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Alexander the Great. King of Macedonian, conqueror (Macedonian.. European country north of Greece, south of Yugoslavia. The green dot on the map = area of Macedonian) 332 BC

Known for Destroying opposition, but allowing subservient conquered societies to retain traditions and organizational structure.
Persia and portions of India and Egypt.
335 bc Established control of Greece by crushing uprisings in Thebes
333 bc Defeated the main
Persian army of King Darius III at Issus
332-331 bc Began conquest of Egypt and
founded the city of Alexandria
331 bc Defeated and occupied
326 bc Completed conquest of the Persian Empire with the
invasion of northern India
Green dot Macedonian, area where Alex started from

The empire included Greece, Turkey..  the "x-a-stans", India, Iraq, Iran, Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Israel, Egypt