Arabia, almost all of column a will be checked.
If I use the word Arab to identify the set of all these people of the middle east and column b is checked many more times... your own statistics will prove I am right (as usual).
My meaning of Arab is this...
Original native (physical) race of the middle east that all Israelites were descants of, were scattered back into, and will be gathered from when God returns to live on earth.


Through centuries of migrations or invasions from Africa and Europe into the middle east, the stock of the original Arabs still exist but Arabs (a different definition .. natives of the middle east who speak Arabic) are composed of Africans, Arabs and Europeans.

According to the scriptures the Israelites were dispersed through out the middle east nations. They never ceased to marry every people they encountered. Every descendant of an Israelite is an Israelite. The Iranians, Iraqis, Indians, Turks, Jordanians, Lebanese, Saudis, Egyptians .. "Arabs" are the people the Israelites became, mixed with and by the prophecy out of these middle east Arabs, the Israelites will be gathered when God returns to earth to live on the mountain.


Below is a picture of me (some kind of European descent) and a guy I worked with in Egypt. There are no paintings of brown/black face people in the earliest European paintings and there are no pictures of fair skin / blond hair guys like me in the pyramids... before the Europeans invaded the middle east.


The color of their skin and hair separate Arabs from the white European race.


The guy trying to argue that the original Israelites were Negroes tried to use the "Lucy" find of archeologist (which is over a million years old). Of course if Africans were the first people, the bible is a crock and there is no such things as Jews or Israelites. According to the bible all people started out in Iraq and it gives the rivers and land marks that are no where in Africa.

The next problem "the Negroes were the Israelites" caper has is the oldest ancient skulls of Iraq were not Negroes but they are the same as unpolluted Arabs. Yes there is a physical difference in skeletons between people of different races. Watch a forensic detective program some time and see they take a pile of bones and determine race, height, gender and a whole gob of things.

Africans different than Arabs had no straight hair. A guy told me he has seen Africans with straight hair. In the early safari films or missionary films I never saw any African with straight hair. If you want to know what the original Africans looked before the Europeans began to pollute them you must look at early pictures when the first Europeans went into those areas or you must find isolated villages far from the African cities where Europeans have been spreading themselves.

Of course there are Negroes in the Arab nations, they have been mixing with each other since Pharaoh brought them together in slavery. By race here I mean the physical appearances between people in different areas of the world. If you think people can't tell un-mixed Arabs from un-mixed Negroes print this picture out and tell your friends that pictures of 2 of these women are Negroes from Africa and 4 of them are women from the middle east. See how long it takes them to pick the 2 Negroes out of the line up with Arabs.

If they you or your friends can not tell which ones are Negroes, then I am full of hot air, but if you can you have made the same observation as others who have looked at this picture.

(un-mixed) Arabs are different than Africans, have narrow noses, thinner lips and thinner skin thickness.
The all curly hair of the original Africans, skull shapes and skin thickness of Negroes separate the Arab race from the Negro race.
While the original Israelites all started out from the stock of Arabs, with in a couple generations they traveled to Egypt to survive the famine. There they encountered Africans. On their return to Israel (430 years later), Moses himself married a Cushite. The Israelites bred with every tribe and nation they ever encountered. 3,500 years before any Europeans ever heard of the God of Abraham, the Africans and Israelites were popping out pups.

NO it is not all Negroes are Israelite descendants, but those between northern Sudan and Turkey. The middle east Negroes who's ancestors married the Arab Israelites. You will find their descendants who now look like the original Arabs, others look like the original Africans and others are a mix of the two ... this is what the pot luck of Israelites look like today.


See a picture of some one in Egypt, they are the Egyptian race? See some one in India and they are of the India race? Nationality has nothing to do with your physical race.
Be your own statistician, print out this picture and buy a pack of file cards. Put up a box with a poster in back.
"With out using parts of the names of any of these countries" write what you would call these people.
The shapes of their faces are similar to Europeans, but unlike Europeans their ancestors did not have light hair or fair skin.
Europeans unlike Arabs,  none of their ancestors had brown or black faces.

In their different areas the traditional dress of their ancestors looked something like a woman's long dress, they wrapped some kind of cloth around their heads.
These people share the same physical appearances as others through out the middle east. They are separated by nationality only.


The original Arabs and Europeans are causations. The major obvious difference is European's lack of brown/black faces and Arab's lack of fair skin and light hair.

What would almost all people say when you posed the question: If you were going to identify them by a group name which they are part of, what would you call the group?

My question to you... John Q Public is what word you would use to identify this wide range of natives of the middle east.
Mr. statistician, what is your guess people will call this set of natives of the middle east more times than any other. Print this picture out, show it to 1000 people and the #1 word they will use to identify them is "Arabs" ... Arabs is the word the major population uses to identify the set of native people of the middle east.

Where is Arabia and what is an Arab? Why do they need to use musical definitions?